? Clavières-Ayrens Castle – Description and explanations


Chateau de Clavieres

Period or style
Commencement of construction XIIIe
End of construction 1900
original owner Rigaud d’Albars 1284
Original destination Apartment
Current destination Ruins

country (Country comes from the Latin pagus, which designates a territorial and tribal division…) France France
Historic district Auvergne
Region Auvergne
department Cantal
French community Ayrens

the Chateau de Clavieres It is located in the Ayrens commune in the Cantal department and Auvergne region of France.


Awesome Park (The park is an enclosed natural land,[1] formed from forests or meadows, in which…)with pond (Pond (estang, Latin stagnum) is a stagnant, shallow, expanse of surface water…), flow (A stream is a small, downstream stream fed by natural water sources,…)pavilions, plantations, monumental portal, communal areas, around (Autour is the French name for bird nomenclature (update)…) castle ruins. L’whole (In set theory, a set intuitively defines a collection…) is abandoned.


It would be desirable to restore this park.

However, the literary work of one of its most famous residents remains: the Duke of La Salle de RochemaureOccitan writer.

The story

The fire destroyed it place of residence (The name of the place of residence is often given to a series of tracks that form a loop …) On May 25, 1936, almost nothing remained but ruins. A more recent sale deprived Ayrens of the last remains of this troubadour-style castle, and the failed sale of two entrance pavilions now prevents access to the remains of its magnificent derelict park.

It existed before or included in this neo-medieval composition XIIIe old man fortified castle (A strong castle is a strong residence of a man and his family,…) will be destroyed XVIe.

Albars family

This castle belonged to 1284 Rigaud d’Albars, a knight and his son Pierre, who respects him. Several generations follow each other:

  • Antoinette d’Albars de Clavieres brings it as a dowry to Antoine de Girboi. Their daughter,
  • Gilberte de Guirboudbrought it as a present to Gilbert Giscard in 1565, who made it a Calvinist nest, and in 1579 it was seized, confiscated, and then demolished by M. de Canillac.

Cardaillac family

Then the domain owner

  • After 1579 Francois de CardaillacLord of Saint-Cernin, son of François, Lord of Lacapelle-Marival and Madeleine de Bourbon-Malause, then to his son
  • Louis de Cardaillaclieutenant colonel, councilor of Saint-Cernin, who lives with his mother at Château de Clavières Marguerite de MontalIn 1666. We don’t know about her alliance and this is her sister:
  • Claudie de CardaillacLady La Sepouse married François Brachet, with one daughter:
  • Isabeau Brachet de PeyrusseWhen Dame de Clavière married Louis de Montrognon de Salvert in 1699 culture (The UNESCO definition of culture is as follows [1] 🙂 Clavieres domain. They have two sons including:
  • Francois-Gilbert de MontrognonIn 1729 he married Henriette du Fayet de La Tour, then in 1732 Philiberte Gautier, Lady of Vaurs in Arpajon, with whom he had two children:
    • Jeanne-Marie de Montrognon
    • Francois-Marie-Henri de Montrognon (1736-1800),

The Capelle family

Then we find Clavieres possessed Jean-Francois Capellecouncilor of the Presidial of Aurillac, who was to purchase it, then by his son

  • Antoine Francois Capelle de Clavieresa cavalry officer who was his master and whose crops were completely destroyed by violence the storm (Storm, from Old French ore meaning wind, a disturbance…) full, so that on June 30, 1727, he hanged himself in the great hall of the castle, leaving only one son still a child.

his sister replaces him:

  • Jeanne de Capelle de Clavieresand brings it as a dowry
  • Etienne de Salle du Doux who restored the castle in 1760.

Their daughter, Gabrielle de Salle du DouxHe brought in 1815

  • Charles de Pollion de Glavenas. Their daughter,
  • Marie-François de PollionMarried in 1850
  • Louis-Desire de La Salle de Rochemaure

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