Samsung Electronics Unveils New Lines of Odyssey, ViewFinity and Smart Monitors at CES, Launching Next Generation Display Technologies.

The Odyssey Neo G9’s 57-inch dual-curved UHD display paves the way for monitors from 2023 and beyond.

Samsung Electronics today announced new models in its monitor series, extending its leadership in visual display for all users.

New offerings in Odyssey, ViewFinity and smart monitor lineups at CES® 2023 will deliver exceptional picture quality and a range of innovative features for people who want to work, play and live through a screen.

Samsung is revolutionizing the ultra-wide-angle display category with the introduction of Odyssey Neo G9, a unique monitor with dual ultra-high definition. This innovation confirms Samsung’s position as a leader in delivering the most immersive and realistic gaming experiences available on the market.

“Our Odyssey Neo G9 ushers in the next evolution of gaming monitors, delivering superior display quality and innovative, game-changing features,” said Pat Bugos, senior vice president of consumer electronics, Samsung Canada. “We are excited to bring a fully immersive and engaging display experience to gamers, designers and consumers. »

Odyssey Neo G9: Dual UHD Gaming Monitor

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Gaming Monitor (Model Name: G95NC) allows gamers to see new levels of detail with an incredible field of view. This gaming monitor offers a resolution of 7680×2160 and an aspect ratio of 32:9 in one screen.

Its 57” 1000R curved screen uses mini quantum LED technology with VESA HDR 1000 display specification to deliver perfect picture in any gaming environment in dark or bright scenes. The matte display helps reduce light reflection from the screen, minimizing distractions during the most intense gaming sessions.

It is also compatible with Display Port 2.1, which transfers data almost twice as fast as the previously used Display Port 1.4. In addition, the new DP2.1 enables Display Stream Compression (DSC), the industry’s lossless standard, to transmit data without distortion.

The Odyssey Neo G9 also supports a 240Hz refresh rate so gamers won’t miss any action during fast-paced games.

Odyssey OLED G9: Brighter Whites, Deeper Blacks and Infinite Color Contrast

The Odyssey OLED G9 (Model Number: G95SC) is the latest addition to the Odyssey lineup. It has a 49” 1800R curved Dual quad HD display with a 32:9 aspect ratio. Its quantum dot technology and OLED lighting are controlled pixel by pixel, resulting in a near-infinite color contrast ratio.

The OLED display illuminates each pixel individually and is backlight-independent, achieving a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 while delivering RGB colors and deep blacks without color filters.

For smooth gaming, the Odyssey OLED G9 also features a 0.1ms response time and a 240Hz refresh rate to eliminate lag and stuttering.

The Odyssey OLED G9 also supports third-party apps such as Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube via Smart Hub, allowing users to enjoy a variety of premium content using an internet connection without the need for a computer.

It is also equipped with Samsung Game Portal[1]an all-in-one streaming gaming platform that lets gamers discover and play games in the cloud using partners like Xbox and NVIDIA GeForce Now, without the need for a console or downloading games.

ViewFinity S9: Intelligent Color Calibration Designed for Creative Professionals

The ViewFinity S9 (model number: S90PC) is the latest addition to Samsung’s line of monitors. It features a 27” 5K display for the first time in the S9 model and is optimized for creative professionals such as graphic designers and photographers. Its 5120 x 2880 resolution delivers sharp, crisp details and average Delta E ≦ 2 color accuracy along with a 99% DCI-P3 wide color gamut.[2] produces clear and accurate color representation even in complex or nuanced visual environments.

The monitor’s built-in color calibration engine ensures accuracy of screen color and brightness, allowing users to adjust white balance, gamma and RGB color balance for greater accuracy with their smartphones with the Samsung Smart Calibration app. The matte display limits light reflection and glare to minimize distractions while working.

Users can easily transfer high-quality video files or other large data sets from storage devices to their computers by connecting cameras and other devices to the monitor using USB-C and Thunderbolt 4 connections. The ViewFinity S9 series is equipped with a SlimFit 4K camera and supports local video conferencing through applications such as Google Meet, which is included in the Samsung Smart Hub.

M8 Smart Monitor: Brings productivity, entertainment and privacy together

The M8 smart monitor (model number: M80C) has a sleek and slim design and is now available in a new 27” size in addition to the existing 32” size, both with 4K resolution. It comes in four color options that allow this monitor to fit into any room: Daylight Blue, Spring Green, Sunset Pink or Warm White.

The height-adjustable and tilting stand gives users the best possible angle. The screen can now be rotated 90 degrees, which allows users to view long documents with shortened scrolling. It also meets VESA mounting compatibility standards, saving space and keeping the environment uncluttered.

The M8 smart monitor can control lights, cameras, doorbells, locks, thermostats, and more. can connect, control and manage hundreds of compatible connected devices through the built-in SmartThings hub, including Samsung plans to expand device options and ease of use by supporting Matter and Home Connectivity Alliance standards starting this year.

Mouse control functionality has been added to many sophisticated smart monitor applications, including SmartThings and the Smart Hub portal, for a new level of convenient control without a remote control.

Users can use the M8 smart monitor to get instant access to Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube and other on-demand services through the Smart Hub portal.[3]. They can also easily access the Samsung Game Portal, an all-in-one streaming game platform.

The new “My Content” feature provides users with useful information at a glance. When the monitor is in standby mode and detects a smart phone registered via Bluetooth low energy technology, the screen will show the user’s customized images, schedule, etc. shows. When the phone goes out of range, the monitor goes back to sleep mode.

The SlimFit camera built into the M8 smart monitor has been upgraded to 2K resolution and works with video conferencing apps like Google Meet.

In addition, the M8 smart monitor is protected by Samsung Knox Vault, which encrypts personal data and keeps stored files and data isolated from the device’s main operating system to protect them from attack.

1 * Game Portal is only available in certain countries and supported features, apps and games may vary by country
** Access to the Game Portal is free, but access to content offered by game streaming providers on the Game Portal platform may require subscription to one or more additional game services.
*** Depending on the game portal game, a separate and compatible controller may be required.
**** Stadia will no longer be offered on Game Portal after January 18, 2023. Visit here for more information
2 Delta E is a standard computational measure that correlates human visual judgments of the differences between two perceived colors. Delta E ≦2 color accuracy means superior and accurate color reproduction, realizing color difference better than the eye can see.
3 * Program availability may vary by country and may require separate subscriptions.
** Requires internet connection and does not include TV tuning mechanism.
*** Remote control functions may vary by country.

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