Coffee with salt or soda… The truth and lies about how to get rid of a hangover

“Wake up in the morning, 3:00 p.m., I wake up like a flower, Marguerite on the asphalt, need dolipran…” and tomato juice? What do you mean, Marguerite, tomato juice the day after the evening? As surprising as this idea is, it often comes up when we type “hangover cures” into our search engine.

On New Year’s Eve, 20 minutes I was wondering what your best treatment was for GDB (hangover then), how do you really get rid of that bad stomach ache and get rid of the coal tar. Answer with Dietitian Dietitian Alexandra Murcier and General Practitioner Dikran Mouradian.


Anyway, we’re not going to teach you that there’s no single definition of hangover. Larousse presents the following symptoms: “Pastiness of the tongue and heaviness in the head a day after excessive drinking.” In fact, the day after a drunken evening there are many symptoms: stomach pains, dizziness, migraines and body shaking like a leaf. “From a medical point of view, hangover is not very well defined. Nobody really cared about it,” admits doctor Dikran Mouradian.

Belly-lined, “before” myth?

“No, but you should drink a spoonful of olive oil before the party,” we advised from the editors. We won’t name anyone, but we can already say that there has always been an ambiguous relationship between journalists and alcohol. According to our source, a spoonful of olive oil would coat the stomach wall and thus act as a shield against the awful glasses of alcohol that would follow.

The same strangeness is observed in the following remedy: “Apparently, you need to swallow raw eggs,” advises another colleague. To be honest, this tool gave the effect of a roller coaster in the stomach. In fact, it turns out to be the same principle as before: prepare your liver for the misfortune called alcohol. Eggs or no eggs, it’s all about eating before drinking. “The general idea is not to drink on an empty stomach to avoid the effects of hypoglycemia. It is less aggressive in the back, “advises nutritionist Alexandra Murcier. Our interlocutor points out that eggs are rich in protein and vitamin D anyway. “So why not have a small omelette before going out. »

Before the party, a small glass of water with green clay will help prevent a bad hangover. According to a website specializing in naturopathy, you should drink it before evening and then before going to bed. This little elixir will “capture and eliminate toxic molecules” while aiding the digestive system. “It should detoxify like charcoal. There’s no real interest in it, it’s mostly to clear your conscience,” slices the nutritionist.

Eat or fast: the million dollar question

During our long research, everything and its opposite came back to this question: is it necessary to eat the day after the evening? For our two interlocutors, everything will depend on our situation. If you’re struggling with nasty nausea, you might want to avoid it.

“What you need to know is that when you drink too much alcohol, it raises your blood sugar. What we have is hypoglycemia, a reaction that makes us very hungry. We often want fat,” emphasizes the nutritionist, who recommends a healthy diet based on whole foods such as rice or pasta. Alexandra Murcier compares: “They are richer in fiber and change blood sugar levels less.”

Drink, drink and drink again…

“You need to rehydrate anyway, because alcohol is dehydrating. That’s what gives you hangovers and headaches,” emphasizes the expert. Because yes, even booze can be dehydrating. Everyone has a favorite drink, a little dream, a GDB habit. A little tip from the bartender: baby milk powder. Yes, yes, you read that right. According to this professional, hydration of this drink would be “unusual.” Alexandra Murcier disagrees.

No more than soda, which has a thousand and one benefits. “Rehydration solutions such as baking soda are demineralized due to severe dehydration. For example, it can be interesting when you exercise a lot and you will sweat a lot during a very long session. It happens when there is more physical effort. But there is no sweat there, so there is no mineral loss,” he explains.

Good tea? Some even add a spoonful of honey to it. But still, it’s not ideal for a nutritionist: “The problem with tea is that it’s a diuretic, you lose some water. “Some internet users gave us the idea of ​​coconut water. Why do you ask that in particular? Apparently, it’s just a matter of taste, because in fact, Alexandra Murcier believes that this drink is “no more hydrating” than any other type of water.

Lemon is your best friend

For this, the surfer still had a good idea: lemon juice. Too sour, don’t you think? Not good: “It strengthens a little, helps the liver,” admits the expert. Maybe a beer, a glass of wine, etc. not what you want to drink after chaining, but that’s the point. Otherwise, you can always just water. Simply.

Of course, for something as widespread as hangovers, you had to have a case. Thus, some solutions were marketed for rehydration. “That will do. The alcohol molecule will be removed by the liver and certain compounds will be formed that will be excreted in the urine,” explains Dr. Dikran Mouradian.

Also very common, if far-fetched, well-known: “to treat evil with evil.” A glass of beer or pastis to avoid excessive GDB is a solution that has its followers. Obviously, this is a bad idea. All you’ll gain is prolonging your abdominal pain by a day and risking it getting worse.

Red card for tomato

According to many netizens, tomato juice would be a miracle anti-GDB recipe (yes, you can drink tomato juice outside of a plane). The Belgian site Gourmandiz explains that tomatoes will be effective in strengthening “your liver’s defenses”. A big plus, again according to the site, is helping the body absorb alcohol. The Gustave and Rosalie website even makes a recipe for a “hangover drink” in which tomato juice is accompanied by egg yolks, Espelette pepper, lemon and a few drops of cognac.

Seriously, who wants to drink brandy after drinking? Thank you Gustav and Rosalie for the invitation, but we will be back. Moreover, dietitian nutritionist Alexandra Murcier remains cautious about this remedy. “I wouldn’t even recommend tomato juice because it can be too aggressive on an already weakened stomach from the alcohol. »

The placebo effect?

On the nutritional side, other food stars also make their way into the list of strange remedies. This is the case with cod liver oil, which is rich in omega 3 and vitamins. For his part, doctor Dikran Muradian does not see any contraindications. “Although there is definitely a placebo effect for these remedies, there is nothing dangerous here. You should follow your instinct, if it makes you feel good then why not. On the contrary, Alexandra Murcier rejects grandmother’s recipes and recommends eating more vegetables and fruits.

In fact, banana is a medicine that comes up many times. As tasteless as this fruit may be when your stomach is playing hula-hoop, bananas will be an important ally after the evening due to their high potassium content.

Absurd tricks

Now let’s get to the craziest drugs. Across the Channel, our English friends recommend simply burying yourself in the sand. According to them, a very effective solution to “hangover”. In fact, this is an old recipe straight from Ireland. The idea is simple: cover up to the neck and wait. Why not wait in bed instead? That’s the question.

Finally, there is one last tool that leaves us suspicious. Coffee lover, sorry for the lines below. recommends adding salt to coffee to get rid of bad hangovers. “Caffeine will give you a boost, and salt will absorb the alcohol left in your stomach. You can drink coffee with salt at the end of the evening or when you wake up. According to Doctissimo, the drug will first induce vomiting to remove the alcohol from the body. The alcohol is already in your blood, except it’s harder for a few hours.

According to nutritionist Alexandra Murcier, the best remedy will ultimately boil down to the following triptych: “Rehydrate, rest, satiate (healthy). “Doctor Dikran Muradian will also add: “You should also drink a few glasses of water in the evening, it can only be beneficial. In any case, it should be remembered that alcohol abuse is dangerous to health and should be consumed in moderation.

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