Mobile phone plan. To celebrate the year 2023, this operator is charging MADNESS

Tired of paying a small fortune for a mobile plan where you only use a small portion of the content? We understand you. Here is a cheaper and very complete solution.

Telecom operators love to sell 100 or 200GB mobile plans when (almost) nobody is using them. By selling larger subscriptions, they get higher revenue. MVNO Prixtel is going against the grain with its personalized and unique package to kick off 2023.

There are a few important points to understand about the Oxygen mobile plan from Prixtel. First of all, this is a package that comes standard with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 50 GB (on the SFR network) for €9.99 per month. This optional subscription has a second advantage: if you need an additional data envelope, it gives you all the flexibility – and it’s not out of the box.

Check out the Prixtel package

At DNA, Prixtel wanted to develop a flexible mobile plan that would allow its users to pay as closely as possible to their actual consumption. Therefore, the monthly minimum is 50 GB per month for €9.99. However, if you need to upgrade to 90 GB in time, it will cost only €12.99. And if you even need to go up to 130GB, the package will drop to €15.99 later in the month.

Month by month, the MVNO (and you) looks at how much you actually consume. Depending on your usage, you will move to one of three levels. Unlike the non-package, which costs a few MB, here it is very different: you have a kind of 3-in-1 package. And each of the bearings is very competitive compared to the rest of the market.

The mobile plan is adapted to 99% of customers

In France, almost the entire population consumes less than 50 GB per month. With Wi-Fi generally available at home, at work and on the go, such an envelope seems very important. Finally, this Prixtel solution allows you to drop below 10 euros per month for your mobile plan.

Although operators have significantly increased their prices due to rising energy costs and the deployment of 5G, it is becoming almost impossible to find a package under 10 euros. In 2022 we saw almost none and all were very uncompetitive. Here at Oxygen Formula, you are entitled to an envelope that meets almost all uses.

Of course, if you use your smartphone data abnormally (regular tethering, uploading large files, etc.), the formula can sometimes feel a little restrictive. In this case, you can choose one of the other two offers put forward by Prixtel. They follow the same structure as the Oxygen pack, but have higher levels.

Check out the Prixtel package

For example, the Le grand package comes with a first tier of 100 GB directly for 10.99 euros per month. Calls, SMS and MMS are also unlimited. The two top tiers are 120 and 140GB for €13.99 and €16.99 per month respectively. Note that this price changes after six months (this is not the case with Oxygen) which will increase by €3 per level.

Prixtel offers extreme flexibility

The third and last subscription in the range is called The Giant, and it’s really huge: it has a minimum level of 140 GB and can go up to 200 GB per month depending on your needs. The lowest tier starts at €12.99 and goes up to €18.99 for the 200GB tier, where each tier will increase after the first 6 months.

In any case, Prixtel doesn’t force you to do anything: you’re not committed to whatever mobile plan you choose. This allows you to freely cancel your contract if you are no longer satisfied. With a few clicks, you can go to it and transfer your phone number from your current operator. With the same procedure, you can leave Prixtel to go to another location.

What is certain is that the Oxygen formula with 50 GB for €9.99 per month is a very good deal. You won’t find better value for money. Prixtel also has a small advantage that no one else currently offers: its mobile plan is carbon neutral. It offsets all CO2 emissions from your subscription, which is a good argument in the current context. rejoice!

To see the Prixtel offer here:

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