Nantes vineyard. The 20th “Muses en Troc” festival will also be the last

Benjamin Poilan, a member of the organizing committee, on the left, and Roland Vaumourin, the organizer, on the right. ©HSM

You may have missed this information at the bottom of the flyer: “Come share the latest news with us! “. Because the “Muses en Troc” festival is celebrating its 20th anniversarye and the latest edition. The event will continue as usual 3 daysin front of, there Nouelles multifunctional room. And the organization will not avoid celebrating this event.

An eclectic festival

After 20 years of volunteering at the “Muses en Troc” festival, which comes to revive Landreau every September, Roland Vaumourin declared thatwill no longer be organized Muses en Troc festival. Who will disappear.

The project was born in 2002. “We started at a garage sale,” recalls Roland Vaumourin.

From there, “the idea of ​​creating a circus music program was born. The goal was to bring people from the outside to the city, to open the city to other worlds. The following year, the event expanded More than 3 days.

Based on its success, it became a festival absolute summer to Landreau, who brought it together during these 20 years many people with different tastes.

It is an eclectic festival. People are now confident and don’t watch shows anymore.

Roland Vaumourin, organizer

He and organizing team member Benjamin Poilan recall the year 2021 during the outbreak. Between 3500 and 4000 people visited the festival.

“We expect no less this year,” the two teammates hope.

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Meetings for everyone

Once again concerts and entertainment for everyone. “Every day we have children’s shows, we adapt to all audiences. from ” concerts a variety of music (Beer Beer Orchestra on Friday, Radio Byzance on Saturday, Ustedes on Sunday) should make festival-goers dance. shows scheduled throughout the day for all ages.

The Cardboard stained glass windows by René Boisneau, a former member of the festival organization will also be exhibited. The ephemera side will reflect the flagship show of the season, “La Tortue de Gauguin”.

In terms of activity, the secular association will celebrate its 25th anniversary and once again organize its popularity bicycle workshop for children.

Youth room Lair Friends will organize entertainment on Thursday. traces Bobsledwhere small and modern vehicles built from recycled materials delighted young and old alike.

As for balance sheet of these 20 editions, Roland Vaumourin is satisfied.

We were able to do what we wanted against all odds. This festival is great, but all good things must come to an end. It was a great adventure.

Don’t miss Gauguin’s Tortoise, the flagship show of the 2022 season!

Six artists will paint on a scaffold.
Six artists will paint on a scaffold. ©JP. Zanotti

For the 20th anniversary of the festival, the organizers decided to celebrate this event with the flagship show “La Tortue de Gauguin”. will take place on Friday, September 9 at 9:30 p.m

True “festival fireworks”, but this is not a farandoli of bouquets of fire, four-handed frescocertainly promises to be colorful and equally spectacular.

It’s called the show Gauguin’s Tortoiseand signed Lucamoros company. No tetrapod will be mistreated during the performance, a reference to the famous post-impressionist artist who one fine day decided to “paint the shell of a young living turtle lost on the beach.”

“The work that circulates freely in the oceans is thus saved from the greed of speculators.”

It is this idea of ​​challenging, non-commercial art that the troupe wants to convey, and that is why it chose this name. Each of the 6 artists will be installed in one of the boxes of a large scaffolding of 9 m × 5.40 m to paint a fragment of a common work. The huge fresco thus created will be available only for the duration of the show (1 hour).

When the scaffolding is gone, there will be nothing left of the works.

Roland Vaumourin

Accompanied by music (Ignacio Plaza Ponce), as well as a narrator who will explain the works, the frescoes will be built under the public eye.

This “bluff evolutionary art show” will revolve around the following theme: “Why do you paint? A total of 6 works will be created and then deleted in the show (Self-Portrait, A View from the Fayum, Nights of the Heliotropes, Kaledoscope, Tales of Three Dead and Three Alive, Why Do You Paint). Ten with two hands.

There is also an autobiographical aspect to this play. Everyone represents themselves and represents their painting experience.

Muses en Barter, Friday 9 to Sunday 11 September, in front of Nouëlles town hall in Landreau. Free price (recommended price: 5 euros). Catering on site.

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