Ask for 256 GB of main storage in 2023 smartphones

According to a new source, the Samsung Galaxy S23 will go up to 256GB of primary storage, effectively ditching 128GB. An important development in this market.

The storage space of your devices is more important than you think. Indeed, it contributes to many factors that the general public does not necessarily trust, e.g fluidity of using your device. Because yes: if your memory is old standard, it won’t be able to keep up with the speed of the SoC and will cause slowdowns all over the place.

The same, of course, applies to the evolution of uses and therefore the effective storage capacity of your memory. An important step that Samsung can take seriously with its next-generation Galaxy S23 smartphones.

The Galaxy S23 is an example

Leaked pending the next Unpacked when the official date becomes clearer Snoopy Tech In advance to know the configurations of the next big smartphones from Samsung. According to him, the variant Galaxy S23 will offer approximately these output configurations:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 : 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage or 512 GB storage
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus : 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage or 512 GB storage
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra : 8GB RAM and 256GB storage or 12GB RAM and 512GB storage (1TB option only available at Samsung Store)

However, some handpicked countries will still be eligible The 128GB variant of the Galaxy S23. Thus, it confirms the information already seen on the side of Ice Universe, a more authoritative source. It is difficult to doubt the truth of the news, especially considering the recent developments of the manufacturer, which is known as the main supplier of RAM and NAND in the market.

First of all, this information confirms that Samsung will try to increase the main memory allowed in the market. increase memory from 128 to 256 GB. An evolution that seems important to us, seeing what smartphone manufacturers are now pushing forward.

Why you should upgrade to 256GB base

File sizes are always heavier on the web middle screen definition it only develops on PC or smartphone. The same applies to the size of photos, which is the main battleground for smartphone manufacturers and whose marketing has returned to its previous state. the eternal battle of the number of megapixels and therefore the weight of the final photos… even if this struggle is essentially sterile, photo quality is now more influenced by algorithms.

First of all, we can see the maximum video recording quality, precisely observing the latest high-end smartphones on the market, such as the Samsung Galaxy S22. Upscaled from 4K to 8K. Here again, unreasonable struggle over “the largest possible number” also nibbles storage space at high speed.

It’s a truth even a copywriter has to admit: video is king in media production today. New generations are taking clips on social networks that are irretrievably stored on their smartphones. Likewise, 4K TVs are becoming more and more popular, causing 1080p videos to start showing their weaknesses. In this context, 128 GB of memory is very limited at the high end today. Note that on average A 15-minute 4K video weighs about 12 GBand you will quickly realize that these memories will soon become saturated.

While manufacturers will certainly appreciate you switching to cloud storage platforms to store your smartphone, it’s important to give users the freedom to store their data, especially in this very private setting. Never forget that data stored in the cloud is rarely private: if Google’s AI is so well trained these days, it’s because of the data we feed it (often anonymous, of course) in Google Photos.

All of this also puts into perspective the economic model of Apple, one of the rare manufacturers that continues to offer. 64 GB versions of their iPhones. But anything is possible when you have full control over the margins of your devices, while you can look down on your competitors thanks to a perfectly mastered brand image.


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