CES 2023: Lenovo/Motorola ThinkPhone looks like a mini ThinkPad

Lenovo’s popular ThinkPad laptop line is finally getting a mobile assistant. the ThinkPhoneAnnounced at CES 2023, Motorola will have a design similar to that of ThinkPad computers. characteristic red button. Lenovo-owned Motorola seems to have focused on three specific areas for its business-oriented ThinkPhone: security, durability, and productivity. Motorola did not disclose the price of the device.

Customizable red key

One of the nicest features of the ThinkPhone is that it customizable red key Microsoft Teams can be used to launch certain applications or features such as Walkie Talkie. It looks like a soft button on it Samsung XCover6Probut also a phone designed for professional and industrial use.

As a business-oriented device, ThinkPhone, unsurprisingly, includes a range productivity characteristics which makes it easy to connect a smartphone to a PC. Many of these features are already available through software Ready for You can find it in recently launched smartphones like Motorola Edge 20 and Edge 20 Plus. These include the ability to use ThinkPhone webcam your laptop for video calls, automatically connect to your Windows laptop over Wi-Fi when nearby, drag and drop files between your ThinkPhone and your Windows PC, and unified documents. The difference is that some of these functions can be accessed with the ThinkPhone’s red button, which sets it apart from other Motorola devices.

Motorola’s ThinkPhone next to a ThinkPad laptop

Better data protection

Motorola also positions the ThinkPhone as ideal for phones storage of sensitive information work-related. The device has a separate processor Motorcycle KeySafe It isolates PIN codes, passwords and other sensitive information. Software ThinkShield and Moto Threat Defense The device also features from Lenovo and Motorola. ThinkPhone also has tools that allow IT departments to manage things like lock screen settings and network alerts.

When it comes to durability, ThinkPhone is certified MIL STD 810H and it’s made of aramid fiber, which Motorola says is stronger than steel. is also equipped with Gorilla Glass Victus and must be able to withstand a drop from a maximum height 1.25 meters. Like most modern phones, the ThinkPhone is waterproof to the standard IP68.

High level technical sheet

Many other ThinkPhone features are similar to those found in standard flagship smartphones. It’s on the phone 6.6 inch screenIt runs on Android 13 and processor Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1From Qualcomm. It has a main camera 50 megapixels13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera and 32-megapixel selfie camera.

The announcement comes at a time when the industry is paying more attention cross platform compatibility between smartphones and laptops. Apple’s macOS Ventura update, for example, introduced the ability to use your iPhone as a Mac webcam and seamlessly transfer FaceTime calls between your iPhone and Mac. Function PhoneHub Allows you to check your phone’s signal or battery status from Google, sync notifications, and access camera roll photos on your Chromebook.

CNET.com article adapted from CNET France

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