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The now invariable ritual of autumn, the presentation of new iPhones. This year, the surprise will be on the side of the iPhone 14 Plus. An iPhone with a 6.7-inch XXL screen, the size offered in the iPhone Pro Max, but at a (slightly) more affordable price. What makes you buy an iPhone in 2023? Possible. And here are 5 reasons why it might crack you up.

Very comfortable screen

iPhone 14 Plus 6.7 inches and iPhone 14 Pro 6.1 inches

The first argument all found in favor of this iPhone 14 Plus is its screen. It offers a very comfortable size with a diagonal of 6.7 inches. Admittedly, this may hurt the grip (78x161x8mm) or the ability to slip it into a pants pocket, but in use, it’s admittedly nicer to read, easier to click on links or icons. In practice, this saves 3-4 extra lines in Safari and other programs that can use the “text size” setting.

So, yes, the screen of the iPhone 14 Plus does not have ProMotion technology, in other words, the iPhone Pro’s 1 and 120 Hz adaptive frequency. Is it that important? Some would say yes. In practice, the difference is noticeable when switching from one smartphone to another, but then quickly forgotten. And then, the OLED display also offers one of the best display qualities on the market. A beautiful display with a Retina panel that offers a brightness of more than 800 nits, TrueTone technology, P3 color space and respected colors, a density of 458 pixels per inch (1284×2778 pixels).

Autonomy for up to two days, what else?

A larger form factor is the opportunity to use the additional space available to integrate a larger capacity battery. And therefore offer better autonomy. This is the second advantage in favor of the iPhone 14 Plus, its ability to last more than a day away from any power source, including “the ability to keep it without worry for very heavy users who do not let go of their iPhone while they are awake”. With more modest use, you can easily go two days between two refills. For example, where the iPhone 14 Pro ends the day at around 25-30%, the iPhone 14 Plus has about 50% battery left!

As for the weight, if the two mentioned models are stored in a pocket towel (206 vs 203g), the iPhone 14 Plus feels lighter due to its lower density.

A powerful smartphone at the cutting edge of technology

Beautiful screen, exceptional autonomy, that’s good, but nothing without performance. Equipped with the A15 Bionic chip, the iPhone 14 Plus responds to any task. It’s certainly the same SoC offered last year in the iPhone 13 Pro that’s barely been redesigned (an extra GPU core), but in use it’s hard to fault, including gaming.

Another innovation is more sensitive accelerometers and gyroscopes, and therefore can now detect car accidents (Accident detection) and thus automatically alert emergency services without residents responding. The health and well-being of its users, a point dear to the Cupertino company, is now more reserved for the Apple Watch.

Finally, there is support for the latest telecommunication standards: 5G, WiFi AX and Bluetooth 5.3.

iOS 16, a mature operating system

On the previous point, the flawless fluidity of the iPhone 14 Plus should also be used from iOS 16. This new version of Apple’s operating system brings several new features, the main feature being the display screen.

In addition to a particularly well-optimized OS, the advantage of mastering hardware and software, Apple is also the brand that offers the most continuous support on the market. Thus, iPhones benefit from new versions of iOS for a total of 5 years. Something for comfort.

More than a phone, camera and camcorder in your pocket

The best camera is the one you have on you. A slogan that fits perfectly with smartphones, now companions dedicated to capturing and freezing the moments of our daily lives.

In this regard, the photo unit of the iPhone 14 Plus makes little progress. The 12-megapixel sensor is certainly a little bigger, the main lens is a little wider, but nothing decisive at first glance. It does not rely on the artificial intelligence associated with the capabilities of the A15 chip, which allows it to offer improved image quality, especially in low light. The power used to shoot in 4K at 30fps and take advantage of the new action mode (for stabilized videos).

But no matter how good it is, the photo part of the iPhone 14 Plus is limited to wide angle (26 mm equivalent) and ultra wide angle (13 mm equivalent). The telephoto point or x2 mode is reserved for the iPhone “Pro”. Therefore, if photography is an important use for you, the price difference with the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be quickly forgotten.

Officially, €310 separates the iPhone 14 Plus (from €1,169) from the iPhone 14 Pro Max (from €1,479). In practice, the difference is slightly greater in the case of promotions such as those offered by Amazon at 1039€. It’s enough to make the iPhone 14 Plus even more desirable.

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