Ancelotti: “The cup is important for us and we have to show quality, commitment and fight”

NEWS. 02/01/2023. Alberto Navarro. Photographer: Antonio Villalba

“The public is always close, there was a good atmosphere in training and we are happy with that,” the coach added.

Carlo Ancelotti was spotted in the press room at Real Madrid City ahead of Real Madrid’s Copa del Rey round of 16 tie at home to Cacereño (Tuesday, 21:00). The coach spoke about his impressions of this duel: “This is a match that we have to be ready for. It is difficult to think that we will win games only with quality. We must also have determination and fight. The cup is an important competition. We have to put everything we have: quality, commitment and fight.” .

“Courtois and Carvajal had small problems. They will rest tomorrow and be ready for Villarreal. I will not give minutes to Benzema, Viny Jr., Kroos, Alaba and Mendy. We will try to show the best possible game” Tomorrow, Arribas, Nico Paz , Marvel and Alvaro Rodríguez, players who have developed at the club will also be there. They are working very well with Castilla with Raul at the helm. The youngsters are progressing very quickly, not just these four. ., but also Mario Martin, Rafa Marin… The Academy trains players for the future of Real Madrid.”

King’s Cup
“I won one and it shows how important this competition is for us. The most important thing is not the Champions League. The crest on this shirt makes you respect all competitions and win everything you can. We have to win.”

Bus trip to Cáceres
“I really like the bus and I’m happy to go there like that. I don’t know Spain like Italy and it’s time to enjoy this beautiful country.”

Training with the public
“There was a good atmosphere. It only happens once a year for safety reasons, but it’s a great thing and we’re excited to do it. It’s one of the first days of the new year and the audience is always close to us. It’s an important part of our job, and our , it’s also a good time for the audience.”

A demanding schedule
“It’s complicated, but we have all the resources to manage it well: all the information, the technical staff of many people, the physiotherapists, the doctors… I think it can be solved very well by taking into account that the games help to improve the condition of the players. “.

Winnie Jr. and racism
“I have no reason to talk to him about it. It’s a very clear topic. There is no reason for racism and xenophobia to exist. If we think otherwise, we’re fooling ourselves. It’s a problem of society and in that sense there should be zero tolerance. It’s not La Liga’s problem, It’s a problem of a society without the education that a more general and civilized society should have. We have to focus on something bigger than Vini Jr., La Liga or sanctions.”

Truce before Christmas
“This ceasefire was not like 2014. I don’t know what will happen in 2023 and I’m not a magician, but I’m excited that we will be good and it will be like 2022. It wouldn’t be bad. I don’t want to think that what we did last year can’t be repeated. We will do it. we can repeat and why not, we can do better. We have less doubts about this squad than what we have. This time in 2022.”

Kroos extension
“He knows it more or less clearly, and next month it will be even more clear. As a football fan, it is impossible to think that he will retire. As he himself said, he wants to finish his career at Real Madrid. I think this is a certainty.”

The Ceballos case
“I’m not talking about extensions. He’s a player who feels good and the subject of the contract is a personal thing, the player and the club have to appreciate that.”

Out of contract players
“We have no problem with that. The players focus on what they are doing. When a player reaches the end of his contract, it is not as worrying as it was a few years ago. If they want to stay, they stay, if they want to go, they go. The clubs are not too worried about it either.”

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