Collecting waste, creating animation in nursing homes, helping agroecology… Seven ideas for action

♦ Become a Clean Day ambassador

This year, World Cleanup Day, a global and civic waste collection operation, will be held on September 17! So now is the time to mobilize to organize an operation close to home, become an ambassador for the event or simply participate in D-Day. According to the organizing association, the 2021 edition has raised 615 tons in France. Elimination of waste thanks to the mobilization of 158,000 people. In particular, it can be said that… 9 million cigarette butts and 90 thousand masks do not pollute the environment, especially rivers and oceans.

The goal is not only to clean the neighborhood in a friendly atmosphere, but also
to make as many people as possible aware of the scourge of waste. And therefore to change behaviors!


♦ Play on Ehpad

How to stimulate the attention of very old people living in nursing homes? Noting that sometimes the activities offered in these establishments lack originality, La Malle d’aventure, the creator of culture boxes for people over 50, prepares themed entertainment packages specially designed for them. There are ideas for workshops centered around a theme and region, updated monthly. The installation of an insect hotel, a themed quiz or even a treasure hunt, the activities are varied and allow residents to arouse interest and strengthen bonds between them. The “Discovery” rate is €100 for six weeks, then a subscription of €80 per month.

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♦ Support for agroecology

24% of greenhouse gas emissions: this is what the food sector represents in the world today. To reduce them and protect ecosystems, as well as to ensure a decent income for farmers, Fermes d’avenir mobilizes, works for the development of agroecology. The association has joined forces with catering specialist Compass Group to promote responsible food production. Today, both are launching a call for the Let’s Restore Tomorrow projects, which will see the creation of eight new agroecological farms in four departments (Ain, Calvados, Ille-et-Vilaine and Jura). They are also looking for landowners in these areas or farmers who are willing to undertake these practices.


♦ Democratize entrepreneurship

Certain prerequisites put off many budding entrepreneurs: start-up capital, qualifications, professional network… In order to overcome these socio-economic obstacles, the Association for the Law of Economic Initiatives (Adie) has been engaged in entrepreneurial activities for more than thirty years. “Give everyone the opportunity to become an entrepreneur”. In 2021, it helped nearly 33,000 business founders without capital, degrees, or special connections.

Professional support and workshops are based on a network of more than 1,200 volunteers, which the association regularly updates. From September 12 to 23, 2022, Adie’s regional offices are launching a recruitment campaign. So I want to make myself useful and participate in its development “popular entrepreneurship” ?

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♦ Build your house

Who hasn’t dreamed of building their own house? Difficult, time consuming… we often don’t want to start without a network. To remedy this, the Twiza web platform has created a network of actors to facilitate self-building, focusing on mutual aid and solidarity. Better: Twiza is committed to creating sustainable living spaces with high environmental value. This platform brings together professionals and individuals to organize participatory projects all over France – more than 3,200 projects have already been completed. Registration is free, then it costs 3 euros per month to become a member and participate in work camps.


♦ Suggest an academic year

“Yallah! » This was in 1971. Sister Emmanuel later settled in a camp for ragpickers.
In the heart of a slum in Cairo, Egypt. Struck by the plight of children, the nun founded a charity called “Operation Orange” to create schools to offer the youngest a future.

A mobilization that still pays off fifty years later, funding the education of thousands of high school and college students in Egypt and Sudan each year. At the beginning of the 2022 academic year, the association needs donations, while, according to UNESCO, more than 250 million children around the world do not go to school. These donations allow a young person to go to college or high school, while also funding a kindergarten in the heart of the Mokattam slum near Cairo.

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