HCA Announces New Specification for Enhanced Connected Home Use at CES 2023

HCA introduces HCA Specification 1.0, a new industry standard defined by Samsung and other HCA members to provide consumers with even more interoperable and energy-efficient connected home solutions.

At CES 2023, the Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA) announced a milestone by introducing the HCA 1.0 specification, which addresses cloud-to-cloud (C2C) interoperability in the connected home. The introduction of this new industry standard comes just one year after the organization introduced it at last year’s CES event.

HCA is an organization formed by manufacturers of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems, home appliances and televisions. HCA was created to develop interoperable security standards for connected home ecosystems.

As a founding member of the alliance, Samsung Electronics is relentlessly pursuing innovation, including the industry-leading SmartThings platform, to support HCA’s mission to develop standards that enable interoperability.

“Through the collaborative efforts of various industry members within HCA, we aim to make the smart home more accessible to consumers through the devices they use every day at home,” he said. Chanwoo Park, Senior Vice President of Samsung Electronics and Head of Biz Group Digital Home Appliances Business Department. “We are re-examining how devices can improve consumers’ lives and how the device industry can work together to create a safer connected home that our customers can trust. By saving energy and supporting old household products, we believe we can help create a world where sustainability starts at home. »

Interaction to promote compliance

The HCA 1.0 specification relies on existing industry standards to clearly define interoperability standards that ensure the seamless operation of products such as home appliances, HVAC systems, and televisions from different brands, including legacy devices, devices already operating in consumers’ homes.

As a pioneer in the smart home industry, the SmartThings platform has paved the way for interoperability in the connected home. SmartThings supports compatible Internet of Things (IoT) devices from a number of manufacturers, as well as indoor smart devices, giving consumers more convenience and options in the connected home.

With the introduction of the HCA 1.0 specification, this improved interoperability experience will soon make the connected home accessible to more consumers.

It brings sustainability to the heart of a closed home

The release of the HCA 1.0 specification paves the way for improved energy efficiency at the scale of any consumer’s connected home through unified data. Customers can improve their energy IQ by identifying which appliances and other devices in their home use the most energy and adjusting their use accordingly.

What’s more, innovations like SmartThings AI Energy Mode allow consumers to automatically manage their energy use and costs using smart data provided in real-time via an app on their smartphone. The HCA 1.0 specification enables member brands to provide consumers with practical insights focused on sustainability, better energy efficiency and savings.

Competitors working together create a connected future for our consumers

The implementation of the HCA 1.0 specification, which focuses on interoperability, is only the first step in the HCA standards journey. HCA is already working with energy industry leaders to provide even more energy efficient whole home solutions.

HCA currently consists of 15 global brands, including Samsung. Membership provides an opportunity to co-innovate and share experiences with peers to further develop the connected home ecosystem and provide more convenience and choices for consumers.

With nearly 250 million registered users on more than 108 million connected devices, Samsung leverages its leadership in the smart home industry and works closely with other HCA members to develop and launch new solutions in the connected home landscape.

HCA’s C2C Interoperability demonstration is open to the public at CES 2023 as part of the Smart Home Show in Las Vegas, January 5-8 – Venice Expo Center, booth #52739. This technology demo showcases solutions from HCA member companies that use C2C connectivity to enable multiple applications to control multiple brands of home appliances, HVAC systems, and televisions for optimized interoperability.

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