? Lunaret Zoological Park


the Lunaret ParkIt is a green area of ​​more than 80 hectares located in the north of the city of Montpellier. It includes a zoo since 1964, a children’s farm since 1982, and a nature reserve since 2000.

lemur horse Park (The park is an enclosed natural land,[1] formed from forests or meadows, in which…) By Lunaret


One bear (Bears (or ursines, from Latin ŭrsus, same meaning) are large mammals…) of the zoo


was seen (Sight is the sense that allows us to observe and analyze the environment through perception and…) in the reserve and surrounding areas, from the trail south (South is the cardinal point against north.).

In the twelfth year century (A century is now a period of one hundred years. The word comes from the Latin word saeculum, i, which…)., the lord of La Valette owned the lands of Montpellier, Castelnau-le-Lez, Clapiers and Montferrier-sur-Lez. In the 16th century the estate seemed smaller, but still represented a significant area. During the Wars of Religion, he belonged to a Protestant family, the Tremolets, whose father, Antoine Tremolet, was knighted in 1525. doctor (A doctor is a medical worker who is a doctor…) François 1er. Valletta seems to be used for large nocturnal gatherings of reformers. The estate passed in 1567 to Mathurin de Tremolet, grandson of the Huguenot, first consul of Montpellier. the second (The second is the feminine of the second adjective immediately following the first, or which…) Rondelet’s daughter.

The property was sold to Philip in 1604 Shepherd (Shepherd (shepherd) is the person responsible for leading and caring for the flocks…)Counselor of the King, who sold it to Barthélémy de Planque in 1604, judge (A judge may be a legal professional, appointed or elected to perform his/her duties. He/she…) From “Petit Scel”. The Planques, their descendants and allies, held La Valette for nearly a century, disputing the property with each generation before judges and notaries.

Pierre Chirac ispurchase (In general, acquisition is the act of acquiring or acquiring information…) of the property in 1721. The son of a tutor-turned-carpenter, his connections led to his appointment as physician to King Louis XV. He marries his daughter to the chancellorUniversity of Montpellier (The University of Montpellier was an educational institution…) who succeeded him at La Valette and Versailles. Pierre Chirac’s grandson sold La Valette in 1778. The Protestant industrialist François Farrell, who had made his fortune thanks to a cotton textile factory, bought the property and seigneurial rights. The Farrells invest in and industrialize property. Lez is at the helm and 23 people go downwater (Water is a ubiquitous chemical compound on Earth, essential for everyone…) It is organized by running a flour mill, a mill (A mill is a machine that grinds grains of grain into flour, and by analogy…) for oil (Fat is a general term for fats that are…), stone saw, spinner, lime factory. Located at the bottom of a wet valley, the property is cleared by cutting down trees and leveling ditches and the banks of the Lez River.

Son Farrell inherited the property in 1788 and gave it to his nephew Paul-Louis Hours as a wedding present in 1821. For 30 years, Valletta was the center of all kinds of celebrations and receptions. But the upheavals of 1848 dealt a fatal blow to Southern factories, and the Farrells’ fortunes declined; La Valette was to be sold in 1851.

The Augier couple, who had recently stopped at Sète and arrived from Constantinople, where they were married, began a “crazy proposition” with the wife of a Drôme merchant. He eventually wins the case for an incredible amount. But their French pied-a-terre is beyond their means, and the huge loans they have contracted lead to their bankruptcy 18 years later.

In 1869, the new owner was Mr. Eugène Dubois, a merchant in Aigues-Mortes.

The next buyer in 1872 was Hippolyte Pazarois of Narbonnais, who held the estate with his son for a little over thirty years, living large and luxurious. But the income from the property collapsed due to the crisis of weak wine sales. Sold to La Valette for the 4th time in a row court (Court or jurisdiction (from jus dicere: literally “to say…) by insolvent owners.

By this time, the domaine, whose vines were not producing income, was no longer of great value and sold in 1906 for a third of its purchase price 34 years earlier. Henri de Lunaret, whose family owes its fortune to the sale of a building site outside the walls of Montpellier, buys La Valette as an investment. He died without an heir in 1919. In his will he bequeaths Valletta to the master city (A city is an urban unit (“human settlement”…) He leaves Montpellier and gives the usufruct to his sister Madame Busson de Lavevre. The bequest comes with one condition: to establish an orphanage in Valletta or to give something else to the estate assignment (In algorithmic (calculation) a task is an operation that allows you to determine a…) as long as it is charity.

Gabriel Bouchet, director of the Agricultural School at the time, was very interested in the Manor of La Valette. ideal (In mathematics, an ideal is an algebraic structure defined on a ring…) to serve as field (Field corresponds to the definition of defined space 🙂 from experience. Sensing an opportunity to see it restored, Madame de Lavevre agrees to lease her property to him to bring back the grandeur of the past. The city of Montpellier, in person mayor (The mayor represents the municipal government. In many cases, he is the authority…) Jean Zuccarelli gives his consent and on March 1, 1939, a 30-year amphithetic lease is signed with the director of the Agricultural School, who bought La Valette on the farm. He deeded the upper and wooded portion of the property to the City in 1964 Zoo (A zoological park or zoo, more commonly known as a zoo…) Lunaret. Finally, he agrees to establish a center in Vallettato learn (Learning is the acquisition of know-how, i.e. the process…) For young orphans, according to provisions in Henry de Lunaret’s will.

A kind of second youth begins for La Valette. Soon the property had a beautiful vineyard and all kinds of experimental plants. The luxury of the visitor is admirable vegetation (Vegetation is a collection of wild or cultivated plants (flora) that…) and with the very comfortable silence of it Island (An island is a piece of land surrounded by water, be it a river or…) from vegetation. However, once a year the “International Motoviculture Exhibition” comes to disturb the tranquility here. Indeed, since 1948, hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors come to discover the latest innovations. issue (Matter is the substance that makes up any body that has material reality. Its…) mechanized viticulture. The last demonstrations were organized in 1976, and the “unrooted” vines of La Valette were uprooted by the demonstrators and their machines to build the Agropolis and its many centers. research (Scientific research is primarily…. He returned to the city of Montpellier Chateau (The castle was originally intended for the Middle Ages…) of Valletta is newly launched Public institution (According to French law, a public institution is a legal entity governed by public law, which…) National parks of France.

The property bequeathed by Henri de Lunaret to the city of Montpellier in 1910 covered an area of ​​approximately 350 ha. Many research laboratories now occupy most of this area. surface (Surface generally refers to the surface layer of an object. The term a…). In turn, the city became a zoological park in 1964, a children’s farm in 1982, Lez nature reserve in 2000 and tight (A greenhouse is a generally enclosed structure intended for production…) Amazon in 2007.

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