Mobile phone plan. Don’t go overboard in 2023, this 50GB deal is insane ⚡️

New Year is always an opportunity to make good resolutions. If you want to manage your money better, it’s a good idea to change your mobile plan. Rather than spending a fortune on a plan that doesn’t fit your needs, why not take charge and cut those costs?

You can switch from one operator to another in a few minutes and save your phone number. Prixtel is one of the few operators that allowed to drop below 10 euros per month without neglecting the data envelope at the beginning of the year. Its Oxygen subscription is a breath of fresh air for those who want to save real money. In addition, it is non-binding and carbon neutral.

Check out the Prixtel offer

Over ten years, Prixtel has become an important MVNO thanks to its tailor-made offer for each customer. is the enabling operator pay as close as possible to its actual use, cannot be found anywhere else. However, this does not mean that it is less readable for the customer. It has an easy to understand tier system that allows you to pay at a very reasonable rate.

The easiest way is to sample this Oxygen mobile plan. By default, you’ll have to pay at least €9.99 per month to get unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 50GB of mobile data in France. If you exceed this limit, you don’t have to fear being left out of the pack. Prixtel adds two levels of data, 90 and 130 GB, at very competitive prices: €12.99 and €15.99 per month.

This Oxygen mobile plan, like the other two in the range, has a special deal: it’s a sort of 3-in-1 plan where you’ll go down to the lowest tier (so it’ll cost you the least). This Oxygen formula has an advantage over the other two Prixtel packages: the price does not change after the first year.

Two other Prixtel packages

If you’re looking at a short-term mobile plan, the two Le Grand and Le Géant offers from Prixtel are suitable. They offer an even more aggressive data/price ratio for the first 6 months of your subscription. In the long run, these are still quality subscriptions at a reasonable price.

Le grand package comes with 100 GB for 10.99 euros per month for 6 months. This means you get double the data for €1 more than the Oxygen mobile plan. After this period, the subscription with affordable rates returns to 13.99 euros per month. In comparison, a player like RED by SFR (or B&YOU) is currently €16 for 100GB, so you’re still getting a good deal with Prixtel.

Check out the Prixtel offer

Above all, Prixtel also relies on the SFR network for its offer. By choosing this mobile plan, you get access to the SFR operator’s 4G network. This is the same for all packs in the series, including the level system. For Le grand, you have two tiers at 120 and 140 GB, which cost €13.99 and €16.99 per month respectively.

The latest mobile plan, The Giant, uses the codes of the first two. The only difference is that the levels are higher. If you really need a large mobile data envelope, this is the right choice. Although consumption only increases over the years, it gives you peace of mind over time. The smallest mobile plan comes with 140 GB, unlimited calls and texts for €12.99 per month.

If you need an extension, Prixtel allows you to increase to 170 GB for €15.99 per month and even up to 200 GB for €18.99. This special offer only lasts for the first 6 months, after which each level increases by 3 euros per month. Still a very good choice. First of all, with this formula called The Giant, you can take advantage of the 5G network as an option.

How to switch to Prixtel?

Prixtel Orange is an operator like Bouygues Telecom or SFR. You can change your mobile plan and go to it with a few clicks. The first thing to do to save your phone number is to call 3179 from your current phone. This toll free number will allow you to get your RIO number. The latter is unique and associated with your phone number.

This code must be entered when registering on the Prixtel website. The operator will then transfer your current number to them. The procedure is simple and automatic. To take advantage of your new offer, you just need to change your SIM card (the operator will send you a new one). Everything is easier today than it was a few years ago, so you can easily change your mobile plan.

The regulator has tried to force operators to simplify the process to help the French make massive savings. They are no longer bound by contracts that are hard to break. When you make this port request with your RIO code, you cancel your current contract with your current carrier. This allows you to switch to a new mobile plan without having to deal with customer service.

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Check out the Prixtel offer

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