The 3 best smartphones of 2022: our pick

Here are the 3 best Frandroid tested smartphones in 2022. This January 2023, it’s time to take a look back and pick the cream of the year 2022. Oppo, Samsung and Google stand out.

A safe bet

9 /10

  • High-end display
  • Two-day battery life
  • Samsung claw in the photo

The end of the year has come. Instead of a monthly roundup of the best smartphones tested in December, this time we bring you the best of the best phones tested throughout the year.

We’ve said it many times, 2022 will be a particularly interesting year for the mid-range segment. If the tops of the best phones are usually filled with high-end smartphones that are very difficult to get without burning a big hole in your wallet, here we have two phones that are a little more affordable. We’ve also picked our big winner of the Frandroid Tech Awards 2022, and it gives it unimpeded redundancy. And we like it!

9 /10

Oppo Find X5 Pro

  • Power without overheating
  • Very nice picture
  • General convenience: interface, ceramic back, fast charging…

Available here €999 at Baker

Let’s start with the champion, our darling, you might even say, the Oppo Find X5 Pro. As soon as we left, we thought that we didn’t have the phone of the year? It is clear that he holds the bar. It’s hard to put into words why we love him so much. It is a smartphone that is balanced in all aspects and does not lack much.

The power provided by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the bonus of one of the few phones with this chip that does not overheat, exceptional photo quality with a very special grain, a pleasant and complete interface, fast charging, solid autonomy, the ceramic back is very pleasant to the touch. Most amateurs will only regret the X2 telephoto lens. True, but unless you want a more powerful telephoto lens, there’s no reason to enjoy it.

Another phone with a telephoto lens scored 9/10 this year. This is the Vivo X80 Pro. It brings together more or less the same qualities, with a few minor differences here and there (the interface is a little less refined, the photo is more sober), but offering the X2 and X5.

9 /10

Google Pixel 7

  • Photo above
  • The Pixel Experience
  • Value for money

Available here €649 in Orange

If you watch too much Frandroidthis choice won’t surprise you, as we often mention Google’s €650 premium phone, the Pixel 7. sweet spot perfect fare, premium entry.

Don’t believe Google cut corners to get to this price. No, this is a phone that might even disappoint its competitors, as the performance is excellent for its price. The image in particular will suit most users thanks to the magic of Google’s algorithms, which turn 95% of scenes into a successful shot. Admittedly, it lacks a telephoto lens, but neither do its €800 competitors. The Pixel Experience interface also plays a big role with its exclusive features and incredible uniqueness. You could cry out for faster charging or a slightly more capable chip in gaming, but those uses aside, we’ve got a great phone for the price.

9 /10

Samsung Galaxy A53

  • High-end display
  • Two-day battery life
  • Samsung claw in the photo

Available here €429 at Fnac

A little further down the price list is the Galaxy A53. It doesn’t look like much, it doesn’t make a lot of noise with its slightly dated design, but make no mistake, it could be one of the bestsellers of the year.

It’s probably not the most photographically gifted of these top 3, but thanks to the Samsung mark, it provides a more respectable minimum quality. If the chip is not the fastest, it is enough for everyday use. But where he particularly shines is in two points. The first is unshakable autonomy. Samsung made the right choice by incorporating a chip that consumes a little less power, and as a result, when we use it quite greedily, we stand for two days without drawing anything.

Its other great quality is its screen, which is the element we interact with the most. The latter does not have to shy away from ultra-premium smartphones that, according to our tests and use, flirt with 1,000 euros. Samsung also uses great know-how in this area. Remember that Samsung Display supplies almost all of its smaller companions with an Oled panel.

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