? B?l?i-Leadoveni International Airport – Definition and Explanations


Bălţi – Leadoveni International Airport
IATA code ICAO code
country (Country comes from the Latin pagus, which designates a territorial and tribal division…) Moldova
City (A city is an urban unit (“human settlement”…) served Balti
Latitude (Latitude is an angular value, an expression of the north-south position of a point on Earth…)
Length (Longitude is an angular value, an expression of the east-west position of a point on Earth…)
47° 50′ 18″ N 27° 46′ 53″ E / 47.838323, 27.781398
Height (Elevation is the vertical height of a place or object relative to the level…) 231 m (758 feet)
Map of Moldova

Bălţi - Leadoveni International Airport

Direction Length (The length of an object is the distance between its two farthest ends…) Superficial (Surface generally refers to the surface layer of an object. The term a…)
15/33 2,208 m (7,244 feet) Concrete (Concrete is a composite building material…) bituminous
Aeronautical data
Whomairport (The airport is a set of buildings and facilities of the airfield that…) civil
Administrator SA Moldaeroservice
Airports • Moldovan airports

L’Balti-Leadoveni International Airport (IATA code: BZY • ICAO code: LUBL) is an airport on the 15th kilometers (The meter (symbol m, from the Greek metron, measure) is the basic unit of length of the system…) City of Balţi (9 km of border (A border is an imaginary line separating two areas, especially two…) north (North is the cardinal point against south.) city, district “Dacia (Dacia is the largest Romanian car manufacturer. Its name corresponds to the Romanian shape of the car…)“, commonly called “Bam”) in the north of Moldova. It is the second international airport of Moldova and one of the two airports located in the greater Balti. The second airport Balti-City airport mainly serves the neighboring cantons of Moldova. and is directly in Bălţi.

The story

The construction of the infrastructure for the Balti-Leadoveni International Airport began in the 70s and 80s. project (A project is an irreversible commitment of uncertain outcome, it cannot be repeated…) from the central architectural office. After its official opening in the mid-1980s, the airport was operated by the former Moldovan branch of a Soviet company with flights from Chisinau. Aeroflot (Russian Airlines Aeroflot (RTS: AFLT) (in Russian…). Since 1980, Bălţi-Leadoveni has become the most important airport in the north of Moldova. After the collapse of the USSR and the independence of Moldova in 1991, Balti-Leadoveni was managed by the successor of Aeroflot and its remaining aircraft – the state company of Moldova. Weather (Air is a mixture of gases that make up the Earth’s atmosphere. Odorless and…) Moldova. New infrastructure, according to old forecasts, was to be built in Balti-Leadoveni: two terminals (passenger and cargo). ordered (Order: a term used in many fields, generally an order or a…). Before the collapse of the USSR, Balti-Leadoveni had direct flights to about 20 destinations, incl Moscow (), Kyiv (Kyiv (???? – Kyiv in Ukraine, ???? in Russian, Kijów in Poland) is the capital and most…)Sochi.


Balti-Leadoveni International Airport is easily accessible via one of the North Balti exits, including the exit.highway (A highway is a road reserved for the movement of fast motor vehicles…) (north direction) E583 (Interconnections of E583 are: Romania: Roman – Iasi, Moldova: Bălţi, Ukraine: Mohyliv-Podilskyï – Vinnytsia – Zhitomir). network (A computer network is a set of devices connected to each other to exchange information…) Under the authority of the Economic Commission for European roadsEurope (Europe is a land area that…) HIM

about transportation (Transport, from Latin trans, beyond, and portare, to carry, the fact of carrying something, or…) in general, many buses and minibuses go to the northern cantons of Moldova from Balti (city center), they will stop near the exit junction of the highway to the airport on request. many services taxi (A taxi is a private vehicle, driven by a driver and…) from and to the airport is also available.


SA “Moldaeroservice” is a state company included in the holding company “Moldaeroservice”.operator (Domains use the operator word 🙂 From Bălţi-Leadoveni International Airport.

Plans for reconstruction and modernization of Balti-Leadoveni airport were quickly forgotten, as well as allaviation (Aviation is an air activity defined by all actors…) In Moldova, after the economic crisis of the 1990s. This was not the case until the early 2000s terminal (The Terminal (The Terminal) is an American film directed by Steven Spielberg, released…) The passenger airport in Chisinau was rebuilt thanks to the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Today, Chisinau Airport remains the only airport operated by regular passenger and cargo airlines (almost 65% by Air Moldova alone).

Today, Bălţi-Leadoveni International Airport is mainly used for passenger and cargo charter flights. Indeed, Balti-Leadoveni airport cannot boast of being the busiest airport today. Today there is no regular connection with Bălţi-Leadoveni. Between rare flights, the runway is used for Moldovan Republican rallies. outdoor concerts (by the operator mobile telephony (Defines the entire telecommunications infrastructure that enables the use of mobile telephony…) Orange-Moldova).

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