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PMA-3 arrives at the NASA building

the pressure coupling module (English Pressure mating adapter Where LDCs) element international space station (The International Space Station (ISS) is home to…) allows junction (La Jonction is a district of Geneva, Switzerland, whose colloquial name is “la Jonquille”) station modules and spaceships using mechanismsdo not dock (The term yalding is used in two areas:) different. Three PMAs are used space station (In the field of astronautics, a space station is a spacecraft in orbit…). One of them provides communication between the Russian part of the station and the rest of the station. The other two are used for support spaceship (In the field of astronautics, a spacecraft is a vehicle…) at the station.

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Each PMA is lightly used different (In mathematics, the difference is defined in algebraic theory…) but all three provide the same basic function of communicating between the docking port of the space station General Approach Mechanism (The Common Docking Mechanism (or CBM) is the docking system used to dock…) (CBM) or a docking port using the Androgynous Peripheral Docking System (APAS) built into the module or device shuttle bus (In the field of astronautics, a spacecraft is an aerospace vehicle…) space. PMAs use a CBM type passive docking port and an APAS port which is also passive. The module is pressurized and heated and allows switching through externally mounted connectionselectricity (For this, it is necessary to supply electricity to the electrotechnical system…) and lines telecommunications (Telecommunications today is defined as transmission over a distance…).


PMA-1 is one of the first components to be installed on the International Space Station. It provides a connection between the Russian part of the station and the rest of the station. It was built by the mission staff STS-88 (STS-88 is the thirteenth mission of Space Shuttle Endeavour, and the first mission…) Using the Canadarm arm, he attached the tip of the Russian Zarya module to the PMA-1, which itself was already placed in the rear port of the Union module (international space station).


The unit connected to the shuttle by PMA-2 is inside the train (A train is a controlled vehicle that moves on rails. A train consists of…) Berthing at Zarya via PMA-1

PMA-1 and PMA-2 are located on either side of the Unity module

The PMA-2 is installed in the rear docking port of the Harmony module and American space shuttle (American space shuttle (English Space shuttle or Space Transportation System, STS)…) when they mate at the station. This is the only PMA that allows transferenergy (Energy in common sense refers to anything that allows you to do work, energize, etc.) electricity from the station to the shuttle allows for longer stays

When a spaceship stops, there is one relative speed (The term relative speed is usually used to express the difference…) about 3 cm from the station the second (The second is the feminine of the second adjective immediately following the first, or which…). In contact with FDA, 2 locks are closed. After the relative motions of the shuttle and the station have stopped a an astronaut (A cosmonaut is a name given to a person who travels or travels…) triggers the shuttle to retract on boardd ring (The D ring is the planetary ring around Saturn, the innermost of the rings…)a berth that allows other locks to finish providing the service to the station).


mission in October 2000 STS-92 (STS-92 is the twenty-eighth mission of Space Shuttle Discovery and the fifth…) Spacelab brought PMA-3 mounted on a pallet to the space station. First, PMA-3 was installedhatch (Écoutille: from Spanish Escotilla, Old French Ecoste and…) Located at Unity rare (In astronomy, a nadir (Arabic Nazir: opposite) is a point on the celestial sphere…) (in front of Place (Earth is the third planet in the solar system in order of distance…), down). one month (A month (Lat. mensis from the word “month”, formerly from the word “menstruation” in the plural) is a period of time…) and half later, when the mission STS-97 (STS-97 is the fifteenth mission of Space Shuttle Endeavour, and the sixth…) The shuttle delivered the P6 segment of the beam placed on PMA-3.

Its last location is the lowermost hatch of the Tranquility module when it docked with the space station in 2010.


Built by three PMA modules Boeing (Boeing (official name in English, The Boeing Company) is one of the largest manufacturers…). It was produced by the constructor the past (The past is above all a concept of time: it consists of all…) A similar adapter that allows the US space shuttle to dock with the Mir space station.

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