? SS Celtic (1872) – Definition and Explanations



Other names Celtic (1872 – 1893)
America (1893-1897)
friendly transatlantic liner (Transatlantic is a liner designed to cross the Atlantic Ocean,…) from class oceanic
The story
Get started June 18, 1872
Exploitation October 24, 1872
The situation It was demolished in 1898
Technical characteristics
Length (The length of an object is the distance between its two farthest ends…) 133.3 m
master beam 12.5 m
Tonnage 3,867 GRT
Movement (Motion is the principle that allows an object to move in the surrounding space…) A spiral (Propeller is from the Greek word helix meaning “spiral”. An object shaped like…) and four pillars
Speed (We notice 🙂 14 knots
Other Features
Passengers 1,166
Workplace the sea (Naval is a municipality in the province of Biliran on the island of Biliran, Philippines.) Harland & Wolff, Belfast
ship owner White Star Line (The White Star Line was one of Britain’s major shipping companies by the end of the year…) (1872 – 1893)
Thungwalla Line (1893 – 1897)
Flag Great Britain Great Britain (1872 – 1893)
Denmark Denmark (1893 – 1897)

the SS Celtic a ship (A ship is a boat intended for sea navigation, that is, planned…) for steam () Built for the White Star Line by the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast. belongs to the class oceanic and is a sister shipAdriatic. His career with the British company has been remarkable collision (A collision is a direct impact between two objects. Such an impact transfers a part of…) in 1887 with English (both ships survive despite heavy damage). In 1893 Celtic Sold to and renamed Thingvalla Line America. It was finally demolished in 1897.

White Star Line launched another one Celticthe first one The Big FourIn 1901.

The story

Construction and commissioning

the CelticThe first of the two ships of White Star bearing this name, a couple (We say that a set E is even when it consists of two distinct elements…) class ships oceanic After the success of the first four models, it was ordered by the company (Adriatic being the first of this new pair). the Celtic should have been named first Arcticbut an American Collins Line ship of the same name had sunk in 1854, and the company thought the name would be ill-received.

Built at the Harland & Wolff shipyards, she was launched and commissioned at Belfast on 18 June 1872. travel (A trip is a journey made for a personal purpose to a more or less distant point…) It was opened on October 24, 1872. Like her sister ship, she had a black-painted hull, four masts (three for carrying sails) and chimney (Chimney (lat. caminus) is a vertical pipe installed in a building,…) brown ocher overlaid with black (company colors). It can carry 166 class passengers Cabin (On a ship, a cabin means a living room for one or more people. A…) (equivalent to future first classes) and 1000 passengers at the wheel.

In 1880, a young officer named Edward Smith, who would later become the company’s star commander and commander in chief. titanicjoins the staff as a fourth officer.

Collision with Britannic

On May 19, 1887 at about 5:25 p.m Celtic collides with Englishfrom the same firm, stay fog (Fog is a meteorological phenomenon consisting of masses…) About 350 miles from Sandy Hook, New Jersey. the CelticIt was with 870 passengers Road (The word “way” is derived from the Latin (via) rupta, literally “way…”). for New York (New York, in English New York City (officially, City of New York) to distinguish it…) to work EnglishThe ship, carrying 450 people on board, was on the second day of its voyage to Liverpool. Two ships collide angle (In geometry, the general concept of an angle is found in several concepts…) right, the summer (A prut is the name given to the front of a boat; the term today…) from Celtic sinking three mothers on the port side English. the Celtic leaps up and hits his victim twice again before moving behind him.

Six pilot passengers on board the plane were killed English, and 6 more people fell on the ship and went missing. There is no death on it Celtic. Both ships were seriously damaged, however English rather, there is a large hole below the waterline. Fearing that the ship would sink, the passengers panicked and ran to the lifeboats. Captain, gun in hand (The handshake effect is organ…), manages to restore some order, and the canoes are filled with women and children, although a few men have managed to force their way across. After the canoes are gone, we realize that the ship can stay waves (End), and nearby canoes are recalled. Others win Celtic. Both ships remained together (In set theory, a set intuitively defines a collection…) He attends the whole night, then the next morning Marengo Wilson line and queen of britain who’sInman line (The Inman Line is a British shipping company that has been around since 1850…)and four ships can slowly reach New York harbor.

End of career

the Celtic In 1893 it was sold to Thingvalla Line, which gave it its nameAmerica. She made six voyages on the Copenhagen-New York route, then was sent to the port of Copenhagen until 1897. Then he continued his journey for two trips. In 1898, the company was absorbed by the Scandinavian American Line ocean liner (An ocean liner is a ship specialized in transporting passengers. The name… Dismantled in Brest.

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