No one could have predicted the climate crisis, could they?

Although the term global warming has been used by the IPCC since 2013, many researchers have been warning about the climate risks of human activity for more than 120 years. The need for awareness and concrete action has been proven for years and the climate emergency is undeniable.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCCIPCChas been publishing regular assessment reports since 1990, whose name now appears in every discussion of the climate crisis. This agency of the United Nations (UN) already explained 33 years ago that emissionsemissions of gasgas strengthened by human activitygreenhouse effectgreenhouse effect and causes the Earth to warm, which adds to the natural changes. Scientists also said that the spread of human activity has decreased greenhouse gasgreenhouse gas would be a necessity in order not to worsen this increase in global temperature.

In its latest report, the organization estimates that warming should not exceed 1.5°C to maintain a livable climate. It also predicts that global temperatures will rise by 2°C by 2050 if our greenhouse gas emissions stay the same. The effects will be as numerous and devastating as the frequency and violence will increase. heat wavesheat wavesof droughtsdroughts and episodes precipitationprecipitation rain

These disastrous consequences are already felt, especially in France in 2022 as a minister Energetic transitionEnergetic transition Agnes Pannier-Runacher. It was invited to the TV show on January 3 It depends on youat that time he was asked about the statement made by the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, during his wishes for 2023: ” Who could have predicted […] Climate crisis with spectacular effects again this spring in our country? “. Indeed, who are the discoverers since the 19e Try to warn us about the affairs of the current disaster of the century?

A concrete concern for over 120 years

The author of the first predictions about global warming is traditionally attributed to the Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius, who expressed them in an article published in 1896.

Before him, scientists had made great discoveries, such as Jean-Baptiste Fourier, who demonstrated in 1824 PlacePlace heated by it atmosphereatmosphereor Eunice, the American amateur researcher NewtonNewton Football. In 1856, he determined the effect of the concentration of certain gases on warmingweatherweather under the influence of solar radiation. This phenomenon, known as the greenhouse effect, is one of the causes of modern global warming. Three years later, John Tyndall’s work reached similar conclusions and inspired Arrhenius.

While his theory was first rejected by the scientific community for its low robustness, since the 1950s studies warning of global warming have proliferated. In 1956, Gilbert Plass clarified the warming calculations, demonstrating that it would no longer occur in future centuries, but decades. Hans Suess and Roger Revelle’s work, published a year later, revealed that the oceans were re-releasing absorbed carbon dioxide very quickly, which is why the paper points to the increase in CO.2 present in the atmosphere will contribute to global warming. In 1960, Charles Keeling was able to provide the first irrefutable evidence of the annual increase in the concentration of this greenhouse gas.

Awareness of urgency and calls to action

In 1971, about thirty experts published a report on the study of human influence on the climate, calling for action before certain uncontrolled mechanisms were set in motion. First World Climate Conference takes place after 8 years; Volcanologist in France Harun TazieffHarun Tazieff weigh doorbelldoorbell alarm on television. Since the late 1980s, expert interventions have multiplied and awareness has accelerated, institutions such as the IPCC have been formed and some measures have been taken. It is clear that this was not enough to prevent the crisis, the consequences of which have just begun to be felt in the French capital, France, and effective measures are needed.

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