How to make fresh cheese at home?

We believe that Cheese it’s a difficult dish to make yourself at home, but we were wrong! In fact, anyone can do it make your own cheeseeasily and with ingredients we all have in his closets. We explain how to do it!

for produce Cheesewe start with a milk base that we will thicken thanks to the ingredient that allows it to freeze: rennet, lemon juice or white vinegar. Adding this ingredient will separate the milk into two phases, whey and curd. With its doughy texture, cottage cheese will be the basis of the preparation… To start preparing first cottage cheesewe recommend that you start with a Cream cheese – kind cheese spread – because it is the easiest cheese to make.

What kind of milk should you use to make your own cheese?

Depending on your taste, you can start fresh cheese production it is made from cow’s, sheep’s or goat’s milk. Then select a raw milk cow farmer, goat or sheep, as clean as possible. You can usually get it small producer near the house or just at the cheese or organic store! Why do they prefer it? raw farm milk ? Because unlike a pasteurized milk or ‘classic’ UHT, raw milk contains enough lactic acid bacteria important for fermentation will allow turning milk into cheese. The richer the milk, the creamier and softer the cheese!

Homemade cheese: what can replace rennet?

First, rennet was added to the milk! But we can cheese without rennetis replaced by lemon juice or white vinegar. The cheese will taste just a little more sour than if you added rennet. To find the juice, just go to a drugstore or online to get rennet in single-doses.

It is quite possible to make it from cheese with “classical” equipment; then we’ll need a pot, a skimmer, and a mold. But there are more and more sets create your own cheese get an easier and (almost) pro-worthy result! Here’s our pick:

Homemade cream cheese recipe

For simplicity, we prefer to use lemon juice or white vinegar, but you can do that too. cheese recipe at home with rennet.

Composition pFor making small fresh cheese (200-300 g)

  • 1 liter of fresh whole milk from a cow, sheep or goat (microfiltered if possible);
  • 150 ml uncooked whole cream ;
  • 1 pinch of salt and the turn of the pepper mill;
  • 3 tablespoons of lemon juice or 25 ml of white vinegar;
  • Finely chopped aromatic herbs (celery, parsley, basil) (optional);
  • A clove of garlic (optional).

Follow the steps:

  1. Pour the milk into a large pot and heat until the milk boils. When the milk boils, add lemon or vinegar. Mix using a slotted spoon. Curd will gradually form after 2-3 minutes.
  2. Turn off the heat and leave the mixture for about 10-15 minutes. After the mixture has cooled, remove the curd using a slotted spoon e. Toss the cutlet in and place in a salad bowl. Strain the pulp using a small fine sieve, ideally covered with cheesecloth or, failing that, with a clean, fine cloth such as cheesecloth or muslin. Filter the mixture for 1 hour. At the end of this time, press the obtained ‘cheese’ to drain all the remaining water.
  3. Mash the cheese with a fork and add heavy cream to get the texture of fresh cheese. At the end of preparation, add salt and pepper. You can also add crushed garlic and chopped herbs according to your taste…
  4. Shape the cheese into an airtight container or mold (like a heart!).
  5. Put it in the fridge and enjoy a good slice of crusty bread.

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