BUILDINGS | These teams that don’t want to taste victory (episode 12)

At the beginning of the new year, it is time to take stock of this season. And we have good news; one club has already joined the Lose 2022-23 Hall of Fame.

Jonava, thank you for everything

Promoted to Lithuania’s First Division at the start of 2022, Jonava quickly demonstrated its aimlessness domestically.

In 36 days, “Yonavos Futbolo Klubas” collected a measly 3 points. But rest assured, there are three draws, not a win. During the remaining 33 days, many defeats awaited the “white-blues”. In terms of accounting, we are at 12 goals scored (1 in every 3 games) for 103 goals conceded (2.8 per game). Even the 2021-22 version of the Girondins de Bordeaux has to bow to these dizzying numbers.

With the conclusion of the Lithuanian league, Jonava is the first club to be inducted into the 2022-23 Hall of Fame. Hello!

Cremonese / Elche, recovery of good habits

Due to the World Cup, Serie A and La Liga had to stop for almost 2 months. For two long months they wait for their jewels to tread the earth again. It’s the Cremonese Lombards that drive the counters crazy in Italy. However, for the recovery match against Juventus, the Tigers were on the verge of their biggest success of the season. A possible draw, of course, but for Cremonese it’s all good to take.

However, in the last second, it was without a reckoning with the specialist in goals: Arek Milik. In the 91st minute, a free kick found the feet of the locals. And this time, no shirts were removed or arms allowed for the pole vaulter. This is very similar to new resolutions.

On the Spanish side, it’s Elche that gets all the limelight. And Javier Pastore’s club is not a club that sees everything half-heartedly. Zero win in 16 days and 12th defeat at home against Celta Vigo, 17th at start. Jonava’s shadow spreads across Europe.

Sevnica, betrayal

Speaking of Slovenian futsal, we’re not sure if you can name us a single player. We assure you, and so do we. If Slovenian Futsal League drew our attention, because great insults were made against our Slovenian colleagues.

Last in the championship, Sevnica had everything of a perfect contender: 0 wins in 13 days and 73 cashes. So we imagine the stats will go up when the leader himself moves on his pitch. No. Dobovec falls 4-2 and suffers his first loss of the season. We didn’t understand a word of Slovenian and it’s not his futsal that will help us.

List of survivors of the loss

After thirteen weeks of resistance, here is Lose’s ranking of the surviving clubs.

In red2022-23 Hall of Fame Clubs.

1 Football Lithuania In the league Jonava 36m: 3n / 33d
2 Handball Rep. Czech extra league Hranice 18m: 1n/17d
2 futsal Russia Super League Siberian 18m: 1n/17d
4 Football Spain league Elche 16m: 4n / 12d
5 Football Italy Series A Cremon 16m: 7n / 9d
6 Handball Romania National League Oradea 15m: 0n / 15d
7 Football Algeria League 1 HBCL 15m: 1n/14d
8 Football Portugal Liga Portugal Bwin Pacos 15m: 3n / 12d
9 rugby France National brandy 14m: 0n/14d
9 Handball Hungary N.B. I Budai Farkasok 14m: 0n/14d
9 Handball Croatia Premier League Zamet 14m: 0n/14d
9 Basketball Lithuania LKL Prienai 14m: 0n/14d
13 Handball Portugal Handball 1 Santo Tirso 13m: 0n/13g
14 futsal Portugal The League Cupboard Futsal Azemeis 12m: 0n / 12d
14 Volleyball Germany 1. Bundesliga VCO Berlin 12m: 0n / 12d
14 rugby Ireland/Italy/South Af. United Rugby Championship Zebra 12m: 0n / 12d
17 Football Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Pro League Al-Batin 12m: 2n / 10d
18 futsal Germany Bundesliga Penzberg 11m: 0n / 11d
18 futsal Romania League I Cluj Napoca 11m: 0n / 11d
18 Volleyball Croatia super league Marsonia 11m: 0n / 11d
18 Volleyball Brazil super league Rede Cuca Volei 11m: 0n / 11d
22 Football Morocco Botola Pro IR Tangier 11m: 2n / 9d
23 Football Morocco Botola Pro Khouribga 11m: 5n / 6d
24 Rugby League France Elite 1 Villeneuve 10m: 0n / 10d
25 futsal Slovakia extra league Makroteam Zilina 10m: 1n / 9d
25 futsal Belgium Section 1 Peabo Bilzen 10m: 1n / 9d
27 Water polo France Elite nice 8m: 0n / 8d

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