3 innovations that will celebrate the year 2023

Sextech is a market full of surprises. Evidence of these three technological innovations that could change our sexuality for good in 2023.

Sextech is a rapidly growing market. Although the sector is still struggling to establish itself among the general public, sales of sex toys have increased in recent years, and since then every brand has tried to replicate the revolution started by Womanizer in 2014 with Pleasure Air technology. 2022 has just ended and CES 2023 is about to open its doors. Technological innovations the most promising of the moment.

When technology revolutionized our sex life

Lelo Dot Infinite Loop

© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Released this year, Lelo’s Dot aimed to make classic vibrators obsolete by inventing a whole new clitoral stimulation. Get out of the vibration engines, make way Infinite Loop, an unprecedented technology It is imagined by the brand based on the continuous oscillation of a a thin flexible rod on the glans of the external clitoris. In terms of sensations, the Infinite Loop is close to the classic vibrator, but at the same time eliminates its main flaws.

Whereas vibration – even low frequency – causes the clitoral nerves to heat up and therefore there is a refractory period between each orgasm, Lelo’s Infinite Loop removes this aspect of the equation entirely. When it comes to non-contact stimulation, it is possible to chain the uses to (almost) infinity without feeling the slightest discomfort. Another strong point of this new technology: the ability to target the external clitoris directly, even for the most sensitive people who have difficulty tolerating such stimulation.

We noted this in our full test of the sex toy Lelo Dot the concept of a vibrator is completely outdated. The only disadvantage of the device is its price. Shown at 180€, we are far from the democratization we hoped for.

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The Womanizer OG and its new Pleasure Air technology

Sextech Womanizer OG Review
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We no longer offer Womanizer’s Pleasure Air technology. Conceived in 2014, contactless stimulation has been the subject of numerous patents and is now being copied by almost all the competition. For nearly 10 years, many products stamped Womanizer have completed the catalog of the first giant of luxury sextech. However, it must be admitted that the products follow and resemble each other: with the exception of the Womanizer Duo 2, which offers a double stimulation system, nothing resembles the Womanizer more than the other model of the brand. Systematically, we find the same tip for external clitoral stimulation and the same tapered shape that undoubtedly contributes to the manufacturer’s success.

Released last November, the Womanizer OG is set to revolutionize the brand’s signature technology. The innovation behind the sex toy isn’t its ability to change the Pleasure Air, it’s just that motion technology for internal stimulation, and is no longer external. After all, what could be more logical than that? After revolutionizing external clitoral stimulation, the Womanizer attacks the G-zone and one wonders why the company didn’t think of this sooner.

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Satisfyer and its Inflatable range

Satisfyer Air Pump Rabbit
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Without the revolution we were hoping for, Satisfyer’s Inflatable series, announced at the end of 2022, is proving to be an exciting technological innovation in the sextech market. First of all, because, like the heated sex toys popularized by the brand Lora Di Carlo, which was canceled in 2020, this idea allows to diversify a market that tends to be more standardized.

Second, because brands that have historically prioritized value for money are starting to innovate a strong indicator for the sextech market : the sector is evolving and companies are hoping to make the most of the game. Innovation is no longer reserved for luxury manufacturers like Lelo or Womanizer, and even Satisfyer is getting involved in thinking about it. smart sex toys instead of copying trends. What predicts the best for the coming years.

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