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Pitaya presents winter versions of Tom Yum soup – At Stratto everything is eaten with a piadine base – KFC France signs a capsule collection with Talister – New School Tacos dares Deluxe recipes with smoked salmon and truffles

Pitaya offers winter versions of Tom Yum soup

Thai street food brand Pitaya is taking advantage of the winter season to launch new limited edition hot soups. So here are 3 new recipes to grace the seasonal menu inspired by the traditional Thai soup “Tom Yum Soup”. The latter is available in three versions: Tom Yum soup with chicken, Tom Yum soup with shrimp and Tom Yum soup with shrimp and salmon. Tom Yum soup, made with Pad Thai noodles, lemongrass, kaffir leaves, galangal, nuoc mam sauce, chilli and coconut milk, is a must in Thai cuisine.

At Stratto, everything is eaten with a piadina base

As a pioneer in Italian and regional fast food, Stratto responds to consumers’ demand for fast and healthy food. Therefore, the brand considers it a point of honor to offer quality products: 100% French beef, sirloin with the Bleu Blanc Coeur label, burgers made from organic bread, French chicken for meals, ice cream made from organic milk, red label flour for sandwiches, 100% Bufala mozzarella balls… as well as a wide variety of vegetarian items to meet all expectations. Far from being content with Italian specialties, the brand has opted for a personalized offering of regional recipes inspired by each restaurant’s location, such as Chaource and Morvan salad with fresh grapes, ox guardianna, beef bourguignon, Bombardier Burger. An Omaha Beach sandwich with Camembert from Normandy at Pont-L’Evêque and a slice of fresh apple… before eating, they are filled with a savory or sweet filling, thus serving as elegant serving dishes for salads. Illustration via Stratto Signature Recipes: Chicken Piadine Romana, Mozzarella di Bufala, Fresh Tomatoes, Marinated Italian Peppers, Mushrooms, Confit Tomatoes, Salad, Olives, Olive Oil, Juice, Oregano; Piadine Angela Mozzarella di Bufala, Fresh Tomatoes, Marinated Italian Peppers, Sweet Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Lettuce, Olives, Olive Oil, Celery, Oregano; Piadine Claudia Raw Ham, Mozzarella di Bufala, Fresh Tomatoes, Marinated Italian Peppers, Mushrooms, Sweet Tomatoes, Lettuce, Olives, Olive Oil, Garlic, Oregano.

KFC France signs capsule collection with Talister

KFC intends to surf the Japanese fashion of coming to celebrate Christmas at KFC. A national tradition established in 1974 with the Kurisumasu ni wa kentakii campaign!” (Kentucky for Christmas!) and was conceived by the first KFC restaurant in Japan who wanted to replace turkey with fried chicken at Christmas. To celebrate the end of the year, KFC France and Talister (a streetwear brand inspired by Japanese culture) wanted to continue this phenomenon by bringing to life a capsule collection of two exclusive designs with Japanese inspirations. He gave up on 3 different pieces. These limited edition pieces will be sold exclusively on the Talister website ( and boutiques (84 rue de Clery, 75002 Paris) until February 12, 2023. A contest is also organized on KFC France social networks. try to earn coins.

Dare New School Tacos Smoked Salmon Deluxe Recipes? and have truffles

For the winter, the New School Tacos brand, which has 27 outlets in France and abroad, has released a new exclusive range of tacos with smoked salmon recipes? and have truffles. Precursor in the market? By including sweet potato fries or colorful patties in their recipes, New School Tacos believes in this variety called DELUXE. Does it consist of a recipe? smoked salmon base? and have another? truffle pecorino base?, the range It will be available to customers by March 1, 2023. Recipe details: smoked salmon, philadelphia, lemon juice, dill, housemade gruyere sauce and fries on one side, cordon bleu on the other side, fried applesauce, housemade gruyere sauce, fries and gratin? do you have pecorino? truffles.

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