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Did you know that there are more Italian restaurants in Quimper than in Brest? 18 out of 133 restaurants are on the banks of the Odet, 17 out of 162 in Ponant. Quimper averages one Italian restaurant with 3,508 people and one Italian restaurant with 8,250 people in Brest. That’s a lot, but Italian restaurants have yet to replace crepes, which in the last census by CCI would have 30 in Quimper (14 in Brest). In terms of fast food, 16 in Quimper, 21 in Brest, 6 in Quimper and 16 in Brest offer pancake pizza.

Including restaurants and fast food, there are 34 establishments serving pizza in Quimper, which means one place for 1,857 people. Similarly, if we combine restaurants and fast food, there are 36 establishments that serve pancakes. We are not far from equal. There are two Italian specialties in the prefecture of the city, and three in the largest city of the department.

The methodology for obtaining these figures was as follows: a search of the CCI companies file with the words pizza, Italian cuisine. These are not always exclusive pizzerias (for example, there are brasseries that offer pizza). The same goes for pancakes. In addition to products, delicatessens also offer ready-made meals. Based on this observation, one wonders why, even recently, restaurateurs offering this cuisine have opted to set up shop. Rue Jean-Jaurès, La Casa d’à Côté is open from November 17, Les Marches near Cinéville opens this Tuesday, and Pozzi will offer traditional transalpine specialties from December 13, rue Aristide-Briand.

“I wouldn’t dare try another cuisine”

“Member for Transvaal, Fred, had this room that was already empty and we were wondering what we could do with it. So we went around the shops, the locals and realized that the catering center on rue Jean-Jaurès and rue Sainte-Catherine was missing a pizzeria,” explains Julien Coujan, manager of La Casa d’. “Everything has been going well since the opening. We are starting to do well enough, we have full rooms to be happy, “he rejoices.

Christophe Pichavant, who already owns Adriana, is opening a second restaurant: Les Marches, this Tuesday on the Cinéville esplanade. “I only know how to do it. I wouldn’t dare try another cuisine. Over time, working with Mediterranean products, I realized their richness,” he emphasized. But if he made that choice, it was mainly because of the opportunity that arose with the place. “I looked at this place a few years ago. It was a bit of an obstacle course, so many projects didn’t end up there. But I’m sure there’s a real expectation: to combine going to the movies with a little pizza before or after.”

passion prevails

Aude Hauduin and Erwan Simon-Lorière, who have already been at the head of Pozzi trattoria in Brest since May 2021, will open a second establishment under the same brand in Quimper in mid-December. “There are different approaches. We specialize in gourmet Neapolitan pizza. Not the kind of pizza you’ll find in Quimper, says Erwan Simon-Loriere. I know there are already many Italian restaurants, but after all, passion is what drives us. We also like the place very much. We have good visibility.” The restaurateurs were not offered another cuisine, and above all, they replicate the recipe that was successful here further north. “We didn’t make this choice because of the margin we could make, even when we thought about the economic model and we were sure it was efficient. We have no doubts about the product we offer and the location is quite good. After that, I hope there will be something for everyone. We did not come here to take someone’s place.”

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