Victor Wembanyama-Scoot Henderson duel in Las Vegas soon?

Meetings between young Rican players and our French prospects have become more and more common recently. The latest example is Bronny James and his whole gang at Nanterre to challenge the best young Gauls. The event still generated a lot of buzz and was an opportunity to see beautiful people in action. Obviously, this was not the last such meeting, as the confrontation between the Metropolitans 92 and the G League Ignite could take place in Las Vegas. A chance to see Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson face to face!

So first of all, calmos amigos, what we are going to talk to you about is a simple project for the moment. According to Raphael Barlow, Draft and scouting There are discussions across the Atlantic about hosting the event, but nothing official yet. The goal is open in the long term to organize a friendly match between Metropolitans 92, Betclic Elite team and Team G League Ignite in Las Vegas. So, of course, this is all just in the planning stages for now, but we still have to admit the hype it already exists for several reasons. First and most obvious, because it would be an opportunity to show again how valuable the French team is against Uncle Sam’s basketball players. And secondly, probably a little less obvious for some, because such a meeting would result in a clash. some prospects announced at the beginning of the next Draft. Among them is Victor Vembanyama, whose name should still remind us of two or three things hereafter. The Metropolitans’ new player is regularly revealed as a tricolor nugget first choice the potential of the next cuvée seems insane. In front of him is Scoot Henderson, a diamond in the rough just waiting to be polished. Wembanyama-Henderson, two of the most incredible talents of the coming years, this is obviously a game that all NBA scouts will be watching and a great opportunity for the two guys to send a message. Getting dirty against someone who might be your number one contender in the next Draft? It’s hard to find a better stage to promote yourself.

And by the way, who is this Scoot Henderson who can overshadow our national Victor? Nicknamed “Becane” or even “T-Max” (not) across the Atlantic, the Scoot is one of the most scrutinized American prospects right now. The kid is routinely heralded at the top of the next Draft, and we’re quick to see why. To give you an idea, we’re still talking about the youngest professional basketball player in US history here. Here, here… This season, and only 17 years old, the boy was playing with Team Ignite in the G League. But, you know, this team is mostly made up of elite prospects with a clear path to the NBA. That’s where nice little players like Jalen Green or Jonathan Kuminga come in. In short, back to Scoot, or Sterling, its real name. The boy delivers, he’s real. A good one meter 90, about 85 kilos, 2m06 wingspan, crazy explosiveness and speed that his nickname explains better than any sentence, here is a short definition of Scooty. And since a picture is often worth a thousand words…

This year and for his first experience with the pros, the point guard averaged 14 points, almost 5 rebounds, 4 assists and almost 2 steals per game.. Disgusting and even downright unhygienic for a kid his age. Now you probably have a better understanding of why Henderson was announced as the second overall pick in the 2023 draft, behind Victor. Come on, you look at them emphasizes its final season (just below), you won’t be disappointed.

Victor Wembanyama’s first match in the US, plus the prospect of who he’ll be challenging for the top spot in the 2023 Draft, still has a hell of a face. All of this mayhem can happen on the Las Vegas side of things with all the young talent sending their first scrimmage through Summer League and you’ve clearly got a draft. heated up. In short, while we wait for all of this to come to fruition, we’ll be remaking our two sets of cracks, and we invite you to do the same.

Text source: @Barlowe500

Video source: Shy Shorts / NBA G League

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