Paris: Anne Hidalgo’s major projects for 2023

In the midst of a “democratic and social crisis,” the socialist mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, presented her wishes to elected officials of the city and the metropolis this Tuesday, January 10. It is considered “difficult” for him to launch the main projects of the year after two years.

“After two difficult years, in 2022 we found everything that makes Paris magical and beautiful. Paris is a party again,” began Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo this Tuesday by way of introduction to a long wishful speech that lasted at least 50 minutes and explained the big projects to come. .

Environment, housing or even security, the elected Socialist also praised the “exceptional work carried out by the entire municipal team” when announcing the key terms of the year, using the speech to defend the choice of Parisians to increase property taxes. A “planetary event” that, in his opinion, will allow him to “celebrate the found world brotherhood” before the 2024 Paris Olympics are concluded.


Anne Hidalgo, a staunch environmentalist, immediately recalled what was the leitmotif of her term, promising that “less cars mean less pollution” and “to give more space to nature.”

Therefore, in the program: the creation of 20 new streets for schools, as well as 50,000 m2 of green space, including 30 Oasis courtyards, 7 new parks and gardens, in the Rue Vivienne (Central Paris) or even in the Saint-Germain neighborhood (7th). ), 3 new sections of the small belt and 3 new rides in the 18th district. It’s either “the equivalent of 200 tennis courts,” he said.

He also promised to renovate at least 6 Parisian squares (18th), including the now famous Square Forceval (19th), which once welcomed drug addicts kicked out of the Jardins d’Eole.

The project to create a large urban forest in the center of Paris, which has been publicized at a high level for several years without really concretizing, should finally see the light of day, the mayor assured, first in the place of Catalonia (14th) but also in his place. A former freight station in the Petite Ceinture in the 20th arrondissement.

In addition, the city council plans to increase pedestrian zones, install 15 solar power plants on the roofs of public facilities in Paris or even 45 kilometers of bicycle paths, some of which have already been created, such as the rue du Renard in Paris. Center or rue Lafayette in the 9th and 10th arrondissements of Paris.

At the beginning of February, Anne Hidalgo plans to present the “Olympians” map, envisioned to “connect Olympic sites” in collaboration with cycling associations, with the aim of organizing the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. It will remain in place as a “legacy” after the Olympics.


On the safety side, the mayor of Paris addressed the problem of road safety, admitting that the problems must be solved in the “difficult coexistence between pedestrians, cyclists, scooters, taxis, delivery vehicles and buses”. “It’s not going well,” he said, before announcing the creation of a “Parisian street code” conceived with residents, public and private partners.

In addition, he announced that a thousand new municipal police “will be trained and sworn in in 2023” to keep Parisians safe. “How proud it is to see our police officers walking our streets and serving our citizens in their mission of peace,” he said.


In terms of health, in addition to the creation of a public health department announced during her re-election, Anne Hidalgo “wants to create a mission that unites the inspector general of the city, elected officials, residents, experts and representatives of the supervisory board. AP-HP to respond to the concerns of Parisians”.

An opportunity to “revise liberal doctors’ installation devices to make them more consistent and more readable.” Based on the opinion that “certain regions of the capital have become a treatment desert”, the elected official wants to participate in the installation of general practitioners and sector specialists.

To this end, a new multi-professional health center will soon open on the 13th Rue Daviel. At the same time, the mayor, who is the president of the AP-HP supervisory board, intends to propose “measures to strengthen the public hospital, which is our common good.”


With the delivery of 3,500 new apartments “for families and the middle class” in 2023, Anne Hidalgo aims to “reach 40% of public housing by 2035”. Especially with the construction of new social houses or replacement of old offices in the former offices of the Ministry of Defense, as in the 7th district.

And while 800 new student dormitories are due to be delivered in 2023, the municipality explains that it is tackling the difficulty of finding accommodation in Paris by introducing better controls and sanctions on owners of private residences who exceed rent-controlled ceiling rents, and the most modest by making home insurance affordable to families.

At the same time, the city plans to continue renovating social housing for environmental and economic reasons and to “combat energy poverty.” Supporting copros and private owners to renovate 22,500 private homes by 2026.


“Thanks to the urban planning projects that will see the light of day, Paris will remain the most beautiful city in the world,” said the mayor of Paris, listing the main urban planning projects that will see the light of day in the coming months. in the capital.

Among them, he mentioned “the decoration of the Champs-Elysées from the Place Etoile to the Place Concorde”, the surroundings of the “Notre-Dame de Paris”, “Work will begin at the end of the Games”. Paris 2024″, but also the Porte de la Chapelle, which will “continue its transformation to change the quality of life of local residents”, with “trees, planted paths and widened pavements”.

Finally, Anne Hidalgo did not have the last word on the transformation of the Place du Trocadéro, a project integrated into the wider project of the transformation of the surroundings of the Eiffel Tower from the Ecole Militaire to the Trocadéro. “We will continue our fight to see the light of day for the Trocadero and Pont d’Iéna, a large pedestrian and vegetated park,” he said.

He said the embattled mayor recalled the state being “regularly condemned for climate inaction” before securing the 2024 Games as an “accelerator” as he passed Paris police headquarters. and not a brake on the ecological transition.


Finally, Anne Hidalgo rejoiced that “in 2023, culture will flourish more beautifully in each district with the opening of new places such as the James Baldwin media library in the 19th, the Montsouris farm in the 14th, but also the Maison Gainsbourg. Rue de Verneuil, On the 7th, at the initiative of his family.

She also welcomed the upcoming reopening of the Bourdelle museum and Theater de la ville, named after Sarah Bernhardt, 100 years after the disappearance of a great French actress, painter and sculptor of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Continuation of work on the Giacometti museum and the renovation of several Parisian churches such as the Madeleine church, Saint-Louis en l’Île and even the Saint-Eustache church.

The big annual Parisian event: Nuit Blanche will also have its share of innovations this year, as for the first time it will be organized in June, at the request of Parisians, with a “Sea theme”. In addition, “July 14 fireworks will be dedicated to the Overseas Territories”, as “Paris Plage 2023 will honor Tahiti and Polynesia”, announced the mayor of Paris.

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