Nabilla (Cosmic Love): “I would like to have peace…”

Why did you accept it? Cosmic Love (Main Video)?

This is a program I have never seen before and found canon. When I’m at home, I love these kinds of meetings to relax. When you host a show like this, you have to believe in the concept. We follow these people who come looking for love there and are guided by the stars. Everyone knows astrology from near or far.

What is your view on this field?

We all often ask the sign of a person we meet to try to get to know them and get an overview of their personality. I like to read horoscopes even though I’m a bit light on them. But when I read things like “You’re so stressed out and you need to take it easy” I can take it and put it in a little corner of my head and think about it from time to time.

Aquarians, like you, are said to be “independent, creative, and have trouble expressing authority and feelings.” Do you approve?

Yes Yes! I said it was a sign of “loneliness,” but “independent” is the real word. We don’t want to depend on others. The problem of power is terrible and very young. It started with the parents, then the teachers, the police… Now there are fewer problems.

Milan, your eldest is a Libra, sensitive and dreamy, and a Gemini, like Leyann, is intelligent and very intelligent…

My God, it’s true! My second son listens and watches everything. He has very malignant reactions: for example, as soon as he has what he wants, he cries and stops. These descriptions are so accurate… That’s why I love astrology! an astrologer Cosmic Love moreover he told me that Thomas is a rock and supports me like a pillar, which is true.

What is your role? Cosmic Love ?

I had to be there when I was needed because I am the Mistress of Ceremonies and also the Elements (four girls looking for love: Anna, Moana, Leeson and Moon, editor’s note) needed. I intervene at important moments to guide them and remind them of the rules of the adventure. By the way, they sometimes have to make terrible choices. So I tried to give the show a framework, a structure, while also knowing how to go far enough to make their adventures come alive.

What was the attitude of these four bachelors?

They were very united and not in competition at all, on the contrary. Despite some twists, there was a very good atmosphere, especially at the end. But that’s part of the game, love isn’t smooth sailing. There was still kindness between them.

This is your second experience as an animator Love Island (Main Video). Did you approach the two shows the same way?

No, because Love Island is a program that already exists elsewhere. It was more of a show about seduction and sexuality. Cosmic Love, is more spiritual. Astrology brings a certain magic.

To start the show, you act yourself out in a little comic skit. Want to test your acting skills?

I like doing silly things like that (laughs)! We had to do a release and thought a lot until we decided to do something light.

You were announced in a movie a few years ago Alpha By Sarah Forestier. Has this project been realized?

No, because the role was too bad for me… Even if it’s still cinema, there are scenes that I don’t necessarily want to do… That’s why I turned to animation, which allows you to distance yourself. own life. Make movies, why not, but more in comedy than hypersexual role which bothers me now, especially since I’m a mother. I really like Redouane Bougheraba. We have some ideas with him.

What would be your dream role?

I’d like to play a successful suburban girl who manages to get her family out of the neighborhood… I like Cinderella stories, a little realistic. Plus, I don’t watch fantasy movies, it makes me drunk… On the animation side, I see myself co-animating this one. Star Academy with one of my great friends, Nikos Aliagas. Or switch to innovative programs.

Did motherhood help you get out of that “hypersexualization” you were stuck in when you started?

Yes, it helps. In the beginning, people see something physical and put a label on it. It was hard to get out. That’s why I was afraid to go back into that box with this role… Some people don’t differentiate between reality and cinema… I want to maintain a balance between my professional life and my family. Some actresses can do it, but I think my husband would be upset to see me in such a role. That’s why I’m very picky. My priority is the well-being of my family. It would be selfish to say that I accept being in the light without thinking of the consequences…

What would you like to pass on to your children?

I would like to tell them that we have to fight. It’s complicated because they have so many opportunities with our careers and success. Although we have big Christmases, we try not to give them everything. As much as we want to give them everything the rest of the year because we love them, we try to offer less. But this was not a good thing because it would make them arrogant and make them think that everything is free. There is nothing uglier than a poorly educated child… I see it sometimes where I live. They point and say “I want this”. My son would never talk to me like that. You have to teach children that they need to earn something in life. We teach them respect and humility.

How to find a balance between the life of a mother and that of a professional?

My children are almost always with me. There Leyann stayed in Dubai because it is really very small. But we try to include them in our lives and not leave them out. They grew up with travel, planes, hotels. Milan feels at home when he arrives at the hotel.

What more could you wish for than what you already have?

Peace… I wish there were no more haters, no more haters, no more mean people, no more bad buzz from everywhere… I just want to be there and be calm.

Pauline Hohoadji

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