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Lampaul Flower
Installation: Auric Ketch
Beginnings: 1948
Length (The length of an object is the distance between its two farthest ends…) In general: 21.50 m
Master Bau: 6.50 m
Draft: 2.50 m
shift: 90 t
Sailing: 260 m² (windproof)
Architect: Corentin Keraudren
Crew: 4 sailors
Motorization: DK6. 120 horsepower
Construction: Keraudren Camaret
Owner: Nicolas Hulot Foundation
Home port: Lorient France France

Lampaul Flower It is a Breton dandy whose construction began in October 1947. It is now owned by the Nicolas-Hulot Foundation.

Flower (A flower consists of all reproductive organs and envelopes…) Lampau doesobject (In general, the word object (from Latin objectum, 1361) refers to an entity defined by …) Classification as historical monuments since January 21, 1987.

Owners of Fleur de Lampaul

  • 1948 – 1975: Le Guen family of Lampaul Plouarzel
  • 1975 – 1985: François Bescond
  • 1985 – 2002: Charles Hervé Gruyer
  • 2002 – 2010: Nicolas-Hulot Foundation
  • 2010 – Today: Gilles and Sylvie Auger

construction materials

Fleur de Lampaul is made of different materials:

  • The skull is inside elm (Elms are trees of the genus Ulmus, family Ulmaceae or Ulmaceae…).
  • Body (spring, back pole (The stern is the back of a ship, formerly called the stern. It is called…)ribs, cabin (The cabin is a longitudinal reinforcement placed on the bottom of the ship. …), lined (The lining is a set of parts that are placed on the frames on the inside …), tight (A greenhouse is a generally enclosed structure intended for production…)front beam, gunwale, sides) are included oak (Oak tree… high quality.
  • Sidewalks and bridge (A bridge is a construction that makes it possible to cross a depression or an obstacle (a course…) there is fir tree (Firs are conifers of the genus Abies…) red (Red meets different definitions depending on the chromatic system we use…).
  • Masts, bow and yards are pitchpin.

First of all motor (An engine (Latin mōtor: “that moves”) is a device…) It was a Baudouin DB 6 with 72 hp ordered (Order: a term used in many fields, generally an order or a…) it was worth it 750,000 old francs and the price rose to 1,300,000 on delivery. In 1959 it was replaced by the DK6 engine. It made it possible to raise 120 horses Strong (The word power is used in a certain sense in several areas 🙂 motor.


Activity (The term activity can refer to a profession.) initially

the ship (A ship is a human structure capable of floating on and around water…) Lampaul Flower Le Guen de Lampaul-Plouarzel is a French Dundee built in 1947-1948 by Keraudren de Camaret shipyards on behalf of the Plouarzel family. This construction is required 300 m3 of oak. It was putwater (Water is a ubiquitous chemical compound on Earth, essential for everyone…) April 9, 1948.

Until 1952 (when François Le Guen decided to leave the hourglass business to go into commerce), the family business consisted of the three Le Guen brothers: Yves, Jacques and François, as well as their brother-in-law Jean-Yves Joncour. Husband of Jeanne Le Guen. From that date until 1971, they set sail at 3 o’clock, but Jean-yves Joncqueur was forced to disable it due to a vision problem. navigation (Navigation is a collection of science and capabilities:). From 1971 to December 31, 1974 (the date Fleur de Lampaul was decommissioned), only Yves and Jacques sailed aboard.

He is at the beginning a floating ship (A sailing boat (or sailboat, sailboat) is a boat or vessel that is propelled by power…) of to fill (Cargo means what it really is…) (used for transportation of goods and raw materials), then its main activity was extraction and transportation (Transportation is the act of moving something or someone from one place to another, most often…) of sand (Sand or arena, small… From Aber-Ildut to Brest, Landerneau and Chateaulin. At certain timesyear (A year is a unit of time that represents the time between two occurrences of a related event…)which also carried early vegetables Roscoff (Roscoff is a commune in the Finistere department in the Brittany region of France…) aboveEngland (England is one of the four constituent parts of the United Kingdom…), from Noirmoutier to Brest. Fleur de Lampaul was run by the Le Guen family until Jacques and Yves Le Guen retired in 1975.


Lampaul Flower

School sailing boat

It was then sold to Mr. Bescon of Saint-Pablo, who for about ten years used it to extract sand from Aber-Benoit. Then the boat becomes fully motorized, the sail is gone. In 1983 Fleur de Lampaul was abandoned and neglected in the mud at Aber-Benoit.

After 1985, the fate changed radically sailing school. Thus, children and adolescents a optical (Optics is the branch of physics that deals with light, radiation…) cultural training.

It was classified in 1987 monument (Different countries have chosen to classify their historical monuments under different names.) and by 1990 it had become a travel bookstore. Later, the child became an oceanographic sailboat and welcomed scientists.

Documentary series

In the 1990s, children went on a journey with Fleur de Lampaul around (Autour is the French name for bird nomenclature (update)…) from the world (May refer to the word world 🙂. These expeditions will lead to the creation of several documentary series Charles Herve-Gruyer (also books):

  • dolphin children or an unusual adventure (1991) 52′
  • Water peoples (1993), 16-episode documentary: The Kids Go for 26 month (A month (Lat. mensis from the word “month”, formerly from the word “menstruation” in the plural) is a period of time…) discover flora (Flora is the totality of plant species present in a place…) and fauna oceans (Oceans is a French documentary directed by stylized Ωceans…).
  • Young Marine Correspondents (1996), aired in a documentary series chain (The string of words can have several meanings 🙂 La Cinquième (later on Canal J or Gully): Chosen children travel the world on the Fleur de Lampaul with the aim of discovering cultural and natural wonders. They meet, for example, the Wayana IndiansAmazon (The Amazon is a region of South America. The vast plain it crosses…) and discover white whales. This series is collected in 3 videos:
    • Ocean: In Road (The word “way” is derived from the Latin (via) rupta, literally “way…”). To the Amazon (1H10)
    • Whales: the sea (The term sea encompasses several realities.) from south (South is the cardinal point against north.) and reef (Rasif, from Arabic rasif (“cave, dyke”)…) of coral (Coral is an animal of the phylum Cnidaria, it usually lives in colonies…) (1H40)
    • Amazonia: Wayana Indians (1H40)
  • The call of the sea (1997), a 12-part documentary: Trip (A trip is a journey made for a personal purpose to a more or less distant point…) It gives children from 3 months of age the opportunity to explore on the French coastuniverse (The universe is the sum total of all that exists and the laws that govern it.) seamanship.
  • Children of the year 2000 (from 1998 to 2001), a 26-episode documentary broadcast on La Cinquième: Children of different nationalities will travel the world this time for 3 years. The goal is again to make children aware of the connections that connect themman (A male is an adult male individual of a species called Modern Man (Homo…).) to nature, on the verge of innovation Millennium (A millennium is a period of a thousand years, that is, ten centuries.). Parking is included Green hat (Cape Verde, officially the Republic of Cape Verde, is an island nation in the ocean…)cuba, Cyprus (Cyprus (Greek Κύπρος; Turkish Κύπρις) is a…)Nuku Hiva, Melanesia or Kakadu National Park (Kakadu National Park, classified as a World Heritage Site… in Australia (Australia (officially the Commonwealth of Australia) is a country…).

Nicolas Hulot Foundation

Lampaul Flower approached the pontoon construction siteIsland (An island is a piece of land surrounded by water, be it a river or…) City of Nantes on the occasion of the departure of Solidaire du Chocolat (October 2009)

In 2002, the boat was bought by the Nicolas-Hulot Foundation. Thus, it fully retains its educational usefulness. Its mission is now to compel people to discover the richness of our heritage and to mobilize those involved in coastal management around the protection of the marine environment. He was absolutely (Completion or fully automatic, or anglicism completion or…) It was restored in 2004-2005 at the Bernard shipyard on the Cotentin peninsula. Her home port is currently Lorient.

We find Fleur de Lampaul in major maritime events such as Solidaire du Chocolat, a new sport, solidarity and event transatlantic race that connects Nantes / Saint-Nazaire with Progreso in Yucatan (Mexico).

At the end of 2009, the Nicolas-Hulot Foundation decided to part with the ambassador sailboat. research (Scientific research is primarily… Of a buyer to immortalize the saga of Fleur de Lampaul

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