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Petauchnok’s extraordinary travels in Europe

By Antoine Delaplace and Raphaël de Casabianca

Through these pages, the authors share their commitment to responsible tourism by offering these 60 favorite routes through Europe’s most beautiful landscapes. All the means of transport that reflect the desire for soft mobility are available: bicycles, sleds, snowshoes, trains, kayaks, horses… and even on foot. From Finland to Portugal, through Georgia and Ireland, many offers that show how unusual and full of diverse landscapes Europe is. We will choose inspired by 26 countries or thematic chapters: “In the Islands”, “In the Mountains”, “In the Cold”, “In Slow Life Mode”, “On the Coastal Roads” or even “In” XXXL format” which has a lot of time and Sentiero Italia and its For those who have a passion for something else, like walking across Italy on foot, covering 7,850 km!

Publications Hachette Tourisme, 18 x 23.6 cm, 240 pages, €24.95.


Our beautiful European cordillera is called the Pyrenees. Anchored in the south of France, with one foot in the Atlantic and the other in the Mediterranean, this chain is found along valleys, ridges, peaks and high plateaus that give it a great diversity of landscapes, cultures, languages, altitudes… This Backpacker’s Guide From Pyrenees Orientales to Pyrenees Atlantiques It’s there to make sure you don’t miss anything about these valleys and sites. And if the scenery is spectacular from one end to the other, everything remains on a human scale, including at 40 mountain resorts. Apart from skiing, the Pyrenees is not lacking in activities to enjoy all levels of hikers in winter and summer, especially in a protected environment. This guide, which comes with a pop-up map, is full of all sorts of good addresses for fun ‘river jumping’ in the Pyrenees.

Ed. Hachette Tourisme, coll. Le Guide du Routard, 11.5 x 19.2 cm, 335 pages, €13.

Nicolas Bouvier, by geography

By Alexandre Chollier

Nicolas Bouvier, a pioneer in the form of a travel writer, recaptured the brilliance of his discoveries in his works. A remarkable storyteller who was able to “carry a passion that pays no attention to anything else in travel”, his life and work owe everything to travel. Quick to call “the little wanderer” by his mother, he was fed great adventure stories from childhood and, as a teenager, embarked on youthful escapades from Lapland to the Sahara and Japan. His book L’usage du monde tells the story of his journey from Yugoslavia to Afghanistan between June 1953 and December 1954 with his friend, artist and illustrator Thierry Vernet. He opens the piece, turning travel into an intense and lyrical lifestyle. the illustrated story allows us to get to know this author more closely, who broke new ground by giving his letters of nobility to the “geopoetic” spirit of travelogues. It is largely based on the work of the photographer and image hunters that Nicolas Bouvier also knew.

Publications Paulsen, 23 x 23 cm, 224 pages, €39.90.

Along the Burgundy Canal

By Bernard LeSueur

In 2023, we will celebrate the 190th anniversary of the completion of the Burgundian canal after nearly 60 years of work on a construction project that had been envisioned since Henry IV. The long-term work done in 1777 was interrupted during the French Revolution and continued from 1808 under the leadership of Napoleon I. A great opportunity to look back at the history of this ambitious 242 km venture that connects the Seine basin with the Rhône basin. Signed by the historian of the people of water, rivers and canals, there is also an epic called the Canal des Deux-Mers – it crosses the watershed between the English Channel and the Mediterranean Sea. This beautiful, richly illustrated book traces the history of this masterpiece of civil engineering, showing all the tourist attractions. The canal, bold in its design, consistently failed to achieve the expected results for cargo transportation. It remains to be admired while walking along its shores.

Publications Glénat, 21.5 x 28.8 cm, 240 pages, €39.

Atlas of French cheeses

By Patrick Merienne

Ouest-France publications play it safe with this Atlas of French cheeses. Following the cheese route, like the wine route, can be a pleasant red thread for the gourmet discovery of terroirs. And many of them can boast one or more cheese specialties! With nearly 400 cheeses, France can satisfy all interests and all tastes.

This very complete atlas features thirteen regional maps and details 45 PDOs (Protected Designations of Origin) and six PGIs (Protected Geographical Indications). As you explore its geography, you learn a lot about cheese production, the different varieties available, recipes, and wine and cheese pairings.

Publications Ouest-France, 19.3 x 25.2 cm, 48 pages, €5.90.

Portuguese history on my plate

By Tiago Martins

Playing on the interaction between culinary recipes and historical and cultural references is an undeniable “plus” of this book and is also ideal for discovering Portuguese gastronomy, history and local products. More than 60 recipes for soups, appetizers, entrees, desserts or cocktails, interspersed with surprising, unusual and funny anecdotes, are detailed with supporting pictures. What could be more comforting than the smell of your favorite food when “Saudade” is announced? It’s the gift of 63 Portuguese chefs in kitchens all over the world, from the US to Japan via Germany, Portugal, France and Switzerland. Requested by Tiago Martins, these lovers of their gastronomic heritage did not hesitate to tackle this challenge and share the most iconic Portuguese recipes, traditional or revised, for the delight of curious taste buds.

Cadamoste Publications, 21 x 29 cm, 168 pages, €24.90.

Western Pyrenees

By Pierre Macia

Hiking and snowshoeing are part of the joys of winter and summer in the mountains. In the Pyrenees, with its mild and sunny climate, there are many beautiful days and the options for this kind of hiking or hiking are varied: wide open plateaus near the ski resort, routes through coniferous forests… This book is very easy in France and Spain, between Bern and the Gaves valley. offers 54 family or sport rides to the most challenging, as well as some keys to confidently approach the exotic, wild and fascinating universe.

Occasional publications, 13 x 19 cm, 127 pages, €13.50.

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