Adele Oudjit. Technical and Commercial Director of Ecorep: “Ecorep repairs and renews all ship equipment at lower cost”

What are the active services of our company?

Ecorep had one component that wasn’t used, which is the Service section. Let me explain. All Algerian marine operators want to update and repair the equipment installed on their boats. So they travel to Tunisia, Spain, France to get the job done, and the same services are done in our workshops. For this purpose, Ecorep intends to develop a partnership system with Algerian companies known for their know-how and operating in specific fields, in this case overhaul of engines and hydraulic parts and regulations, welding of parts, electricity. Moreover, workshops will be set up by our company here in Buharan to develop these axes to save our compatriots from these costly trips abroad. Everyone wins. We will have a database that is relevant to companies and responds to specific requests. It’s been a month since I created a small workshop with three towers. We have a lathe that only produces flanges. Now, thanks to the know-how of our technicians, we manufacture winding machines, which in the past this material was imported. By developing the direct purchase of this wrapping machine, it is much cheaper than the imported wrapper, guaranteeing the quality. The national demand for the wrapper is daily. Do you see the extent of the cost of importing a reel here compared to a reel manufactured at Ecorep? That’s a few billion cents. This is a savings for our land and sea operators.

What about exercise?

I asked this question now in relation to the training of young people and the improvement of personnel in our workshops. There are new welding methods that we have to teach our technicians, I would mention marine welding. We have prepared a public and private mission for special training on seafood in Algerian schools. We will allocate a large budget for training. We want to create a design office, which should answer to several departments, because we have a long-term forecast. We are working to achieve 100% Algeria presence. Today we are not there. We are moving towards 70% integration by the end of 2023. We have young graduates who are up to the challenge.

How long did this tug take to build?

The construction period is set at 14 months according to the standards. But due to some internal administrative difficulties, there was a delay with former French partner Piriou. The contract with STH was concluded 3 years ago.

A little while ago you mentioned 3 tows…

Indeed just delivered to STH for the 1st port of Bejaia. The 2nd tug will be delivered to the port of Arzew, and finally the 3rd tug will be delivered to the port of Skikda. Thus, the STH command is satisfied. Hopefully there will be other contracts. 100% Algerian product.

What is the integration rate for this tow?

There we are at 60% integration rate. We still have equipment, engine and hydraulic equipment are imported. We build boats out of resin, steel and very little wood because it costs money and we also provide service. Ecorep builds from professional marines, sardine boat, trawler, tuna boat. The length of the boat varies from 12 m to 42 m, but we can go further, it will all depend on the order. With the new policy launched by the Ministry of Fisheries, we will move towards internationally classified specially adapted boats to be able to go fishing in the open seas and oceans.

Did you emphasize safety on your ships in your interventions?

All our boats are international class. We have an international office that inspects and monitors our products during the construction process. We operate at Veritas.

Price of your boats not discussed?

There is logic. Already with the know-how of Algeria, the cost of our products is lower than imported boats.

Ecorep is changing its production, it is no longer just about fishing?

We intend to build small boats for maintenance in Algerian ports. We build fishing boats. We manufacture boats designed for hydrocarbon vessels for STH. We have established a maintenance service for large ships.

Do you have other projects?

This is not an adventure. There is know-how in pleasure boats. An example is a pirate ship, so in the design of a pleasure boat, the lower part is similar to others, Ecorep only changes the commercial part in its design and assembly to meet the customer’s request, there is a restaurant, a party room. , amenities are provided to make the boat a tourist or recreational activity. Ecorep builds boats for all investors’ needs. Today there was STH who accepted the proof, the tug, and 2 investors, one from Boumerdès and the second from Mostaganem, came to order their vessels for their tourism and leisure activities.

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