Norman pit – what is it, how to prepare it, when to serve? And more…

In the context of gastronomic know-how, the hole designates a break in the festive meal to drink a small glass of alcohol, according to regional traditions. Often it’s an heirloom locally produced eau-de-vie or liqueur that’s drunk on the bottom. It is a digestif between courses, intended to stimulate the guests’ appetite and promote digestion. Taking it just for the sake of the taste also works. Often this drinking soup is accompanied by a regional fruit sorbet or ice cream, from which it gets its name. We have, for example, Burgundy hole, Alsace hole, Lorraine hole, etc. But probably the most famous is the Norman hole… It’s up to you to discover what exactly it is, when and how to serve it through the following paragraphs.

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How about reviving the fine custom of the Norman hole during door-knocking parties? When you think about it, it seems like a very good idea for several reasons… After all, this social culinary experience is not only useful, stylish and fun, but also part of the intangible heritage of the French! So let’s go!

What is a Norman hole?

when to serve trou normand how to make Calvados apple syrup

As the name suggests, the Norman hole is a means of digesting the food we eat in Normandy. We stop the rest of the service to drink a small portion of alcohol, and since we are talking about Normandy, it is usually Calvados. As already mentioned, the purpose of the drinking shot is to improve digestion during a hearty meal and to whet the appetite of the guests. We prefer applesauce when accompanied by a spoonful of syrup.

Normand hole when to serve calvados apple cider recipe how to make

So, make sure you have a bottle of Calvados first to serve Trou Normand to your guests on New Year’s Eve. Accompany the distilled apple or pear brandy with a spoonful of green apple syrup and you’re done! Here’s how to do it whether you have an ice cream machine or not:

1 kg Granny Smith green apples (or Pink Lady red apples for a less tart taste)
500 g of powdered sugar
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
500 ml apple juice

Peel the apples, cut them into quarters and cut out the core with a small knife. Heat apple juice and lemon juice and sugar in a saucepan. Stir, add apples and cook on low heat for about 15 minutes. Blend to a smooth puree, pour into an ice cream maker and churn for 30 minutes or according to manufacturer’s instructions. If you don’t have a freezer, freeze the mixture in an airtight container for at least 2 hours. Here it is!

When should a Norman pit be serviced?

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Well, we already know the meaning of the term and the method of its preparation, but in the rules of holiday culinary art, when should you serve a Norman pit? Well, as a rule, it is given between two courses (one of them can be a starter) to reduce the feeling of satiety. In this context, exactly when to bring it to the table depends above all on the number of courses you choose for your overall holiday meal.

For example, as part of a 3-course meal, you should serve a Norman dish between the Christmas starter and the main course. During a 4 or 5-course meal consisting of a starter/hor d’oeuvre, soup, meat or fish dish and dessert, said interlude is offered either between course and soup or between soup and main course. main course.

If you choose to serve two consecutive courses of meat or other produce, it’s a very good idea to serve Norman’s Hole in between. In this case, you can serve the salad with a cheese plate after roasting it, since it has the same function as a medium shot. But remember that it is better to eat the salad before the main course to whet your appetite.

did you know…?

when to serve trou normand how to make calvados apple sorbet recipe

In some cases, a toast may be preceded, accompanied, or accompanied by a drinking song, but did you know that Trou Normand is so popular and beloved that it even has its own anthem? Yes! Written in 1989 by Jacques Dauny, a member of the brotherhood known as Le Grand Ordre du Trou Normand, Calvados, Ciders and Pommeau, the words:

Raise a glass, friend

Because now is the time

In one stroke and in one way

Calvados pure eau-de-vie

You help us digest

And in our brotherhood

You are the soul of knights

To make the Norman hole!

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