? Bimota V-Due: definition and explanations

Bimota V-Due

Builder bimota
Years of production 1997 – 2003
General output 340 copies
friendly Athletic
Motor (An engine (Latin mōtor: “that moves”) is a device…) and transmission
engine(s) 90° V-twin, 2 time (Time, by man… cooling fluid (The liquid phase is the state of matter. Matter in this form…)
displacement (Displacement is the volume swept by the movement of the moving part in the chamber…) 499cc (72 x 61.25mm) cm3
Strong (The word power is used in a certain sense in several areas 🙂 maximum 110 hp at 9000 rpm
Maximum torque 9 µg µg at 8000 rpm
Food injection (The word injection can have several meanings 🙂 electron
Clutch (The so-called clutch is a temporary connection device between one motor shaft and another …) dry multidisk
Transmission 6-speed
Transmission by chain (The string of words can have several meanings 🙂
Speed (We notice 🙂 maximum 240 km/h
Frame, suspension and brakes
Frame perimeter
Suspension (The act of suspending particles, suspension in chemistry defines a dispersion …) front (travel) inverted telescopic fork ∅ 46 mm (120 mm)
Rear suspension (travel) single stroke (130mm)
Brake (A brake is a system that slows down or even immobilizes moving parts…) before 2 disc ∅ 320 mm, 4 piston calipers
Rear brake 1 disc (The word disk is used both in geometry and in everyday life to denote …) ∅ 230 mm, 2-piston caliper
Weight (Weight is the force of gravity, derived from gravity and inertia, exerted by …) and dimensions (In common sense, the concept of size refers to size; the dimensions of a room…)
Wheel (A wheel is a circular organ or mechanical part that rotates around an axis…) before 120/70×17
Rear wheel 180/55×17
Wheel base 1340 mm
Height (Height has several meanings depending on the subject area.) saddle 805 mm
Dry weight 160 kg
Reservoir (reservoir) 16 ℓ (5 ℓ) liter(s)

The V Corresponding is a model motorbike (A motorcycle, also called an apokop motorcycle, is a vehicle…) of the brand italian (Italian is the name used for the rope used to maneuver the furrier…) bimota (Bimota is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer.).

The V-Due caused a sensation when it was introduced at the Cologne Motor Show in 1996. She was the first model and this time day (A day or day is the interval between sunrise and sunset; it…) the only one that uses the engine created by his company Rimini (Rimini is a city in Italy, the capital of the province of Rimini, in the region…).

This engine everything (The whole, understood as the whole of what exists, is often interpreted as the world or…) It’s their job, as is the overall aesthetics of the carengineer (The main job of an engineer is to solve the problems of nature…) Pier Luigi Marconi. 90° open V-twin, two-stroke, 500cc, liquid-cooled. 110 hp and 9 mkg are given for a dry weight of 160 kg. It uses six intakes and three exhaust lights.

The development of this engine lasted six years, initially it was planned to equip a machine with 500 GP. Since the financial investment is very important, this engine will be installed in a road car.

Equipped with electronic injection. This system improves burning (Combustion is an exothermic redox chemical reaction. When…) gasoline, the second evaporates cylinder (A cylinder is a surface defined by a straight line (d) in space, called…) at the most appropriate moment, time light (Light is a collection of visible electromagnetic waves…) is the exhaust absolutely (Completion or fully automatic, or anglicism completion or…) Closed. Disadvantages of a two-stroke engine, the consumption and discharge of unburned hydrocarbons are clearly reduced.
It is connected to the computer that delivers the injection system amount (Quantity is a general metrology term (count, amount); scalar,…) depending on the required fuel temperature (Temperature is a physical quantity measured with a thermometer and…) who’sweather (Air is a mixture of gases that make up the Earth’s atmosphere. Odorless and…)from him coolant (Refrigerant is the liquid used in a closed circuit to evacuate…)from him gas (A gas is a collection of very loosely bound atoms or molecules and…) exhaust and pressure (Pressure is a basic physical concept. You can think of it as a force expressed…) in the air box.

It is done by lubricationoil (Fat is a general term for fats that are…) is included Transmission (The gearbox is the second link in the chain of transmission of torque from the engine to…)and not by mixed (A mixture is a combination of two or more solid, liquid, or gaseous substances…)as a traditional two-stroke.

yes, yesuse it (Usage is the act of using something.), this engine did not prove to be very reliable. Broken pistons, loss of power and various oil leaks in many cars forced the Italian engineers to review their copy.
The factory is started campaign (Rural area, also called rural environment, defines all cultivated areas…) recall of the first V-Due sold to replace injectors with carburetors.

Inherited from the competition, the gearbox is a cassette and the clutch is multi-disc dry.

46 mm telescopic fork Diameter (In a circle or sphere, a diameter is a line segment through the center…) Paioli is coming, thoughshock absorber (A shock absorber is a system designed to limit or even eliminate the oscillations of an object or…) back is signed Öhlins.
Brakes are assigned to Brembo discs with a diameter of 320 and 230 mm.
Three-spoke wheels are made aluminum (Aluminum is a chemical element with symbol Al and atomic number 13…) and produced by Antera.

The V-due is only available in red/white/green.

Bimota VDue 2.JPG

In 1999, the V-Due was rejected in one version V-Due Corsa for the single brand competition: Bimota 2000 Trophy. It is equipped with two carburetors. Dell (Dell is an American company, currently the second largest manufacturer…)‘Ortho gets better at 39mm diameter reliability (A system is reliable if it is likely to accomplish its mission within a certain period of time…) of the motor. The power is increased to 122 hp at 9500 rpm.

In 2001, the V-Due Corsa was upgraded and became V-Due Corsa Evolution. Power increases to 135 hp at 10,500 rpm. This car is officially entered by the factory in the Italian speed championship. Some parts are therefore different from machines Road (The word “way” is derived from the Latin (via) rupta, literally “way…”).. Tank, cover, exhaust system are designed for competition.

Bimota offers for 2003 V-Due EvolutionThe road version of the cars used for the Bimota 2000 Trophy. It has a slightly different decoration: the color scheme has been changed at the fair.

In 2005 V-Due Racing Edition Final assembled from various spare parts still in stock after the bankruptcy and then the takeover of the brand. It benefits from specially designed exhausts. hand (The handshake effect is organ…) By Jolly Moto, bigger brakes. Available in black only.

Bimota will fall short of its production target of 500 V-Dues, with 340 motorcycles leaving the factories, including 150 injection V-Dues, 26 Corsas, 120 Evoluzions, 14 Evoluzion Corsas and 30 Racing EFs.

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