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The old building of Villa Arson

The The burning of the villa art college, contemporary art center and a place of residence (The name of the place of residence is often given to a series of tracks that form a loop …) of artists.

It is located on the hill of Saint Barthélemy north (North is the cardinal point against south.) From Nice, on a property of two hectares offering a wide panorama city (A city is an urban unit (“human settlement”…). Founded in 1972, his profession is training, creative support and diffusion (In everyday language, the term diffusion refers to the concept of …) modern art.


Gardens XIXe century

The villa owes its name to Pierre-Joseph Arson, a wealthy merchant from Avignon in 1812. XVIIIe century to consul Peyre de la Coste. After the purchase of this land, six hectares, the Arson family worked constantly to beautify the villa and transform the agricultural area into a pleasure garden in the style of gardens.italian (Italian is the name used for the rope used to maneuver the furrier…). the rain (In geomorphology, a slope is an inclined topographic surface located between …) south (South is the cardinal point against north.) The grounds are laid out in terraces with sculptures, balustrades and baroque fountains. knife herbal (A group of classical scientific classifications under the term plant…) rock gardens skillfully mix endemic plants (pines, oaks, carob and olive trees) with species of exotic origin that were very fashionable at the time (palms, aloe (Aloe is a succulent native mainly to Africa and Madagascar, but…) and cacti). On the side the west (West is the cardinal point, opposite east. This direction…)PJ Arson plant (Plants (Plantae Haeckel, 1866) are multicellular organisms…) a magnificent avenue of cypresses. For him dead (Death is the final state of a biological organism that ceases to live (even…) In 1851, his son succeeded him as the head of the estate. in the head XXe century, a hotelier converted it Grand Hotelthen became one after the Great War medical home. In 1964, the city of Nice restored the property to donate it to the state appearance (Sight is the sense that allows us to observe and analyze the environment through perception and…) the construction of the International School of Fine Arts desired by Andre Malraux (Andre Malraux, born in Paris, November 18, 53 rue Damrémont, November 3, 1901 and…). It was inaugurated in 1972 and since 1881 the National School of Decorative Arts has been established in Nice. Street (A street is a circulation space that serves residences and places in the city…) Tonduti de l’Escarène moves into this new space, redesigned by architect Michel Marot. In 1984, the school was named the International Pilot School of Art and Research (Scientific research is primarily… (EPIAR), a new administrative structure associated with the Center National d’Art Contemporain, then under the control of the ministry in 2003 Culture (Culture is a pangalactic civilization invented by Iain M. Banks through his…)expresses it The burning of the villa (Villa Arson is a public institution that hosts the art school,…). Ministry in 2006 Culture (The UNESCO definition of culture is as follows [1] 🙂 and some Communication (Communication also applies to humans (intrapsychic, interpersonal communication, etc.) committed to a program to expand the spaces and reopen the terraces and gardens to the public.


in the head XXe In the 19th century, a part of the garden was demolished with the installation of a hotel complex. From the time of Arson, there remains an arrangement of sea pines and cypresses. Right now, surface (Surface generally refers to the surface layer of an object. The term a…) buildings built of modern construction largely replace the amusement park of the past. Walking around the site, as suggested a little village (A village is a collection of settlements in a village or mountain,…) The Mediterranean Sea with him vegetation (Vegetation is a collection of wild or cultivated plants (flora) that…), its squares, public benches and alleys return the space to its geographical location. At the entrance to the school, a modern garden has been created, characterized by five grassy and paved circles, in the center of which is a 2000-year-old tree (A tree is a land plant that can self-grow at altitude…) from each the continent (The word continent comes from the Latin container “to hold together” or continents…). Other plants selected for their leaves provide a color note materials (A material is a material of natural or artificial origin formed by man…) bare and raw buildings.

Existing buildings

A variety of buildings with a brutal architectural style surround the red-colored villa of the Pole. XVIIIe century in a new cube construction and almost the entire land area (17,000 m2 23,000 of its area was built). Implementation project (A project is an irreversible commitment of uncertain outcome, it cannot be repeated…) the citadel, which is both an external labyrinth and a castle, develops in the form of tree-covered roof terraces in the southern part of the site. Inside, the overall look gives the landscape an impression of sobriety with its walls concrete (Concrete is a composite building material…) “rough shape”. Covering the walls of the outer walls with pebbles from the Var deposit is one Context (The context of the event includes the circumstances and conditions surrounding it;…) regional.

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