day one summary (Nanoleaf, Sony, Belkin, etc.)

It is held at the Las Vegas Electronics Show This year, January 5-8. It is clear that many innovations have to be discovered in this context. If today is the first day, then the first announcements from the manufacturers have already been made at the beginning of the week. Let’s take a look at those who celebrated the event from the point of view of, and therefore priority in everything related to iPhone and Apple products:

  • Hyper brand cases include a new Locate compatible backpack with a built-in 25,000 mAh battery.
  • Philips and Samsung hand in hand: a new program Sync the TV available for signed Philips Samsung TVs. It lets you control your Hue lights from your TV! (source)
  • Nanoleaf introduces 5 new products that meet the Matter standard
  • Home automation at Govee is also in the spotlight with the launch of a new LED strip that complies with the Matter universal home automation standard ( source ).
  • Belkin introduced new products made from recycled plastic (73-75%). The manufacturer also announced that it will reduce carbon emissions in the future.
  • Plugable has made room for new Thunderbolt 4 stations in its range
  • Zens launches new MagSafe 2-in-1 charger and two 4-in-1 charging stations
  • Sony is showing off a new controller for players with limited mobility. about Leonardo project (source)
  • Sabrent has a new USB-C compatible RAID storage station model on the market ( source ).
  • New Mac-compatible USB-C hubs from EZQuet ( source )
  • Discovers fossils Gen 6 Hybridconnected clock with a theoretical autonomy of two weeks ( source )
  • Withings has lifted the curtain U-Scan, a connected device designed to analyze urine. See our article for details
  • Catalyst introduced a new case for AirPods 2 Essential Case (source)
  • The innovation presented in Invoxia should appeal to pet owners. New Smart dog pillow is a collar that can monitor a dog’s heart activity
  • Welcome iPhone cases to Otterbox OtterGripSupporting MagSafe technology and incorporating a grip on the back
  • Cooler Master did not miss the meeting with a nice batch of new products presented: Stream LuxA light designed for beginner broadcasters to improve the image quality of their webcams. StreamLucidUSB-C microphone with built-in pop filter, Stream OriginsUSB video interface, among others (source)
  • Kingston signs a new ultra-secure USB-C dongle: the Vault Privacy 50C (source)

A video recap of CES 2023 signed by MacRumors can be found here.

Also, don’t miss the full stream of CES 2023 announcements, this time in French, from – The official app for

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