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The New Abbey (1948)

L’Abbey of Our Lady of Orval (or just Orval Abbey) is a Cistercian monastery currently occupied by the Cistercian-Trappist community located in Villers-devant-Orval in the city of Gaume in the Belgian province of Luxembourg (Walloon region of Belgium).

The story

website ofabbey (Abbey (from Latin abbatia) is a Catholic monastery or monastery…) (Aureavalle) was already occupied during the Merovingian period. A chapel (A church is a Christian place of worship that can form a building depending on the situation…) was built in Xe century and in 1070 a group of Benedictines from Italy came to build it the church (Could be a church 🙂 and one monastery (A monastery is a religious institution, usually Christian, where…). It was Arnold, Count of China, who gave them the land.

then a quarantine (Quarantine (from Italian: quaranta giorni, meaning 40 days or else…) In the years a regular congregation left the place of these monks and came at the beginning XIIe completed the works in the century. L’abbey (An abbey is an abbey or monastery church.)Dedicated to Notre Dame, it was opened on September 30, 1124 by the Bishop of Verdun, Henri de Blois. He was measuring 53 meters long and 25 meters wide.

In March 1132, Cistercian monks from Trois-Fontaines Abbey in Champagne joined forces with the canons to build a castle. monastery (a monastery (Greek monos, single) is a collection of buildings in which one person lives…) In accordance with the traditions of the Order of Cîteaux. During the following centuries, the abbey experienced periods of prosperity and moments of great difficulty, because border (A border is an imaginary line separating two areas, especially two…) Between the kingdom of France and the empire, Orval had to bear the consequences of wars and conflicts. XVe to the century XVIIe century Thus, during the Thirty Years’ War, on August 2, 1637, the abbey was looted and burned by the soldiers of Marshal de Chatillon. Fortunately, the period that followed was a little more peaceful politically, and the congregation found prosperity again under the leadership of the abbot. Charles Benzeradt.

Horse XVIIIe century, Orval, located on a coursewater (Water is a ubiquitous chemical compound on Earth, essential for everyone…) in the heart of the expanse Forest (A forest or forest massif is a wooded expanse, relatively dense,…)was able to develop an exemplary steel industry.

During the French Revolution in 1793, General Loison’s troops burned the abbey and the community was disbanded.

Stayed on the site ruined (a ruin is the rest of a building that has been damaged by time or more decay…) By 1926, a monk from the abbey of La Trappe, Marie-Albert van der Cruyssen, undertook the rebuilding of the abbey and the restoration of the ruins. The current abbey was consecrated on September 8, 1948.


In 1931, in order to financially support the construction of the new monastery, it was decided to install a brewery in the abbey itself. Currently, and in the Cistercian tradition, the monastic community allocates the income associated with the sale of beer under the Orval name mainly to social assistance. There are only seven Trappist breweries the world (May refer to the word world 🙂. Beers brewed only in an abbey, under control (The word control can have several meanings. It can be used as a synonym for the words exam, of…) The Cistercian monks living there have the right to use this name. Only one beer is brewed in the abbey, and it is amber fermentation (Fermentation is a biochemical conversion reaction of the chemical energy contained in it…) high (6.2% alcohol) is characterized by a typical aroma and bitterness.

Abbey today

New Abbey (1948)

In this beginning XXIe century monastery, both visited by thousands of tourists, managed to become a remarkably restored historical site. year (A year is a unit of time that represents the time between two occurrences of a related event…) and is a place of meditation. A small museum has been created in the old cellars, which completes the visitor’s journey through the ruins. About fifteen Cistercian-Trappist monks, always on site, welcome guests to retreats of several people. days (A day or day is the interval between sunrise and sunset; it…) In the silence of the Ardennes forest.

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