7 features we want to see in Android 14

These are the 7 features we expect to come with Android 14.

That’s all we’ll see in Android 14

We are at a time when, despite the efforts of manufacturers such as Samsung or OnePlus, the Android 13 update has not yet reached all eligible mobile phones, although it must be said that it is on the right track.

In the meantime, the first rumors of what’s coming with the next version of Android are already starting to reach us, and that’s why we’re here to tell you what 7 features we’d like to see in Android on this occasion. 14.

Faster and longer updates

Undoubtedly, the big problem that Android has faced since its inception is fragmentation, because there are so many mobile manufacturers that implement the Google operating system on their terminals that updates from Android take longer to reach some brands than others.

To some extent, the evolution of Google Play Services has managed to overcome this problem, but it would be great if older mobile users could also enjoy the latest version of Android.

For this reason, it would be interesting if Android 14 implemented some kind of system that would allow updates to reach certain smartphones or smartphone models earlier, and with this new version, Google would encourage manufacturers to keep their terminals up to date. longer.

Material update

Google launched Android 12 with Material You, but after two releases of Android with this GUI, we think it’s time to redesign it to scale and take it to the next level.

Hardware Makes You Color Different Brands of Mobiles

Material You colors, in different mobile phones of different brands

So, for example, theme icons can confuse us because they look so similar, so Google needs to change their design to make it easier to tell them apart.

In this sense, it would also be interesting if Android 14 gave us the ability to change the background color of the notification area and quick settings to give this part of the interface a touch of color.

Full system backup

Another feature we’d like to see in Android 14 is full system backup, as although Google has improved this feature recently, Android backup is still not at the level Apple offers on its iPhones.

It should be noted that Google has created a solo program for this area and performs a backup of system security, so that we have all recovery programs and terminals, including firmware, archive files and archive files. los wallpapers.

A dynamic island

Undoubtedly, the great design innovation of the iPhone 14 is found in the speaker island of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, and therefore we would like Google to implement a similar solution at the software level in Android 14.

Dynamic Island for iPhone 14 Pro

Speaker island of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max with some functions

Several third-party software developers have shown that it is possible to integrate this new iPhone feature with Android and use the central space of the smartphone screen to display notifications, the battery percentage of the cell phone or headphones, or control audio playback.

More native widgets and stackable widgets

Widgets are one of the most useful customization elements on Android, as they allow us to see the latest emails we’ve received, the weather in your area, and the latest photos saved in Google Photos. .

For this reason, we would like Android 14 to have more native widgets than Google apps, which can be stacked to have multiple widgets in a smaller space, which Samsung implemented in the last version of the customization layer, One user interface 5.

Better connectivity between mobile phones and computers

Currently, when we need to transfer a file, photo or link from a mobile phone to a computer, we usually use platforms like Telegram, because currently Android does not allow sharing content between these devices locally.

For this reason, we believe that Android 14 will include a feature that allows us to easily transfer files from our Android mobile phone to Windows PC, which will require cooperation between Google and Microsoft, and it is impossible to achieve. .

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Full desktop mode

Mountain View has been working on a desktop mode for Android for some time now, but nothing is currently known about its release date.

For this reason, one of the features we hope to see in Android 14 is a full desktop mode, because with the power of today’s mobile phones, we can have a computer at home by simply connecting a keyboard and mouse to a smartphone. monitor it.

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