Thoughts on Science and Advances in Oncology

Our interest and dedication to documentary research WUKALI to feed our division newspaper led us to explore certain advances in oncology medicine at the beginning of the year. To paraphrase one of our most famous writers*, the twenty-first century will be humanist, or it won’t be!

Indeed, if this science can be considered an indicator of our time for more than half a century, how can it not be interested in medicine. The paradox, at the very least, boggles and disturbs the mind when one observes with horror the backwardness of certain mentalities. covid and consequences of the pandemic. So that is the key to our social epistemology, the highest degree of knowledge, as we can all observe in this epidemic episode, both in France and around the world. from the political sphere to media expression. we remember the nonsense D. Trump It strongly suggests using disinfectants to combat Covid. It was the same in France, and the emphasis by certain media and political currents on the image of the medical professor from Marseilles as a guru, his happy and therapeutic offers to mediate, were almost unanimously rejected by his peers and the Academy of Medicine. .

We at WUKALI have a weakness in considering the authority of science, the power of knowledge and its transmission in this ethical demand that makes man above and beyond himself. This is the case in art, in the way of being, in the way of looking at the world. Science is also an art for us due to its phenomenological perception. Moreover, it characterizes our time, so we love it and follow its progress with interest! The reason is good WUKALI Its primary motivation is art history at its core, as I would like, not fixed, but open to observing what grounds us and brings us together through its various titles. It is what paradoxically defines us in all our uniqueness.

The broad theme is indeed the popularization of science Etienne Klein the complex challenges and pitfalls that the conference ** faced and had to face. Undoubtedly, challenges that have existed since ancient times, but are also emerging today with both the cybernetic acceleration of information and, especially, incredible advances in medicine. By the way, the same can be said about astronomy and astrophysics, and in this section that interests us today, oncology, which affects our fragile cognitive comfort.

To be more demanding in this analysis attempt, let us add that if social networks, which have become common and universal use, allow all individuals to communicate, communicate and connect networks in the world, they are also donkey and scientist on the same plane. Here’s an impossible equation to consider. When a wise man points to the moon, a fool looks at the finger, says a Chinese proverb!

For example, another difficulty that comes before politics and is undoubtedly a serious obstacle is the temporality of action. Rating scales are indeed different between the average citizen and the decision maker. It would even be the most enlightening definition of social networks, the bubble of time and things, more geometrically speaking, horizontal and vertical. The French phrase sums things up well; ” Everyone sees noon at their door“, we have great respect for this field of activity, which lives in the present moment without worrying about the rest and envisages a long-term perspective, for example, which defines the meaning and understanding of politics and the state. history. We observe without naivety what some want to do with it shamelessly!

Scientific research is advancing by leaps and bounds, and medical teams around the world are working on areas of research that will lead to promising results for some. The field of oncology is one of them. So, for example, Rozalin Yalov, In 1977, the Nobel Prize in Medicine and whom I had the honor of meeting, developed Roger Guillemin and Andrzej Wiktor Schally the principle of analyzes that have become common today in radioimmunology and allow especially diagnosis. Likewise, research and work on monoclonal antibodies has moved from the diagnostic to the therapeutic field. It should be noted that messenger RNA knowledge has contributed significantly to the speed of development of anti-Covid vaccines. Not a day goes by without sharing!

A press article was published in the magazine about the origin of my ideas SciTechDaily taken from Science Translational Medicine. researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital hour Boston under the guidance of the teacher Khalid Shah In the United States, they found a way to use cancer cells to fight cancer. We have translated this article for our readers, we hope it will be interesting for you. We gave the title: Cancer cells turned into anti-cancer agents (to click).

* Andre Malraux, the twentieth century will be spiritual or not“. Legend of the Century (1972)
** Etienne Klein. Is the popularization of science a failure? November 2021. Diderot Institute

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Title image: depiction of Tang Dynasty poet Meng Haoran 孟浩然 (689-740), who lived his life on a donkey and celebrated nature.

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