“Miss France 2023”: Indira Ampiot of Guadeloupe won the crown

And Miss France 2023, the 93rd of your name… Indira Ampiot, an 18-year-old student! At forty-eight minutes past midnight, Miss Guadeloupe was chosen by the jury and the TF 1 public ahead of her first runner-up, Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Miss Franche-Comté was second, while Miss Martinique and Miss Auvergne were at the foot of the glittering podium. With Rihanna’s false airs, Guadeloupe replaces Diane Leir, Miss Ile-de-France, who was chosen a year ago in Caen. “I’m living a waking dream, I want to thank the other 29 candidates, you girls don’t deserve it,” Indira Ampiot reacted.

“What happiness for Guadeloupe! Jury president Frances Huster added that she saluted “Miss Chance, not Miss France.” The actor noticed that the answers of the young candidates were very generous. I get the impression that they all went on a chaotic journey and are reborn tonight. »

“Saturday night is good for fighting. The show started with Elton John’s crazy rock song sung by the thirty candidates for Miss France 2023. But rest assured: the most watched competition in France is always played with polka dots and smiles. Deployed in TF 1.

Since the peak of his 75th year, the irrepressible Jean-Pierre Foucault has been in great form: “Châteauroux one day, Châteauroux always,” he says. It should be recalled that Miss France was held in the prefecture of Indre five years after Maëva Coucke was crowned there for the second time. In his 28th election, the retired animator dared to make a great first: dressing up… We discovered him playing “Your Song” on the piano like Elton John, but with all due respect, he’s visible under his giant glittery glasses. more like Gilbert Montagné…

fighting women

The theme of the night, like Enfoirés a few years ago, was “The Misses Make Their Own Cinema”. They escaped shipwreck in the opening act of Titanic, but danced in bathing suits to the music and images of Amélie Poulain and danced among the mushrooms in Happy Days, recalling Alice in Wonderland. Elton John and one of the nominees’ airlifted superhero paintings, Rocketman Man, were fortunately more inspired and energetic.

This final staging resonated even with their self-portraits. Most candidates no longer emphasize their beauty, but their struggles…and their intimate wounds. This year, Miss Picardy, who lost her older brother and fought for road safety, Miss Poitou-Charentes, who was a victim of violence in her childhood, Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais, who took the position of nurse after surgery, ovarian tumor, Miss Roussillon, who was raped…

This generation of women also attracts attention for their desire to show their feminism and ambition. Miss Guyana is a pilot, Cote d’Azur is a future surgeon, Normandy is a future commissioner, Limousine goes on raids to help the homeless, Rhone-Alpes wants to take the Miss France crown to the top of Mont Blanc… Fortunately, Burgundy has ignited her passion and put some lightness on the competition. … the pompom spun.

Sylvie Tellier passes the baton

Dominique Besnehard, the most famous agent and actor of French cinema, admitted in the middle of the jury, which included judoka and Olympic champion Clarisse Agbegnenow, by Kenji, “It is the most difficult casting I have ever done in my life.” Girac, comedian Bérangère Krief (who replaced Camille Lellouche at the last minute) and Marine Lorphelin, Miss France 2013, became doctors. “My friends told me that it’s better to come with my wife,” comedian and actor Arnaud Ducré said.

It was undoubtedly the most difficult evening for Sylvie Tellier, who has led the Miss France committee for more than fifteen years. For his last release, he first gave many thanks to Jean-Pierre Foucault and the late Jean-Pierre Pernaut, without forgetting his tribute to Geneviève de Fontena, who taught him so much. “My beloved little girl was definitely not predestined to lead this company. I love you very much, “he concluded, his voice trembling before the small applause of the Châteauroux public. No spades were sent to his heir, Alexia Laroche-Joubert, whose relationship was particularly strained. Saturday night is not always conducive to fighting.

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