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The season does not invite you to think about gardening. But even in this day and age, there’s always a little something on the outside, whether it’s useful or purely aesthetic. But you still need to have the right tools to accomplish these tasks and avoid using gasoline-powered products at a time when sustainability is everyone’s concern. Ego has realized this by offering a range of battery-powered gardening tools. An additional freedom we were able to test using one of the manufacturer’s blowers.


Before we get into the details of our test, let’s talk about Ego quickly. A brand that does not appeal to the general public, but has been around for more than 10 years. Above all, it is a subsidiary of an international manufacturer founded in 1993 and has always made it a point of honor to innovate in wireless technologies.

While Ego only came to Europe in 2014, the manufacturer managed to quickly conquer the United States as the number 1 battery tool brand two years ago. Today, the brand announces that it is present in 65 countries and produces more than 10 million products annually.


For a few weeks, we were able to test the Ego LB5804E blower. This was delivered to us in a kit version that includes all the necessary equipment to go leaf hunting:

– Blower with 18N blowing power

– Two different tips

– 5Ah battery

– 550W brand fast charger.

After easy and intuitive assembly of the blower and a full charge of the battery, we were able to tackle the remaining leaves on our balcony directly for this test. From the moment you first pull the trigger, you feel the product in your stomach. Even at low power, the blowing is already strong and effective. Suffice it to say, it’s more than enough, even if you can boost it beyond the limit thanks to the turbo mode, which blows this power through various levels and speeds of up to 270 km/h for quick cleaning.


In fact, it’s hard to talk about the Ego blower for hours on its main function, because it does the job right. It’s the details that surprise us, especially with this less-than-imaginable power because of the battery. Finally, and without surprise, the battery is the strong point of the device. It offers maneuverability to an already maneuverable device thanks to its low weight (2.2 kg).

The level of autonomy, the bases are good, because for a 5Ah battery, the manufacturer declares 200 minutes in low mode, 30 minutes in high mode and 18 minutes in turbo mode. However, it should be noted that there are several Ego Power+ batteries available with different capacities (as shown in the table below).


Therefore, it means time to compare before buying and choose according to needs, because inevitably not all configurations are equal. And that will inevitably increase the final bill. If we take the case of blowers, the complete set (LB5804E blower + 5 Ah battery + fast charger) will cost 509 euros, the “bare” version of the LB5804 is sold for 249 euros, the fast charger is sold for 109 euros and 279 euros. Euro for a 5Ah battery. A quick calculation allows you to understand that, without being surprised, it is more profitable to choose a set than to buy separately.

To conclude our test, it is also worth noting that the blower consists of three parts (the base, the blowpipe and finally the nozzle), which makes it easy to clean up in case of spills on the device, as well as easy to store after the job is done. .

The result

Looking at the big picture, Ego’s blower ultimately remains a simple leaf blower. It still has the advantage of offering excellent performance while respecting the environment by using gasoline. Finally, at this point, the brand will differentiate itself by offering fast charging and effective autonomy. The knowledge and skills in charging technology, which will affect other devices in the catalog, will be more noticeable here, it is easy to guess.

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