The breeding of feral pigs is a real problem in Finistere!

In November 2022, dozens of wild boars boarded the Transbigoudène (which connects the country of Bigoudent with Quimper) at Pont l’Abbé, undisturbed by two vehicles reaching their level. The result of the collision: 5 animals died, two vehicles were damaged. Christine and Philippe, two Quimperois returning from Bénodet in the evening, had the fright of their lives on December 17th. “It was dark and on the roundabout in Pleuven, fortunately while driving quite slowly, a whole family of wild boars appeared out of nowhere and crossed the road. Given the size, we shot one of the parents. There was a big crash, but our airbags didn’t go off and we weren’t hurt. »

When they got out of the car in a state of shock, they saw that the bumper was broken. The damage is estimated at around 1,500 euros. “Bad news a few days before Christmas. And we didn’t find the pig. We don’t even know if he was hurt. A few days later, Christina’s sister became a victim of the same misfortune. “Now when we’re at the level of a traffic accident, we have a certain fear,” admits Christine.

More and more familiar animals

Robert and Lisette live in Fuesnant and have a magnificent orchard. This is also the opinion of wild boars, which sit among the trees at night and plow everything that comes their way. For about fifteen years, wild boars have been making nightly visits to their gardens and orchards, causing great damage, causing plowed land and holes. “They looted a part of our land in September 219. We’ve had minor damage before, but never to this extent. Then it happened again, ”said Lisette. A little distraught, not knowing where to turn to stop these concerns, he contacted the municipalities of the country of Fuesnantais. “It was in vain. I then wanted to file a complaint against X but it was a genuine breach of the law which cost us dearly. Since then, the damage has decreased, but the couple is no longer protected from other nocturnal visits of these familiar animals, no longer afraid to approach the houses.

The damage caused by wild boars to crops is very expensive for the Federation of Hunter Departments, which compensates all people declared to MSA (social protection of agriculture). For your information, in 2019, the National Federation of Hunters spent more than 60 million euros. Jean Coppenet is one of the four people in Finistère authorized to assess areas of destroyed crops, cereals, orchards, market gardeners, nurseries. “I conduct an examination and it is the Federation that decides on compensation. Individuals are not compensated and, as far as I know, there is no French insurance that covers damage caused by big game. » Crops are more damaged by herds during the planting period in spring and at the end of winter. “But for meadows and other uncultivated land, it happens all year round,” says Jean Coppenet.

“Young people aged 12-14 per year”

There are more and more wild boars – news that will surely please Obelix, the biggest wild boar lover, a phenomenon explained by Jan Koppenet. “There are fewer and fewer hunters, so there are fewer wild boar hunts. In addition, there are many reserves. The lack of arable land affects the behavior of wild boars. They bring food from where it is, even go to the garbage cans. They are looking for shelter and food. You know that boar eats everything. Global warming also affects the reproduction of wild boars. “Indeed, autumn is warm and winter is less severe, which means that animals find plenty of food.” For this expert, more hunts are needed to stop this proliferation, but pressure from animal advocates plays a key role in the decision to organize these popular hunts. “For information, let’s note that one hen can produce 12-14 chicks in a year at the rate of 2 chicks per year.”

Those with gardens are not immune to finding unwanted visitors one day. Wild pigs even managed to invite themselves to Rome at the gates of the Vatican. A situation that could inspire the next album of Asterix’s adventures…

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