Get started with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: cut for sport

The announcement was expected: after the Galaxy Watch 5, Samsung introduced a Pro model designed for demanding athletes.

In addition to the Galaxy Watch 5, which builds on the excellent foundation laid by last year’s Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung wanted to appeal to those disappointed by the lack of certain sports options. This is proven by the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which retains most of its smaller sibling’s spec sheet but includes advanced features specifically dedicated to hiking or trail running enthusiasts.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is now on sale for €469.99.

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Our attitude

Design and ergonomics

Since the author of these lines is used to the 41 mm Apple Watch, you can also write that the shock was severe when unpacking the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Available in just 45mm, Samsung’s new punch looks gigantic in comparison. And it’s not just about the diameter of its dial: the attached watch is also particularly thick. At 10.5 mm announced (but measured more – about 14 mm), the Watch 5 Pro is thicker than a smartphone.

Apple Watch Series 7 next to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.©Pierre Crochart/L’Éclaireur

It has mass, but it also has weight. And in this regard, it is difficult to forget when you wear the device on the wrist. With the provided strap (size M/L), we reach 76 grams. For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is about 15 units less.

In short, you will understand: the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is not intended for all wrists, nor for those looking for a discreet connected watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
This much is for sure: the Watch 5 Pro is not easily forgotten.©Pierre Crochart/L’Éclaireur

Still, there’s not much to complain about on the production side. The device is made of titanium as opposed to aluminum for other models. This not only guarantees a premium design, but also better resistance to shocks and possible scratches. To go even further, the Watch 5 Pro adopts sapphire crystal, which is known to be twice as durable as traditional glass.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
The wristband cap is nice to use.©Pierre Crochart/L’Éclaireur

The watch’s silicone strap is otherwise comfortable – although adjusting the clasp takes a bit of gymnastics. Once properly adjusted to the wrist, the magnetic section is very easy to handle and offers a firm grip for the watch.


Samsung prefers a 1.4-inch AMOLED screen. In addition to the sapphire crystal discussed above, it is protected by a small millimeter bezel that prevents direct contact with any sharp objects.

Unlike other models, the Watch 5 Pro does not offer a rotating dial or crown. The watch has two buttons with fairly simple operation, which we will return to below.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
The display is legible and well defined.©Pierre Crochart/L’Éclaireur

The screen of the Samsung watch, which can be read in direct sunlight thanks to adaptive brightness, displays a 450×450 pixel image. Despite the large size of the watch, the markings are quite well defined.

However, in our opinion, the screen lacks responsiveness. A matter of feeling, not having technical measures. But some kind of delay sometimes invites itself to the party and slows down our interaction with the watch.

Performance and interface

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro uses the same SoC as last year’s connected watch, the Exynos W920. He is probably to blame in the situation described above. Still, you get used to it. Even if we prefer to wear a watch that is at least as sensitive as the ones offered by the Apple brand for this price.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is loaded with e-health features.©Pierre Crochart/L’Éclaireur

Don’t worry, the Samsung watch doesn’t lack anything in terms of functionality. At least if you pair it with a Samsung smartphone. It serves us who demand more inspiration from Apple. Indeed, for example, it is impossible to use the electrocardiogram function on a smartphone of another brand. It is also necessary to emphasize the certain greed of the manufacturer in terms of applications. Between Galaxy Wear, Samsung Health, and Samsung Health Monitor, there are at least three apps to install on your device to take advantage of all the Watch 5 Pro’s features.

Moreover, the few days we spent in his company convinced us about health monitoring. As shown in this photo, the new sensor, which is thicker, is accurate and precise in its measurements.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
The new sensor of the Watch 5 Pro is bigger and more accurate.©Pierre Crochart/L’Éclaireur

Exclusive to this Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: it is possible to import running or walking patterns in GPX format directly to the internal memory of the smartwatch. However, we regret that it is not possible to create your own routes from the aforementioned applications. Another solution will have to be found for this.


To complete this quick tour of the owner, autonomy is one of the different aspects of the Watch 5 Pro compared to the standard model. It is backed by a 590 mAh battery (versus 410 mAh for the Watch 5 at 44 mm), which according to the manufacturer can last for 80 hours.

In fact, this number can only be achieved by eliminating everything possible. Always on screen, wifi, various detectors… and adopting a black wallpaper to not take up too much of the screen. It is better to consider the figure of 48 hours in real daily use, combining the reception of notifications, possible calls and sports sessions.

On the charging side, we must first remember that Samsung does not provide a charger in the box of its premium watch. However, the device draws 18W of power, which takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to charge back to 100% with a completely drained battery.

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