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Count Libri

Account Guglielmo Brutus Iciliaus Timeleone Libri-Carucci dalla Sommajahe said in French Guillaume Libri Where Count Libriwas born Florence (Florence (Italian Firenze) is a city in Italy, the capital of the Tuscany region and…) the 1er January 1803 and dead (Death is the final state of a biological organism that ceases to live (even…) hour fiesole (Fiesole is a city in the province of Florence with about 14,000 inhabitants…) September 28, 1869, a mathematician (A mathematician is a researcher in mathematics in a limited sense, in a broad sense…) and an Italian bibliophile who lived mainly in France. They are shown (Rendering is a computer process that computes a 2D image (equivalent to a photograph)…) famous for numerous thefts of rare books.


A Florentine aristocrat, Libri attended law school in Pisa from 1816, but soon turned to mathematics. He’s getting attention from now on Charles Babbage (Charles Babbage (born 26 December 1791 in Teignmouths, Devonshire,…)Augustin-Louis Cauchy and Carl Friedrich Gauss (Johann Carl Friedrich Gauß (traditionally spelled Gauss in French)…).

professor physical (Physics (from Greek φυσις, nature) etymologically…) math (Mathematics is an abstract field of knowledge built using…) in it university (A university is a higher education institution with the purpose of…) In 1823 he lefteducation (Training (Latin “insignis”, signified, marked with a sign, distinguished) a…) and leavesyear (A year is a unit of time that represents the time between two occurrences of a related event…) in the next rest year for Paris (Paris is a French city, the capital of France and the capital of the region…), he frequents some of the mathematical luminaries of the moment. When he returns to Italy, he compromises with Carbonari He left Tuscany and had to flee to France, in 1833 he became a French citizen.

Math work

Libri had six mathematical memoirs published in Florence in 1829 at his own expense, with a very small circulation.

These hard-to-find copies were later republished by publisher and creator Crelle. Journal für die queen und angewandte mathematicsin various volumes.

In 1835, Crelle published a volume (In physics or mathematics, volume is a quantity that measures expansion…) Contains ten of Libri’s memoirs: six previously published in his journal, plus four unpublished memoirs Libri presented to him.

These memories bear the following names:

  1. Memory (Generally speaking, memory is the storage of information. It is also remembering…) about some general formulas of analysis.
  2. On memory theory (The word theory comes from the Greek word theorein and means “to think, observe,…” of heat (In everyday language, the words heat and temperature often have equivalent meanings:…)
  3. Continuous function memory
  4. On memory number theory (Traditionally, number theory is a branch of mathematics that deals with …)
  5. Memory about solving some indeterminate equations
  6. Memory about solving indeterminate equations using series
  7. Memoir on the Solution of Algebraic Equations with a Given Ratio between the Roots, and on the Integration of Linear Differential Equations, the Particular Integrals of which can be Expressed with Each Other (1830)
  8. Memoir on Continuous Functions (1832)
  9. A Memoir on Finite Difference Definite Integrals (1833)
  10. Memoir on the Integration of Linear Differential Equations of All Series (1833)

He published four volumes called Libri between 1838 and 1841 History of mathematical sciences from the revival of letters in Italy to the end of the seventeenth century century (A century is now a period of one hundred years. The word comes from the Latin word saeculum, i, which…). and this caused him to be still known for something other than his thefts.

French context

His aristocratic name and wealth opened many doors for him. A mathematician was elected as a memberAcademy of Sciences (The Academy of Sciences is a learned society whose role is to promote research…) In 1833. After Hachette’s death in December 1834, he was appointed associate professor at the Paris Faculty of Sciences. to fill (Cargo means what it really is…) course in probability calculus. In 1839, he received the title of professor of the department there. French high school (The Collège de France is located at No. 11 Marcelin-Berthelot in the Latin Quarter…) In 1843, he overthrew Cauchy and Jean-Marie Duhamel. He also received the Legion of Honor. Between 1838 and 1841, he was a A History of Mathematical Sciences in Italy from the Renaissance XVIIe centuryAbout 1,800 manuscripts, letters and books as original sources Galileo (Galilee or Galileo Galilei (born February 15, 1564 in Pisa and died in Arcetri near Florence…), which Fermat and Descartes said they bought at open auctions. It will later be revealed that these documents were stolen from the Laurentian library.

Libri’s adopted home is just opening horizons (Conceptually, the horizon is the limit of what can be observed because of itself…) his passion as a bibliophile. The libraries of the great cities of France inherited the books confiscated from the aristocrats and dignitaries of the Old Regime by order of the Committee of Public Safety, and which had not been destroyed during the plundering of the French Revolution. These collections, little known, were only in 1840object (In general, the word object (from Latin objectum, 1361) refers to an entity defined by …) no inventory. On the other hand, access to public libraries, was XIXe century, is still reserved for notables, “scholars” or recommended people (often foreigners).

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