In 2023, let’s take advantage of our victories!


✊ TotalEnergies will not expand its tents on the Polytechnique school site

Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Paris Action Climate activists demonstrate at the Polytechnique campus against the intervention of the TotalEnergies group, March 2020. © Jérémie Jung / Greenpeace

To end soft power totalwe launched a few legal remedies against the oil group’s plan to create an R&D center at the heart of the Ecole Polytechnique. owing to pressure Total, which we implemented together with student and anti-corruption associations, left its project in January.

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Go further: let us have a signature application To exclude the Total group from sponsoring the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

✊ The Chapelle-Darblay plant maintains activities and jobs

Chapelle-Darblay və kollektivin əməkdaşlarının hərəkəti İqtisadiyyat Nazirliyindən əvvəl heç vaxt, 2021-ci il aprel.<br /> © Andrea Olga Mantovani / Never again” width=”780″ height=”557″ srcset=”×457.jpg 640w, https: //×557.jpg 960w,×557.jpg 1600w”/><figcaption>
<p>Movement of Chapelle-Darblay and Never Again collective employees in front of the Ministry of Economy, April 2021. © Andrea Olga Mantovani / Never Again</p>
<p><span style=The Chapelle-Darblay paper mill, a pioneer in the circular economy and the only French mill capable of producing 100% recycled newsprint and packaging paper, was threatened. displacement. then a fighting side by side for three years by trade unions and environmental associationsthe plant has found its buyer.
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✊ France takes a stand against seabed mining

A news danger flies over the oceans: thedeep sea mines. After a few months advocacy The government led by Greenpeace, E. Macron announcement that in November France will support the prohibition of this harmful activity for oceans and climate. A positive step forward. Now he gets one moratorium will be accepted at the global level and France will have a big role in this affects the international community.

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Go further: let us have a signature application asking the government to actively support the moratorium.

✌️ And also:


✊ European Union adopts regulation to protect forests

In December, the European Union adopted ambitious rules to combat the “horror”.imported deforestation”, meaning the destruction of tropical forests associated with the products we import. Now companies will have to proving that their products do not contribute to deforestation if they want to sell them in the EU. This is especially true for soy, beef, palm oil, wood, rubber, cocoa, coffee, leather, chocolate or furniture. This vote probably wouldn’t have happened if Greenpeace and its allies hadn’t spent years lobbying European institutions to raise awareness of the problem. Next steps: ensure that the regulation is properly enforced and ask whether, when revised, it allows for the protection of not only forests, but also other endangered forest ecosystems.

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✊ Lobbyists defending the interests of the Russian state no longer have a voice in European bodies

Greenpeace demonstrates in front of the Parliament in Brussels against the inclusion of gas and nuclear in the European green taxonomy, June 2022.
© Paul Musiol / Greenpeace

In June, the European Union decidedprohibits access to the buildings of institutions Russian business lobbyists. This decision was made after the publication of a report condemned by Greenpeace France He put pressure on Brussels Russia’s energy giants Gazprom, Lukoil and Rosatom should be included in Europe’s list of “green” energies for nuclear power and gas.

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✌️ And also:

  • The European Commission has banned deep sea fishing In more than 87 fragile areas of the North Atlantic. Environmental NGOs have been fighting this destructive fishing for a long time!
  • European Parliament a action against climate projects of TotalEnergies in Africa, in the Great Lakes region and met with the CEO of the group. At the same time, the non-governmental organization is suing the oil company in French courts. first test was brought to France on multinational vigilante duty.
  • The European Commission presents a draft directive aimed at combating SLAPPs“, abusive procedures are aimed at silencing journalists, activists and whistleblowers.


✊ There will be no oil drilling in the Argentine sea

Mass protests in the streets of several cities in Argentina, January 2022.
© Diego Izquierdo / Greenpeace

In January, the Argentine government allowed a Norwegian oil company to conduct seismic exploration tests near Buenos Aires. It was not based on a mass protest of residents. Environmental groups, including Greenpeace Argentina, decided to file a complaint. A month later, the precautionary principle was established by the court’s decision and these destructive projects were banned.

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✊ Bottom trawling in Kattegat Bay will no longer be conducted

The Arctic Sunrise team throws 18 stone blocks into the English Channel to stop destructive fishing practices, September 2022. © Kristian Buus / Greenpeace

In 2009, there were Greenpeace activists He threw 200 stone blocks In two marine protected areas near Sweden and Denmark. Their purpose: prevent the passage of trawl nets, which breaks and destroys the bottom of the sea. Then Greenpeace a complaint Official contact with the European Commission last July which led to a total ban on bottom trawling and fishing in half of the bay’s protected areas! Greenpeace repeated in September “blocks of stone” operation In a protected area near England.

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✌️ And also:

  • Krabi province in southwestern Thailand will not be polluted by coal : Thanks mobilizing unions (including Greenpeace) and the community’s coal-fired power plant project was canceled.
  • The UN is paving the way for a global agreement to fight plastic pollution. This should be an agreement legal liability and address the entire life cycle of plastic pollution to truly combat this scourge.
  • The The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) is establishing eight new protected areas in the Southern Ocean.including seven identified by Greenpeace during a scientific expedition.
  • In South Africacourt upholds seismic exploration ban for Shell. In 2021, the following a complaint Claimed by local and environmental associations, including Greenpeace, the oil group has already been forced to stop its harmful activities. aquatic fauna on the east coast of the country.
  • A historic decision was taken in COP27 mainly related to the creation of a fund intended to finance the losses and damage suffered by southern countries, which have contributed least to the climate crisis.
  • Horse Brazilthey are forests and Indigenous Peoples review a ray of hope It was remembered by the victory of Lula in the presidential elections and the impunity of the industrialists who destroyed the Amazon forests at any cost after the mandate of J. Bolsonaro.

In 2023, we will try to realize, strengthen and continue these victories. To achieve this, we will try to convince as many people as possible to join us, to act faster and more effectively.

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