The richest football players in the world in 2023

Football is the most watched sport in the world. It also attracts many supporters. Nowadays, it is very common for people to say that they want to be a football player. The reason is that football is a sport with a lot of financial opportunities. In addition, the players are all very well paid. Thanks to their income, some of them have even become among the richest footballers in the world. Then we wonder who will still be in this ranking in 2023. If you want to learn, then you have come to the right place. This article aims to explain everything to you.

Faig Bolkiah

Faig Bolkiah is a very rich footballer. But he is not as well known as other players whose names are mentioned in news channels or social networks. The reason is simple. The latter was not established during his four years at Leicester City. Currently, he is continuing his career in a team that is not well known. This is Martimo Madeira.

So, despite being in this ranking of the richest footballers of 2023, Faig Bolkiah did not perform well. He is the author of only one goal scored in 6 matches. Then we wonder where his fortune came from and it is still estimated at $20 billion. Indeed, this player is a close relative of the rich Sultan of Brunei, whose wealth comes from oil.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Even if you are not a football fan, you have heard of Cristiano Ronaldo. This is a football player whose reputation precedes him. He is very strong, has very high speed and is a very good referee in his field. It is also difficult to avoid. Not surprising when you know his performance and stats. He had to play in several clubs with good reputation. “Manchester United”, “Real” and “Juventus” can be mentioned.

He has 5 Ballon d’Or and also won the Champions League, one of the most prestigious competitions in football, five times with his team. Thanks to all this, Cristiano Ronaldo’s fortune is estimated at 450 million dollars today. However, it should be noted that this does not only stem from football. Cristiano Ronaldo also has a lot of financial income because he is big on clothes, sports, etc. does a lot of advertising for Let’s not forget his very profitable personal businesses.

David Beckham

It is impossible to talk about the richest football players in the world in 2023 without mentioning the legend David Beckham. He is a football player who has marked his era as he is currently retired. He had to play in big teams like Manchester United and Real Madrid, where he left his mark. David Beckham is an exceptional player. He has amazing skill and great strength. He also attracts attention because he has a way of controlling the ball when in possession.

Thanks to his performance, he is now considered one of the best shooters in the world, as he almost never misses free kicks. He also won the Champions League and helped Manchester United win the Premier League six times. David Beckham has earned a huge salary during his career. His fortune today is close to 450 million dollars. It also includes H&M, Armani, Pepsi and more. comes from advertising contracts with big brands like

Lionel Messi

This is a world famous player right now. Lionel Messi is an exceptional football player. You just have to see his game to understand that. He is fast, strong and very unpredictable with the ball. He is capable of single-handedly controlling the game until victory is achieved. He has all the skills you look for in a player. His statistics prove it. He has scored more than 700 goals since the beginning of his career. He has a total of six Ballon d’Ors alone. This is an achievement that has never been achieved in the history of football. Lionel Messi allowed Barça, where he played for a long time, to win all the trophies.

He currently plays for Paris Saint Germain. Lionel Messi is the highest paid football player in the world. He earns an exorbitant salary of 80 million euros annually. He also receives huge sums from major brands with whom he has an advertising contract. Lionel Messi invests a lot in his personal business, which brings him money. Thus, he was able to build a wonderful financial legacy. His wealth is estimated at 400 million dollars.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

When talking about the most powerful and successful strikers in the world, it is impossible not to mention Zlatan. He is an exceptional player who has played for the biggest clubs in the world. We can mention Inter Milan, AC Milan, Barca, Paris Saint Germain and Manchester United. It is characterized by its large size, which does not create any obstacles while playing. He is very unpredictable on the pitch and always follows through on his moves. During his career, this impressive player won several titles.

He is considered one of the best players in the world. He was the official ambassador of a big sports brand called Nike. He also has numerous advertising deals with several major sports and automotive brands. Let’s not forget his clothing line as well as his perfume brand. Zlatan currently has a huge net worth of $220 million.

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