? Lycée Paul-Valéry – Definition and Explanations


Paul-Valery High School
country France France
Address 38, boulevard (In the first sense, a boulevard is a communication road standing on old forts,…) Spirit
75012 Paris (Paris is a French city, the capital of France and the capital of the region…)
Educational framework
main Claudine Vuong
Training General average period

the Paul-Valery secondary schoolit is also called among the people PV Where Paul Vala Public institution (According to French law, a public institution is a legal entity governed by public law, which…) ofeducation (Training (Latin “insignis”, signified, marked with a sign, distinguished) a…) general and technological 12e It is located at 38 Boulevard Soult, arrondissement of Paris. Vocational high school scientist (A scientist dedicated to the study of a science or sciences and…)it is famous for its economic, literary-artistic, and especially vocational training units cinema (We call cinema a moving visual projection, usually with sound. The term…) and is an audiovisual first created in 1983 in France. Paul-Valéry Lycée is also known for a sociological documentary about a group of its students, which was made every year for 10 years. What will be their fate?.

The story

The high school was built in two stages everything (The whole, understood as the whole of what exists, is often interpreted as the world or…) In the early 1960s, on the site of the old fortifications, first under the nameJean-Baptiste-Say High School Annexafter Boulevard Soult mixed high school, before settling on his last name in 1962, taking his name from writer and poet Paul Valeri. In fact, he is the most large enterprise (In France, a “big enterprise” is a public institution…) from 12e In both areas of Paris surface (Surface generally refers to the surface layer of an object. The term a…) (200 m long bar on four levels) compared to number (The concept of number in linguistics is considered in the article “Number…”) of students. It is one of the high schools built after the post-war baby boom. At the time of its creation, the lycée Paul-Valery was the most geographically wide lycée in Paris, covering the eastern part of Paris and the present-day Val-de-Marne department.


The high school accepts about 1750 students in its departments high school (A quorum may designate a group of like-minded people…) (450 students), high school and preparatory classes (1300 students) for 150 teachers. For twenty years, the school has offered many artistic courses specifically aimed at audiovisual professions, with the creation of the first audiovisual cinema department in France in 1983. For several years, the lycée Paul-Valéry has been the only high school in Paris to offer a cinema option in the preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles, especially in collaboration with the École Normale Supérieure. This option, valid only for the hypokhagne (the hâgne that takes place at the Hélène-Boucher high school), has been available since the beginning of the 2010 academic year at the Khâgne Ulm, cinema-audiovisual options, contemporary literature and historical geography (Subject dedicated to science in French secondary education…). Plus, according to director Claudine Vuong, with rest school map (School map created in 1963…) Founded in 2007, the school benefits from a “small balancing act between institutions” due to the influx of students from more privileged backgrounds who, until then, continue their studies in higher education institutions where they now have more difficulty finding places.

Sports facilities, successors a stadium (Stadion (Ancient Greek στ?διον σταδιον, from the verb…) It was already established in this place before and because of the existence of the school field (Area or surface area is the size of a surface. By metonymy we often designate…) The facility’s 4-hectare site is of high quality for a Paris high school.


Designed by architects JC Dondel and R. Dhuit, the high school Paul-Valéry resembles many high schools built in the early 1960s: a one-part high school, where the same the window (In architecture and construction, a window is a bay, an opening or pan in a wall…) repeated throughout length (The length of an object is the distance between its two farthest ends…) facade, polychrome stained-glass windows under the courtyards, light-green, dark-green and orange mosaics on the walls of the building.

A sculpture (The sculpture has been around since the Paleolithic period (about 25,000 years ago) and the small figurine…) giant woman (A giant star is a star with luminosity class II or III….)in bronze (Bronze is a common name for alloys of copper and tin. The term brass…)Enthroned in the center of the circular lawn parterre, which still marks the entrance to the school, was carved with a sickle by the sculptor Robert Couturier (1905-2008), representing a couple with a child in their arms. Many years after its installation, it was a object (In general, the word object (from Latin objectum, 1361) refers to an entity defined by …) scandal for a group of student parents (man (A male is an adult male individual of a species called Modern Man (Homo…).) was naked, woman, no!). Management has seen fit to withhold any comment for the future: after returning one morning School holiday (The school year of all students in the world is interrupted by holidays. We…)circular bowling green found empty (Void is usually defined as the absence of matter in space.).

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