Mountaineer Jean-Marc Nowak reviews treks to help Nepalis with Monaco Aide et Présence.

An accessible trek that can be a source of economic development for the Nepalis along with respect for nature. This is the bold idea of ​​Jean-Marc Nowak and Monaco Aide et Présence (MAP), which will be realized next autumn to take advantage of the best weather conditions.

For his twenty-first visit to the wild and little-known region of Rigaonn, 80 km from Kathmandu, the mountaineer went exploring beyond the latter with Nancy Dotta, who is in charge of the Monegasque humanitarian association and activities in Nepal. set a route that allows you to explore the hill villages and the Himalayan chain without a living soul.

It was a great surprise to discover a luxurious 5km range unseen by trekkers offering a breathtaking 360° panorama of the high Himalayan peaks: Manaslu 8,163m, Annapurna 8,091m, Ganesh Himal 7,422m, Paldor, Langtang 7,225m and the nearby high mountains of Tibet,” Jean-Marc Nowak notes.

There are no tourists on the route

“Trekking is the first economic source in Nepal. Jean-Marc Nowak continues. But the circuits have become highways for hikers. The result: tourists don’t get the adventure they hoped for, and the environment is inevitably damaged. There are no tourists on the planned route.

Outside of his expeditions to the world’s highest peaks, Jean-Marc Nowak has collaborated with Nancy Dotta since 2009 to help villagers from the Tamang people of Tibetan origin find new livelihoods. ..

“After the earthquake of April 25, 2015, after building schools, polyclinics and houses (sometimes rebuilding them), establishing educational programs for young people, professional integration of women, creation of a botanical trail and an ecological park, the club educates the local population about respect for the environment, it’s time to give the peasants the means to stand on their feet’, Nancy Dotta, who plans to try the track this year, is delighted.

“We want to offer residents the opportunity to make guest rooms and become porters or cooks for trekkers,” Jean-Marc Nowak explains.

From tropical forests to eternal snows

This track is also an offer to all Monegasques and the residents of Monaco and neighboring municipalities to collaborate first in this humanitarian project.

And no special training is needed, assures Jean-Marc Nowak. “It’s easier compared to the big Himalayan treks, which are longer and higher.”

Altitude from 1800 to 4450 meters will be of no consequence as acclimatization will be very gradual.

Off the beaten path travel proposition

“The treks will not take more than 5-6 hours a day to take advantage of the facilities of the local people and contact with the tamangs. Then we will cross a magnificent ridge of 7 kilometers before descending to the river. The campsites are marked and the irreplaceable glacier water is available everywhere. Then with the Annapurna range in the background, rhododendrons and giant we will pass through forests of fir trees. The views are magical. The road stops at 4450 meters. Those who wish can continue with crampons. cross an easy snow path and reach more than 5000 meters without difficulty. The easy ascent of this belvedere allows you to discover the high mountain environment, the route is ideal for first experience The trek ends at the intersection of Langtang National Park. This environment offers a great diversity of flora and fauna, from tropical forests to eternal snows. You can especially come across red pandas, snow leopards and Langur monkeys living in this vast vegetation.”

Here’s a travel proposal that goes off the beaten path and offers an opportunity for a new kind of humanitarian action.

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