๐Ÿ”Ž Serengeti (cat) – Definition and explanations



Serengeti male

Species (Species in life sciences (from Latin species, “type”…) cat (The domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus) is a carnivorous mammal of the… family.) (Felis silvestris catus)
Region of origin
Region United States of America United States of America
Silhouette Long
to cut Medium (A mean value is a statistical measure that characterizes a set of elements…)
Hair (Hair is a filiform production of the epidermis, partially covering or…) Short
Dress up speckled tabby (Refers to the pattern of tabby cat clothes. Tabbie cats are moreโ€ฆ)
Head Triangle (In Euclidean geometry, a triangle is a plane figure formed by three points…) softened
Eyes round and tall
Ears Big and narrow
Tail Long, thin
  • Federations: LOOF, TICA

the Serengeti a gender (In zoological nomenclature, race is a lower taxonomic rank than species…) From the United States of America. This medium-sized cat is characterized by a physical (Physics (from Greek ฯ†ฯ…ฯƒฮนฯ‚, nature) etymologically…) it’s close to that Serval (The serval (Leptailurus serval, formerly Felis serval) is a large African cat…).


This breed is relatively new and still in full development. The goal was to create a domestic cat breed as similar as possible to the Serval, but without resorting to hybridization. For this we met a father Bengali (The Bengal is a cat breed that originated in the United States. It is a medium-sized…) (Hybrid between Cat and Bengal Leopard Cat) and Oriental mother.

He was recognized by TIKA in 2001 and also by LOOF as a “new breed” and cannot compete in shows for titles.


The Serengeti is described as a good hunting cat, like its ancestors were leopards. When he was in hunting position, he would let out a cry (grunt and sigh) that would be different from other cats. The Serengeti would not be wild due to the temperament of the mother side of the eastern cat breed. He is generally described as very friendly with people and he meows very loudly. However, these character traits remain perfectly individual and pre-existing everything (The whole, understood as the whole of what exists, is often interpreted as the world or…) history functions for each conversation.


The Serengeti is a medium-sized cat with a long, muscular body. the back (In anatomy, it is the back in vertebrates, including humans…) is an upright and long-legged cat. They are long but strong, both muscle and bone. The legs are round and medium in size. When it’s a cat walk (A walk (the pleonasm walk is also often used) is a…), we can see his shoulder blades moving. The tail is quite thick, of medium size, although it seems short in relation to the body.

The head may appear small compared to the rest of the body. It forms a triangle round (Rounding the number is the approximate value of this number, from…). Serengeti’s profile has no curves, no forehead and no chin nose (The nose (Latin nasus) is the median projection of the upper face in humans…) they are right. To maintain the “wild” aspect, the nose is thick and color (Color is the eye’s subjective perception of one or more wave frequencies…) brick surrounded by black or completely black. The eyes are large and round, with a color between them yellow (There are (at least) five definitions of the color yellow, which are roughly the same…) and copper, but preferably gold. the green (Green is the complementary color corresponding to light of wavelength…) is tolerated. The ears are very large and conical in shape with a rounded tip and a very wide and open base. They are close to the head and a point (graphic) Important for the speed of the Serengeti.

The fur is short, soft and thick.

The coat of the “tabbi” Serengeti is pale gray or beige, speckled with black or dark brown spots. The only allowed clothing is unmarked, spotted tabby. Allowed colors are black and brown. There are also silver or smoked Serengeti. Silver subjects then have lighter hair, which makes the spots stand out even more.

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