September 9 Food Week full of ideas

We no longer hesitate between bagels and burgers

Fresh and delicious! Simit Kunj turn them on Bagel Burgers, bun-soft, generously burger-style pretzels. A version on the menu cheeky squid ink bread, steak, cheddar, pickles, onion, tomato and cheddar sauce and a variant Vegetables making the mistake of bringing together classic bread, vegetable mince and veggie bacon topped with cheddar sauce, pickles, onions, lettuce and tomato. Until September 30, students are offered a cookie or donut for any menu item ordered.

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September 9 is Food Week

We melt with pleasure

One must not forget the beginning of the school year and new flavors monbana it’s all subtlety. Inspired by cat tongues, it’s delicious chocolate tongues the tip is delicately filled with a flowing heart of mint, passion fruit, red fruits or even salted butter caramel. They are irresistible.

Available in store and online

Exotic Nest

We enjoy ephemeral exclusivity

with regards to Omnivore Festival, Jeffrey Cagnes and Philippe Conticini imagined an exclusive dessert, Exotic Nest. This product consists of gingerbread, soft creamy kumquats energized by kumquat-lime confit, and vanilla-whipped ganache from Madagascar flavored with lemon. The final touch is a few cubes of honey and ginger jelly and small mint leaves.

Only available on September 10, 3.30pm to 6pm at Geste à l’Emotion corner – © Kevin Rauzy

September 9 is Food Week

We take vitamins in good doses

No more gaps, back to school and doing well there and staying in shape, Eric Kaiser introduced a vitaminized recipe that combines indulgence and balance. Beautifully colored, this soft sourdough bread with honeycomb crumb takes on its own color. beet juice and cranberries who composes.

Available at Maison Kayser bakeries throughout September

September 9 is Food Week

We motivate our children

Do they have no math skills? School kit Mathilde’s counter will give them a taste of calculus and geometry, all with a big chocolate treat.

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September 9 is Food Week

We prepare Italian food in 5 minutes

No inspiration? Don’t have time to cook? Foodette has a solution! In addition to delicious seasonal recipes, Foodette connects with Philie & The Bank, a brand of small fresh foods in cans. Together, they give us a divine take on the ultra-melting eggplant toast of Sicilian Caponata toast. To succeed, simply order a jar of Sicilian Caponata from Foodette, put it on top of well-toasted bread, drizzle with some good quality olive oil, add a few toasted pine nuts and top it all with extra-creamy burrata (also available at Foodette ). This elegant dinner is eaten as quickly as it is made!

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Martin Pouret

We return to Rosa

Orléans house to extend the summer Martin Pouret seasonal salads, oysters, fish… delicate fruity and sunny notes of rose wine vinegar.

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Palace of Rivers

We follow Marcel’s footsteps

Directly inspired by Marcel Proust’s famous experiment of feasting on tea mixed with a sip of madeleine, Recovery time is a signed new low tein composition Palace of Rivers. It subtly pays homage to the happiness of remembering simple pleasures with a blend of slightly woody and honeyed Chinese black tea from Yunnan and Bancha Hojicha, a roasted Japanese green tea with roasted notes.

Learn more – © Guillaume Czerw

Fernand house

We invite Fernand to the house

After that, Big Fernand offers gourmet and au gratin dishes to enjoy at home or in the office. Fernand house. Designed to be delivered without sacrificing quality, these recipes are always made with delicious fresh and seasonal ingredients for a creative and comforting result.

Only with delivery on Deliveroo

Egg Burger

We enjoy the egg burger

Egg steak with sugar syrup and mint, tomato chutney, grilled zucchini with lemon, a bushel of goat cheese in olive oil, all on very soft bread… Chef Antoine Westermanpullet expert, fabricate a Z’egg burger to die for, accompanied by home made fries of course!

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Casa Don Papa

We extend the summer

up to 1er October Casa Don Papa focuses on Filipino gastronomy Maison Lautrec. In a jungle setting, you can savor iconic Filipino dishes and tapas prepared by Chef Erica Paredes of Reyna and Chef Barbara Lecestre of Maison Lautrec while sipping delicious Don Papa signature cocktails.

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Villa Monin

We become a cocktail expert

From this summer Villa Monin opened its doors and offers many taste experiences. At the heart of the tower, at the same time, a bar, a coffee shop, a boutique, a cabinet of curiosities, a Daniel Mercier chocolate factory… This creative space offers, in addition to tastings, meals, pastry and baking classes. mixology.

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Cover visual © Kevin Rauzy


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