Tiaret: Reborn from the ashes of the land of Meghila

If there is a region in the region that has suffered more from the effects of devastating terrorism, it is Megila, the former Keria, and its neighbors in its extension, even though these regions form both the majestic, the steep and the founding base. quarter, Sebt (formerly Raouraoua). At the risk of offending some, to evoke terrorism is to recall a sad period and a painful page in the modern history of independent Algeria. Many inhabitants of the 60 douares of this vast territory of the “Kraichs, Gherabas as Cheragas,” which afford access through these woods and mountains to the Ouarsenis, and also to the Palestro. An area that has seen one of the largest exodus of the last century, but one that is experiencing a reverse migration. The return is possible thanks to the development efforts of the state. We measure the scale of development when we think of Sebti and its devastated villages, burned schools, and the crushed men and women who inhabited it. Thursday was one of the other phases that began in the early 2000s. Adding to the devastating effects of the terror was the harshness of the region and the harsh terrains through which the Rhiou valley, one of the largest water tributaries, passes. Sometimes it is boring to list all these floods that take away public buildings, bridges, roads, as well as human lives. Chief executive Ali Bouguerra, who went to meet the people of Meghila district last Thursday, wanted to convey a message: “The work of nation-building goes through the development of these regions. As everywhere, and despite this economy, the projects, even if small, make this region endure certain delays and have its own lifelong will help him regain his rights. Sebt and Meghila for the lone municipalities, which fell by 18 points, the visitation program was like a marathon. At each of his stops, people jostled each other to say a word, a request or a compliment. This chief executive showed his kindness and good nature. with his pragmatism, unlike others, he does not stop repeating the same leitmotif phrase to his voters: “Activity should be prioritized during development” and adds: “I only spent 140 billion for 42 municipalities. Thursday’s visit, however, to determine the situation, at the same time as Sehaouria and Karaa to turn on propane gas in certain douars, Oul in the commune of Sebaine ed from Benadda to Meghila-Center will enable strengthening, control of drinking water supply. Take over the structure of communal protection for the development works of the province n ° 11 road, the restoration of the health center in Sebt and the transformation of the advanced point of the Civil Defense. The deal and demand is the same for Chahamalar, Amairia, and Ouled Chehba. For Ouleds Chehba, the emergency remains an operation to protect the duar from flooding. As for propane gas, which has become a miracle solution for these douars across the province, the overall operation is not yet complete, but “out of 286 applications, 146 are functional and 140 are awaiting compliance,” said a Naftal representative. . Remembering the circle of Meghila and the search for a better life involves several other operations. The absence of some remains puzzling in the region, such as the absence of a high school that Ali Bugherra ordered his immediate subordinates, including the director of education and DEP (director of public facilities), to eliminate. It will be understood that the absence of a secondary school was dictated by the security imperative of ancient history today, as much has been done to ensure the safety of the population since then. City security was opened in early 2022 after years of security for goods and people in the zone by the army and gendarmerie. Such visits are instructive, because they are audible to ordinary people, and decisions are made on the spot. The union is almost universal. This is a trademark of this governor. On Thursday, it was decided that we will return one day to contribute to local development with concrete measures for the forestry sector participating in these popular PPDRIs. Possible assistance for opening of 5 km road, fruit plantation, embankment strengthening, flood relief, cleaning of water bodies and provision of apiaries to beekeepers. A predominantly hilly region, the Rdjal Meghila region has the distinction of seeing continued tillage, but also excels in horticulture (especially almond trees, braided figs and macaroni) and, today, new crops such as strawberries. It is these small actions that make the world Meghila or elsewhere, as long as life reclaims its rights.

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