Take advantage of the best prices on smartphones and packages during the sale

Sales: All the best deals and promotions for smartphones and mobile plans are here!

For smartphone loversas well as for all those who want to make it big savings on their mobile plan, so this event is the perfect opportunity. But you should still be able to find it!
So, to help you see clearly and not miss a thing, the Les Mobiles team shares the best sales here: dates, news, tips, unmissable promotions, discounts, pitfalls and more.

Sales, what are they and when?

We all use the term “sales” a lot, and sometimes incorrectly. To be clear, here it is:
What are sales?
Unlike some informal events, sales are an official commercial event regulated by the Commercial Code (article L310-3) and the Pacte law of 2019.
They aim to increase consumption by offering traders the ability to quickly sell their stock of goods by applying price discounts that can be steep. For consumers, this is an opportunity to do well, some traders are even willing to sell at a loss.

What are the sale dates?

Sales are made Twice a year : once in summer and another in winter. Now they last 4 weeks each time and the exact dates are determined by the order of the ministry.
The dates reserved for the 2023 account are as follows:

  • Winter sales: from January 11 to February 7, 2023 ;
  • Summer sales: June 28 to July 25, 2023 inclusive (subject to confirmation).

How are sales going?

The organization and conduct of the sale is highly regulated by law. Therefore, they occur according to a certain number of rules.
Who is involved?

All physical and online merchants offering their products on the French market can participate in the sale. Therefore, it is possible for consumers to take advantage of price reductions both in physical stores and on the websites of their favorite brands.
This applies to all sectors as well as small local merchants, from Amazon, Rakuten, Rue du Commerce, Boulanger, Fnac Darty and more. from brands of all sizes to large markets such as
All smartphone manufacturers offering their devices in France will also be there: Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Oppo, Google, Asus, OnePlus, Huaweiand so on. Therefore, this will be an opportunity to avail attractive discounts on the prices of the latest models launched by these major brands.

Of course, mobile phone operators also participate in sales by offering new offers as well as attractive discounts on classic mobile plans. Without forgetting all this offers a great smartphone + mobile plan lets you get the latest flagships without breaking the bank.

Sales and discounts: how does it work?

Markdowns correspond to waves of markdowns offered by brands. Typically, sales are divided into the following three:

  • First note at the beginning : usually lasts for a week during which the first discount is offered;
  • Second marking usually starts after the first week. Greater discounts apply during this period;
  • Third marking usually starts in the third week of sale. The highest discounts and craziest promotions are usually offered during this period.

However, it should be noted that each merchant is free to follow the discount calendar and organize their sales as they wish, as long as they respect the start and end dates.

How to find good deals during sales?

Sales are an event in the making. Before they start and during the operation, make sure:

  • Fix it a little: follow the information we share with you on this page to get quick information on REAL good deals on your new smartphone or mobile plan;
  • Make a shopping list: Don’t get overwhelmed by the flood of available deals. Define clearly in advance what you are looking for and the budget you are willing to spend;
  • Compare offers: promotions and discounts will rain. So don’t jump at the first offer that comes your way. Compare to buy smart;
  • Act on time: resources are not unlimited. If you come across a good deal that interests you, go for it!
  • Fund your means of payment: It would be a shame to miss out on a good opportunity due to a temporary lack of funds in your account. So make the necessary arrangements.

Finally, don’t forget to come back to this page regularly to stay updated on the best deals available during the period.

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