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These innovations offer consumers new ways to save energy and limit their costs and environmental impact.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today introduces innovations designed to strengthen our way of life in a new era that is more respectful of the environment. With SmartThings Energy Services, Samsung’s latest generation of home appliances enables users to save energy and reduce costs. “Microplastic” era and washing machines with a new microplastic filter[1] Microplastics developed by Samsung significantly reduce emissions and allow consumers to have a lower impact on the environment, thus helping to protect the planet.

“The technologies we’re introducing at CES 2023 put sustainability at the heart of the user experience,” said Moohyung Lee, Group Executive Vice President and Head of R&D for Samsung Electronics’ Home Appliances Business. “Our goal is to be the world’s most energy-efficient home appliance brand. Our latest products and partnerships will help make greener living a reality for more people and communities. »

Maximize energy savings with SmartThings

With over 80 million connected devices worldwide[2]Samsung’s SmartThings platform continues to grow, giving users new ways to reduce their home’s carbon footprint.[3].

More powerful than ever, AI Energy Mode[4] Now available on more devices in more regions around the world to save even more energy from SmartThings Energy. The principle is simple: you set your monthly usage target and this mode automatically switches devices to energy saving mode for energy consumption below your target. This allows energy savings of up to 15% in compatible refrigerators[5]up to 20% savings on eligible air conditioners.[6] [7]and up to 70% energy savings in compatible washing machines.[8]

The industry’s first SHEMS certification

Samsung’s efforts to enrich and expand SmartThings Energy have led to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarding it the first SHEMS certification.Smart Home Energy Management Systems or Smart Home Energy Management Systems) in the industry for consumer products. The label rewards smart home devices and services that manage and automate connected products to help users understand their energy consumption, encouraging them to adopt behaviors that promote energy conservation and reduce costs. The certificate also recognizes technologies that simplify energy consumption flexibility measures to reduce pressure on the grid.

The EPA also awarded 260 ENERGY STAR® certifications to Samsung appliances in 2022, including 43 “Most Efficient” certifications. [9] crowns the “most efficient” devices in terms of energy. Samsung is a long-time leader, using multiple ENERGY STAR labels for more than a decade. The group was also one of the few winners of the prestigious ENERGY STAR Corporate Commitment Award.

Towards homes without air conditioning [net zéro]

To ensure more people can enjoy an energy self-sufficient home, Samsung has launched the next phase of its climate neutral home initiative – the Smart City Project. The project, in partnership with Sterling Ranch and its technology partner Siemens, will see Sterling Ranch transform into a model sustainable housing development designed to house 30,000 residents in Littleton, Colorado.

SmartThings Energy[10] It will be the main energy platform for residents, and Samsung products will provide residents with real-time information on energy, water and natural gas usage. Throughout the neighborhood, solar panels and batteries will generate and store energy, while energy-saving appliances will reduce energy consumption and control water use to conserve resources.

Samsung technologies combined with smart infrastructure solutions from Siemens and Resideo Technologies for smart home and energy optimization will make it easier for Sterling Ranch residents to achieve a climate-neutral lifestyle.

Samsung’s collaboration with Resideo goes beyond the Smart City project. Indeed, Samsung is trying to integrate its products with Resideo’s smart grid solutions through energy-saving programs in California and Texas. This collaboration will enable more people to be “smart grid ready”, i.e. ready for smart energy grids, while optimizing demand response and further expanding the savings achieved in SmartThings Energy.

Fight microplastics thanks to the “Microplastics” era

Reducing the environmental impact of home appliances and homes is key to building a greener future. Other environmental risks include microplastics released during washing[11] polluting oceans and waterways. That’s why Samsung and Patagonia have been collaborating for over a year[12] and together they developed a new “Microplastic” washing cycle and a new Samsung filter. A real breakthrough in the fight against microplastics, “Microplastics” reduces the cycle by 54%[13] emissions of microplastics through washing. Cycle will be available on all connected washing machines in the range in Europe in the first quarter of 2023, and will soon be offered on compatible washing machines in the US and Korea.

Like the era of “microplastics,” a new washing machine filter developed by Samsung and Patagonia could affect the health of aquatic ecosystems. This special external filter reduces microplastic emissions by filtering them at the end of the wash cycle. It will be available from the second half of 2023 and will be compatible with all washing machines on the market, regardless of brand.

Samsung’s latest laundry care innovations will help consumers reduce their environmental impact for years to come. To go further against waste, Samsung has been offering since 1st yearer last July 20 year commercial warranty[14] In Digital Inverter motors and compressors[15] which supplies washing machines, dryers and refrigerators. This guarantees users the availability of parts needed to maintain and maintain this technology throughout its life. The customization features of the Bespoke range of fridges allow consumers to change the appearance of the door with interchangeable panels, eliminating the need to change products when the decor changes.

Through close collaboration with partners, technological advancements and a commitment to being the world’s most energy-efficient home appliance brand, Samsung aims to pave the way for a greener future. Visit to learn more about the eco-friendly innovations Samsung will showcase at CES 2023.

[1] New microplastic filter sold separately.

[2] From December 2022.

[3] Learn more about SmartThings Energy

[4] Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.

[5] Available on select models from May 2023 via Wi-Fi update. Test results are based on factory temperature comparison of US models with or without AI Energy Mode. Results may vary depending on conditions and usage.

[6] Based on internal testing of US models. Results may vary depending on users’ actual environment and usage habits.

[7] From December 2022.

[8] Based on internal testing on model WW11BBA049AB under normal usage conditions. Results: Annual energy consumption without AI Energy Mode = 88.7KWh. Annual energy consumption with AI Energy Mode = 31.5KWh. Results may vary based on actual usage conditions

[9] From November 2022.

[10] Service available in France on the SmartThings app

[11] Source IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) %80 %93 -iucn-research

[12] Source Ocean Wise

[13] The numbers were tested by the Ocean Wise Plastics lab with a 2kg load on a 100% polyester hood, comparing the Synthetic cycle on Samsung’s regular WW4000T model and the Microplastic cycle on the WW7000B model. Results may vary depending on usage conditions.

[14] The 20-year warranty applies to Digital Inverter motors and compressors in refrigerators, washing machines and dryers sold from July 2022. This is a parts only warranty. The cost of labor is the responsibility of the consumer after the warranty period for the product has expired.

[15] The 20-year warranty on Digital Inverter Technologies (motors/compressors) applies only to refrigerators, washing machines and dryers manufactured by Samsung and its suppliers.

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